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Review: The Njoy Eleven

spinal-tap-3If I had to sum up the Njoy 11 in one word, it would be INTENSE. The length, the weight, the circumference of the bulbous head, and the unyielding firmness of the steel all add up to an incredibly intense experience. One I LOVE and Dr. R cannot get enough of. This toy came to me shrouded in a reputation and promises, and it did not disappoint. If you read my last post, you know it reduced me to a quivering puddle.

First, the technical stuff. The nJoy 11 gets its name from the 11″ of medical grade stainless steel from which it is crafted. It is nearly a foot of smooth, polished metal. It weighs in at 2.75 pounds. It doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but that 2.75 lbs starts to get heavy! People who can wield this toy for quite some time will start to develop serious forearm muscles (which happens to be quite a sexy feature in my opinion. It is a win/win). It has a slight “s” curve to it but it is not a severe hook. At either end there is a bulb (one smaller and the other gloriously larger) with a slightly pointed tip. Almost like the bud of a flower getting ready to open. This tip is key and I will go into that in a minute. It also has grooves on the smaller end that act as a handle or finger grips to assist in maneuvering. I am fairly certain you would not want to let this toy slip. It could do some serious damage. On the surface, not a complicated toy, but there are so many features that make this warclub different than anything else in my toy box. eleven

This bulb shape that I mentioned, elicits the perfect blend of wide gspot stimulation and pointed sensation. It is almost like using two toys at once. The ball at the end of the 11 is BIG. There is no way you could miss your gspot because the head of this toy will fill you. It puts pressure all around me, giving me an amazing stretching sensation as well. The “s” curve tilts that point just so that it rubs along the front wall of me adding that pointed pressure just where I need it. The shaft also thins down which gives the added bonus of concentrating all the sensation at my gspot. I get very little stimulation externally or at my opening. It is all inside. The smaller end can also be used. We played around a bit with it to see if I could use it similarly to my Comet Wand or to see if the finger holds added anything additional to the experience. For me, the curve wasn’t enough and the shaft too thin to really benefit from the texture on the handle. I have not tried it anally (it is a tad big for me) but you could use it that way as well. Many options with a two sided toy!
The steel brings temperature to the party. I am not a huge fan of temperature play, mostly because I don’t like the cold. And the 11 is COLD at first. It is like putting a frozen spoon on puffy eyes. I want that tissue swollen. I don’t want that to go away! But I could see use if you are edging a bit or really enjoy the sensation. On the other end of the spectrum, you can heat the 11. It gets VERY HOT so be careful. Dr. R ran it under hot water for just a few seconds and I really enjoyed that. It was warm enough I could feel it all the way inside me and it remained that way for awhile. The steel warms to body temperature quickly too, so even if you aren’t engaging in some temperature play, it feels amazingly warm after just a few minutes.

I know I have spoken before about the weight of Njoy toys, but the 11 takes the cake. There is an added sensation when you are getting fucked by something as heavy as this. It has its own pull, its own drag. There is a fullness you just don’t get with lighter toys. You are being filled with something of substance and you know it. It makes sure you know it.

I honestly don’t have any negatives to add about the 11. This toy is amazing if you like larger, gspot heavy, or metal toys. It is well made, quality, body safe, and easy to clean. What is not to love?

It is all at once overwhelming and the drive to orgasm with this thing is more like being thrown around an F1 track. You know a skilled driver is in control, but it certainly isn’t you and it is terrifyingly exhilarating. You are going to cum and you are going to cum HARD. You just need to hold on for the ride, try not to pass out, and wait for the champagne to pop!

Review: Fuze Velvet Silicone Dildo

imageOn a recent shopping trip, I decided to get something for Dr. R so I grabbed this Fuze Velvet Silicone Dildo. I own a harness. We have played with pegging, but this was the first dildo I purchased specifically for strap on use. I was looking for something larger than the small, smooth peg that came with my harness, but nothing too large for beginner play. At just an inch wide, this toy seemed to fit the bill. I was drawn to the ridges on the base and that I could add a bullet vibe for me. I picked up a Tango while I was there, you know, because I needed a good bullet vibe if I was buying a toy made for one. More on that later. I also liked the angle of the shaft and that the base was oblong and not round. It seemed like it would sit up in the harness better than others I had tried.

