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Review: The Njoy Eleven

spinal-tap-3If I had to sum up the Njoy 11 in one word, it would be INTENSE. The length, the weight, the circumference of the bulbous head, and the unyielding firmness of the steel all add up to an incredibly intense experience. One I LOVE and Dr. R cannot get enough of. This toy came to me shrouded in a reputation and promises, and it did not disappoint. If you read my last post, you know it reduced me to a quivering puddle.

First, the technical stuff. The nJoy 11 gets its name from the 11″ of medical grade stainless steel from which it is crafted. It is nearly a foot of smooth, polished metal. It weighs in at 2.75 pounds. It doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but that 2.75 lbs starts to get heavy! People who can wield this toy for quite some time will start to develop serious forearm muscles (which happens to be quite a sexy feature in my opinion. It is a win/win). It has a slight “s” curve to it but it is not a severe hook. At either end there is a bulb (one smaller and the other gloriously larger) with a slightly pointed tip. Almost like the bud of a flower getting ready to open. This tip is key and I will go into that in a minute. It also has grooves on the smaller end that act as a handle or finger grips to assist in maneuvering. I am fairly certain you would not want to let this toy slip. It could do some serious damage. On the surface, not a complicated toy, but there are so many features that make this warclub different than anything else in my toy box. eleven

This bulb shape that I mentioned, elicits the perfect blend of wide gspot stimulation and pointed sensation. It is almost like using two toys at once. The ball at the end of the 11 is BIG. There is no way you could miss your gspot because the head of this toy will fill you. It puts pressure all around me, giving me an amazing stretching sensation as well. The “s” curve tilts that point just so that it rubs along the front wall of me adding that pointed pressure just where I need it. The shaft also thins down which gives the added bonus of concentrating all the sensation at my gspot. I get very little stimulation externally or at my opening. It is all inside. The smaller end can also be used. We played around a bit with it to see if I could use it similarly to my Comet Wand or to see if the finger holds added anything additional to the experience. For me, the curve wasn’t enough and the shaft too thin to really benefit from the texture on the handle. I have not tried it anally (it is a tad big for me) but you could use it that way as well. Many options with a two sided toy!
The steel brings temperature to the party. I am not a huge fan of temperature play, mostly because I don’t like the cold. And the 11 is COLD at first. It is like putting a frozen spoon on puffy eyes. I want that tissue swollen. I don’t want that to go away! But I could see use if you are edging a bit or really enjoy the sensation. On the other end of the spectrum, you can heat the 11. It gets VERY HOT so be careful. Dr. R ran it under hot water for just a few seconds and I really enjoyed that. It was warm enough I could feel it all the way inside me and it remained that way for awhile. The steel warms to body temperature quickly too, so even if you aren’t engaging in some temperature play, it feels amazingly warm after just a few minutes.

I know I have spoken before about the weight of Njoy toys, but the 11 takes the cake. There is an added sensation when you are getting fucked by something as heavy as this. It has its own pull, its own drag. There is a fullness you just don’t get with lighter toys. You are being filled with something of substance and you know it. It makes sure you know it.

I honestly don’t have any negatives to add about the 11. This toy is amazing if you like larger, gspot heavy, or metal toys. It is well made, quality, body safe, and easy to clean. What is not to love?

It is all at once overwhelming and the drive to orgasm with this thing is more like being thrown around an F1 track. You know a skilled driver is in control, but it certainly isn’t you and it is terrifyingly exhilarating. You are going to cum and you are going to cum HARD. You just need to hold on for the ride, try not to pass out, and wait for the champagne to pop!

Review: Key Comet Wand by Jopen

DSC_0243I am obsessed with the Comet Wand. As in, each time I would pull it out to write about it, I would end up using it and get myself totally distracted from the writing part. It is delightfully weighty and fits me perfectly. I have come to learn that my body craves g-spot stimulation. While I can’t get off from external vibrations alone, I can get off from g-spot stimulation and the orgasms are SPECTACULAR with this toy.

At it’s simplest, the Comet wand is a curved, glass toy. It has the heft and firmness of a glass dildo, but what Jopen does beyond that is genius. They dip the end in smooth silicone. This was actually what led me to try this toy over the Pure Wand first. I like the friction that the silicone provides. I like to feel the drag as well as the thrust and this does not disappoint. There are some small ridges around the shaft but I don’t find they add anything special. They seem a bit more aesthetic than anything.

The shape of the wand fits my body like it was custom made for me. No fumbling around looking for the right angle. I insert it and it is right there. The head of the toy is 5″ around. It is big, but not huge. It gives me that broad g-spot coverage I like though. That sensation is much more FULL than say the pinpoint stimulation of a finger or two. The toy is heavy but very easy to maneuver. The heft combined with the friction does tire my hand out sometimes though. My vagina clamps onto this thing and hugs it for dear life. When my hand gets tired, I can even just push downward on the glass handle to apply pressure to my g-spot with no thrusting and get off without issue. It is that good.

I had small concerns about cleaning the wand because of the seam where the silicone meets the glass handle. It hasn’t proved to be an issue at all. Some of the ridges in my other glass toys are much harder to get clean. I was also concerned that seam would rub or chafe my vagina but it doesn’t at all. It is not even a factor. Don’t let that deter you.

DSC_0239I need to mention the orgasms from this toy as well. They are insane, fast, and make me ravenous for more. They are the sort of “wake the neighbors, claw the headboard, arch you off the bed” deep orgasms. And because they are internal for me, my clit isn’t all tickly and I can keep going. Hence why I keep coming back for more. Add in my Tango and holy hell….

This isn’t the cheapest toy, but at around $75, its not bad. I promise you will get use out of it. I have had mine for a few weeks and haven’t put it down yet. Go get one. Trust me.

Icicles 18

 photo image.jpg1_zpsx8wqhr45.jpg
In honor of the disappearance of all the ice and snow we had this winter, I pulled out a dildo I have had for a long time. I was never all that into my Icicles NO18, but I honestly didn’t use it alone. The first few times we used it, Dr. R was using it on me. I didn’t care for it, so it landed in the drawer and didn’t get much action. I have changed my mind!
Since having two kids, my g-spot has become my new friend. I don’t know if it was nerve damage from my epidural or birth in general, but there are times my clit just doesn’t cooperate. I really can’t get off with just an external vibrator anymore. I need the internal stimulation as well. SO…I have learned to adapt and really gotten better at finding my g-spot. This dildo’s curved shape and bulbous head do that very well, and the balls at the bottom make a nice handle. The small dots along the shaft give nice stimulation to the walls of my vagina as well. Not a huge bump, but a nice texture. I like glass dildos for g-spot stimulation. I need something seriously firm, and glass doesn’t budge. Using this and a vibrator gives me insanely intense orgasms. It is easy to clean and sanitize. Pipedream isn’t a company I would promote, but I bought this long before I knew better. If I were shopping now I’d look for a glass dildo with the same curve and bulb head. It’s a great toy and I’m happy I gave it another try!