After using this several times, I have to say I am a fan. It is 100% silicone, phthalate free, easy to clean and boilable. All good things when discussing anal toys. It is velvety silicone which I find to cause less friction and require less lube than the smooth silicone. And it feels nice. The shaft has some give but is certainly firm enough to stand up to insertion and thrusting. The head and shaft are slim and smooth enough that it is not overwhelming. The 5.5″ insertable length is perfect. It is long enough he gets the stimulation he wants, and I am not worried it is going to fall out mid-thrust. The bumps and grooves are all very gradual and nonirritating. My assumptions regarding the way it would sit in the harness were spot on. Because of the elongated base, it does not droop. I don’t feel like I have to readjust the harness every few minutes. That is big for someone new to thrusting! It is not a motion I can say I used to make very often, but I’m getting better!

imageThe features of this toy that were added for the wearer’s pleasure also make a huge difference for me. The ridges on the base are nice. I won’t say they give me a lot of stimulation, but they do help the toy stay in place. My harness is a very inexpensive (and cheap) harness and there is fabric between the toy and my body. I can imagine that these ridges could work wonders if the harness you are using is open behind the ring. I think I need an upgrade….The ability to add a bullet vibe really bumps this up for me. I enjoy the pressure of thrusting but I would not be able to get off on that alone. The vibe really increases my enjoyment of strap on play.image

The vibe can cause problems though. The Tango fits perfectly diameter wise, which is good because I need a strong vibe to start. Add some silicone between me and the vibrations and I need a really strong buzz. A cheap bullet wouldn’t have worked for me at all. BUT, the Tango is long and slips out when in use. If you get any lube down there, it will fall out between the motion and the vibrations. And you are going to get lube down there. I have no idea how you wouldn’t, especially with any anal play! That can be a bit distracting and you have to pause to reinsert it or continue without it while it flops around buzzing on the floor. Not ideal. Maybe I can figure out a way to support it from the bottom so it doesn’t fall out…duct tape?

As for the opinion from the one actually receiving the toy? He seems to like it very, very much.

No playroom? No problem.

 photo DSC_0113_zpskr02wech.jpg
I’ve been talking to several of my friends about bondage lately, specifically my bed restraint system. So many of them have been curious about trying some restraints but weren’t sure where to start. Handcuffs? Too rough. Furry handcuffs? Too cheesy. Fabric cuffs or silk ties? No headboard. It’s trickier than it would seem I guess. What’s a girl to do?! Not one of them knew about a restraint system like the Sex and Mischief Bed Bondage Restraint System by Sportsheets. I couldn’t believe it! Dr. R and I have had this system for several years and it is awesome. In a nutshell, it is 4 cuffs on straps that run under your mattress. No head or footboard needed!
The four nylon straps attach to a central nylon strap that runs under your mattress. They are fully adjustable so it doesn’t matter if you are 6′ tall and sprawl out on a king sized bed or cram into an intimate twin. At the end of the straps is just a D ring. The cuffs are super soft fabric with Velcro closures. No metal handcuffs to remind you of the time you were arrested for public intox at 19.
Ours stays on our bed, primarily (it did make an appearance at the toy party though. It comes out for special occasions). We have a bedframe that does have a headboard but no footboard. The straps just slip down between my box springs and the wooden bedframe when not in use. They just hide under the bed and not even the prying eyes of two kids have noticed them. They are always at the ready whenever the mood strikes! They certainly don’t have to stay there though. My cuffs are removable and could be clipped together or to anything with a loop really. It looks like the newer version doesn’t have clips though. That could be a good thing since the clips always seemed cheap and I could see them breaking onE day. The whole set can wrap around a couch or chair. If tightened all they way, it can even work as a hogtie. Get creative! This set has options!
The fabric and Velcro straps are not strong enough to really RESTRAIN someone, so if you like something a bit more restrictive these might not be a great choice for you. But for someone looking for an inexpensive, easy, comfortable option, these are awesome.
 photo DSC_0119_zpsyty6ofdn.jpg

Review: Coco Licious Booty Beads

 photo image.jpg5_zpsxw5mgmsi.jpg

Don’t judge this toy by it’s cheesy name or terrible packaging. Strip away those things from the Booty Beads and it’s a great anal toy. It meets all the safety criteria -made of matte black silicone so it can be sanitized and has a ring at the base to prevent it from getting lost internally. It is a great size for beginners or those, like me, who just can’t handle larger anal toys.

If you are an anal novice, I recommend beads in general. These are really great because of the size. The smallest ball is no bigger than a gobstopper but goes up to about the size of a bouncy ball. You can take as much as you are able and stop when you need to. It’s large enough to have fun and short enough to make it easy to maneuver. You aren’t having to use two hands to attempt to push the beads through like with longer strands. You can use the toy one handed and still concentrate efforts elsewhere.

Both Dr. R and I have played with these beads. The are well received on both accounts. I haven’t mastered the “pull them out right as you are coming for more intense orgasms” trick but the ring base would certainly aid in that. Even without the trick, the ring makes it easy to hold onto with slippery fingers.

It is a spectacular, non intimidating, inexpensive way to try a little anal play. It stays in my kit at all times!

Review: TRex by Tantus

 photo image.jpg2_zpsa2e6wvz5.jpg

This is the toy in my “Stuffed” post. When Dr. R brought it out, I asked if it was for him because there was no fucking way that thing was going inside me. I’m no stranger to thick dildos but Tantus’s TRex is intimidatingly large. Or so I thought. The toy’s insertable length is about 6″, but the circumference of the shaft is a full 7″. And at the head, at the right angle, the rim adds another quarter of an inch. As always from Tantus, it is made of silicone and is body safe and easy to clean.

I have used this toy twice now and it’s less foreboding. The first time was in my previous post. We warmed up quite a bit but I was still surprised at how easily I could handle the toy. I have had two kids but I don’t think I’ve hit “hot dog down a hallway” status. It was very pleasantly full. My only gripe was that when I came it seemed there wasn’t enough room for my muscles to contract as hard as they wanted. It was as if the toy was actually inhibiting my orgasm. The second time we used it, I was having a hard time reaching orgasm and this really sent me over the edge. It was just the thing I needed and hit the spot that couldn’t seem to be reached. My orgasm was awesome. Use a lot of lube and some smaller toys to get ready for it. Don’t head for it first unless you are used to fat toys.

I don’t think it will be used for anything other than vaginal penetration at my house but it would be a safe anal toy if you can handle that. It’s not an every time toy for me for sure but it is awesome to have in my arsenal. Sometimes you need that extra girth to drive you over the edge. I no longer think Dr. R is crazy for ordering it. Who knows what limits he’ll test next?

Review: Vibratex Mystic Wand

 photo image.jpg2_zpsaslnusch.jpg
I bought my first vibrator at 16 from a Spencer’s store at the mall. It was a $5 pocket rocket. It was loud, buzzy, and cheap. I also still have it. Pre-kids, it worked for me. I’ve tried bullets, vibrating cock rings, internal vibes, but I kept coming back to that one. Sadly, it hasn’t done the job in 4 years now so I’ve gone looking again! The famous Magic Wand always seemed so HUGE and cumbersome, although it comes highly recommended by friends and reviewers. Dr. R found the Mystic Wand by Vibratex and got me one in my giant box of toys! It’s a wand vibrator as well but it is much smaller. It comes in at about 7 inches. It’s much bigger than my pocket rocket but a very workable size. Enough to hold onto, but by no means cumbersome. Here’s the low down:
What I liked:
-It’s quiet. You can’t hear it behind a closed door which is key when you have little ears or roommates in the house.
-the vibrations are rumbly, not buzzy. I don’t feel numb after like my clit has been vibrated to death.
-many speeds/options. I normally don’t go for the crazy patterns on a vibrator, but this has one or two I like!
-soft, silicone head
-water resistant, easy to clean
-easily accessible buttons to change settings midsession. Nothing more frustrating than fumbling with a toy mid-masterbation!
What I didn’t like:
-not super strong. Although the vibrations are rumbly, they aren’t super powerful. I still can’t get off with it alone
-wand head doesn’t allow for pinpoint stimulation. This is obviously not a function if this toy, but all wand vibrators in general.
-mine is not rechargeable. They do make a rechargeable version though!
It is a vast improvement over my $5 pocket rocket! I will always have a soft spot for it, but my clit thanks me for the upgrade. My orgasms are much better with this one. It may even entice me to try the Magic Wand…

Surprised by The Swinger 6

We are working our way through my latest selections. This past Sunday we watched Sweet Sinner’s The Swinger 6. We have never watched anything from Sweet Sinner so I didn’t know what to expect. Their tagline speaks of couples and real orgasms which is awesome, but Dr. R isn’t usually a fan of “couple-centric” porn. So it could go either way. It could be a lot of the same scenarios and too much “romance” for our tastes. Or it could be great. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! The basic premise is that James Deen is a young lawyer who works too late trying to make partner. He and his wife are swingers and get the idea to seduce a partner and his wife as a “way in.” It sounds horribly cheesy, and it is no cinematic genius, but the “plot” wasn’t pushed too hard.
I have several movies with James Deen, and he’s always… good. In this movie he made me a convert. He starred in this and was in two scenes. I found myself drawn to things that I normally would have scoffed at. I mean, he grunts and almost growls. It was a serious turn on!! Most guys can’t pull that off. He was hot! I’ve heard he’s a fabulous Dominant but I don’t have any of his BDSM work. I can buy it now. He controlled the scene but was engaged with his partner. And he made these women cum. And cum. And cum. It wasn’t just sticking tab A into slot B OVER AND OVER. He didn’t ignore the clit. He knew when to speed it up. He was great! The scenes were a bit long (I find that the case in most American porn though), and the other scenes weren’t much to comment about. It will stay on our hard drive though. James Deen’s scenes make it worth it!

Icicles 18

 photo image.jpg1_zpsx8wqhr45.jpg
In honor of the disappearance of all the ice and snow we had this winter, I pulled out a dildo I have had for a long time. I was never all that into my Icicles NO18, but I honestly didn’t use it alone. The first few times we used it, Dr. R was using it on me. I didn’t care for it, so it landed in the drawer and didn’t get much action. I have changed my mind!
Since having two kids, my g-spot has become my new friend. I don’t know if it was nerve damage from my epidural or birth in general, but there are times my clit just doesn’t cooperate. I really can’t get off with just an external vibrator anymore. I need the internal stimulation as well. SO…I have learned to adapt and really gotten better at finding my g-spot. This dildo’s curved shape and bulbous head do that very well, and the balls at the bottom make a nice handle. The small dots along the shaft give nice stimulation to the walls of my vagina as well. Not a huge bump, but a nice texture. I like glass dildos for g-spot stimulation. I need something seriously firm, and glass doesn’t budge. Using this and a vibrator gives me insanely intense orgasms. It is easy to clean and sanitize. Pipedream isn’t a company I would promote, but I bought this long before I knew better. If I were shopping now I’d look for a glass dildo with the same curve and bulb head. It’s a great toy and I’m happy I gave it another try!

Review of Tantus Cush O2

I love the Tantus Cush O2. Like, love, love it. It is my go-to dildo by leaps and bounds. I may have several, but my Cush is my favorite.  photo image.jpg1_zpseev7jzgm.jpg
It has an insert able length of 6.5″. Not too big, not too small. For me, it is just long enough that I can just hit my cervix if I want to really go for it but it’s not painful. The girth is key in my world. I am not a size queen by any means but I’ve had two kids. And pencil dicks never did it for me anyway. It is 1.75″ in diameter. Not a coke can, but a formidable size. The head is curved just enough that insertion is easy, but the dildo is certainly thick enough to fill me up delightfully.
It’s made of Pure silicone but has two layers. The inner core is firm. This guy is not going limp on you, and that cervical thrusting I mentioned earlier is made possible by the core. It doesn’t flop around. The outer layer is softer, squishier. It feels nice in your hand and makes for a more realistic feeling internally. It is a great combo and gives me the best of both worlds.
Now let’s talk about that curve. The design of the dildo is simple but brilliant. It is as if they actually researched the female form before designing this toy, not just emulating a penis. Tantus describes that curve as g-spot stimulation. It doesn’t work like that for me. I really prefer glass toys or something more curved and bulbous for g-spot stimulation. What that curve does do is stimulate the nerves at the opening of my vagina and internally. Women have a huge concentration of nerves right at the opening and this little swoop hits those beautifully. And it does so in a totally no rubbing/not painful way thanks to that softer outer layer. Drives me crazy when only inserted halfway or all the way to the base. Mmmmmm….I digress.
This toy can be used anally due to its flared base although I have not tried that. I have a hard time with Dr. R’s dick. Not sure I could handle my Cush, but more power to you if you can! The base also makes it harness friendly. And the 100% silicone makes it easy to clean. It is both bleachable and dishwasher safe.
I’ve heard rumors that Cush like to disappear. I would be online ordering a new one right away. Nothing else will do when I want that one…

First Impressions of the We-Vibe 4

I had read mixed reviews of the We-Vibe 4, but I was super excited to try it anyway. Before I was better educated on the dangers of some sex toy materials (read more about that here) I loved cheap vibrating rings. I loved that I could have sex in varying positions and get the clitoral stimulation I needed. It was a toy Dr. R and I could really share. So, when I started looking into couples vibrators, I had high hopes. I bit the bullet, ordered the toy, and anxiously awaited the delivery man.

 photo image.jpg1_zpsyybfej8m.jpg
 photo image.jpg2_zps9linzdy3.jpg
 photo image.jpg3_zps38ledhvb.jpg

-rechargeable with a sleek charging station.
The day it came I couldn’t wait to put the kids to bed. Woohoo! New toys!! Then I realized I had to charge it for 4 hours first. Dun dun dun. I should have known that. Anyone who has reached for a vibrator only to hear the disappointingly sad buzz of low batteries knows that the rechargeable feature is well worth the initial charge. So, I plugged it in and waited until the next day. It comes with a great little case/charging station that you could easily keep on a side table, plugged in, and totally incognito. There it sat. Awaiting the next night.
-matte, smooth silicone
The toy is body safe, easily cleanable, and doesn’t collect fuzz. The surface is super smooth and comfortable when in use.
-the vibrations gave me a proper orgasm
Since having my kids, I just can’t get off by clitoral stimulation alone. Vibes generally don’t work well for me unless they are very strong, and then, the quality if the orgasm is…meh. It’s sort of spastic and not super satisfying. Not the case here! The vibrations aren’t super buzzy and I didn’t feel the need to flinch away once I came.
-we can use it together
It was not uncomfortable at all once Dr. R was in there. I was afraid I’d feel it rub the front of me, but nope! The vibrations didn’t do much for him (vibrators generally don’t though. That’s not specific to this toy) but they didn’t bother him at all.

-it’s a bit short for me
I’m a tall woman and I’ve had the issue with some rabbit vibes and the like that my physiology doesn’t quite match up. The clitoral vibrator doesn’t QUITE reach. When I was on top, I could sort of grind onto it and make it work.
-it doesn’t stay in place
I’m not sure how I thought it would but it moves around quite a lot. I expected it would shift side to side. It wants to expel itself though. It’s as if the elbow is too firm and the “C” wants to squeeze shut. Maybe that goes back to the shape of me.
-the motor isn’t super strong.
As I stated above, this is a positive and a negative. I wouldn’t be able to use this just as a vibrator alone.
-the remote didn’t always work
When the toy was between us, the toy didn’t respond to the remote, but the button on the toy is easy to reach.

Since our initial testing, DR. R used the toy on me as a vibrator. He used his fingers to apply pressure to the internal G spot vibrator. That was good. Almost better than using it during intercourse. Overall, it is a very high quality toy that I’m excited to experiment with further!