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Review: Joque Harness by SpareParts

IMG_8200I have found harness heaven. I have tried a few others before – a very basic one, a boy short style one, a laced up corset one – but none felt like me. The Joque Harness by SpareParts is sexy. It is feminine but strong and so well fitted I can focus on the action. It allows me to feel…powerful. It is great not only in the overall look, but in its capabilities. Gone are the days of me feeling clunky and awkward due to shifting straps or drooping dildos. This harness even has ways to pleasure me while I use it. Such a giver.

I am a thruster. I need the hip movement to get off. So strap on sex is super hot for me IF I am comfortable and get my rhythm down. My previous harnesses made this a challenge. My basic one just shifted all over the place. The ring was not stable enough to stay put and I would find it slowly creeping down between my legs. Not great for positioning or leverage. So then I would have to stop and readjust. Something is lost in the sexy exchange if I have to stop to play with my own cock over and over. The boyshort style helped that but wasn’t the sexiest thing ever. Far more utilitarian and limiting in many ways. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles like the Joque. When I decided to take the plunge and order this one, I had high hopes and it didn’t disappoint.

There are a few main features that make me fall in love with this harness. First is the fit. It is a jock strap style harness with a wide waistband and two leg bands. It is open in the back allowing for penetration from behind. This is something the boyshorts were certainly lacking. There are lots of jock type harnesses out there, but I love the way this one secures. It closes by two wide Velcro strips and then further tightens by two elastic straps on the sides of the waistband. These two are key to its stability. It is amazingly secure and the waistband is thick enough to support the weight of any of my dildos. And, as you know, I have some large dildos…It does not shift. It does not droop. I can fit the leg straps as needed and never change those. It is easy to slip on, pull tight, and be ready. The O ring is flexible but not huge. TRex won’t fit, but most of my other toys do. It says it can accommodate a 2″ diameter dildo and I can use my Maverick with it. It also comes in two sizes which just furthers the great fit.

image_zpshq9d9awzI mentioned options to please me while I use it. There are two pockets for mini vibes – one above the toy and one below, so you can customize where you want the vibrations. I have used my Tango with good results. It seems the vibrations travel down the toy a bit, but honestly Dr. R isn’t a big fan of vibration so I haven’t focused on that much. I wouldn’t say they carry a ton though because even my Tango didn’t bother him. The cloth portion of the harness is overlapped, creating a pocket and a full opening behind the O ring. This overlapping fabric means I can secure a dildo with a flared base for internal stimulation! By tucking the base of a toy into the folds of the cloth, it stays put. The dildo won’t be thrusting as I thrust but it can add to the sensation by keeping me full. It is amazing. I have not seen this with other harnesses. Because of this split, I can switch out toys while still wearing it relatively easily. Less interruption to the action. The O ring is very accessible.

The Joque is even machine washable!! So it is easy to keep clean and sanitized. I line dry it to keep the elastic in better shape but that is it for care. Very convenient. It is made of a poly spandex blend and is really comfortable to wear. The elastic doesn’t chafe at all on my legs or waist. It is breathable and soft. The plastic buckles are smooth and don’t scratch.

This harness is just sexy. And mine is PURPLE!! I am not usually a super girly girl, but I love a purple harness. I feel feminine and powerful. It fits well, is flattering, very well made and stays where I put it. It can handle my larger toys and all the vigorous thrusting Dr. R can take. Now that I found it, I may never take it off.

Review: NJoy Fun Wand

funwndI wanted to love this toy. I really did. The Fun Wand was a high quality toy from a well respected company. NJoy is known for iconic toys like the Pure Wand and the Eleven. The shape was interesting. It is about 8″ long and easy to handle without having to reach awkwardly. It had a great curve for the G spot stimulation I like ending in a 1″ ball. It had beads on the other end that waved in teardrop shapes from .75″ to 1″. Everything pointed to this being an amazing, multiuse fun factory. Sadly, it just didn’t work out that way.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to love about this toy. This is my first stainless steel toy and I love the material. It is safe, easy to clean, durable, but the temperature is something I was surprised I liked so much. It is cold. But not like glass when you chill it. It warms quicker than that. I am not a huge fan of temperature play with my glass dildos. Actually, I am not fond of vaginal temp play in general. But using this toy anally made me realize I like a shot of cold at the start. Anal play, for me, is very much about the stretch, the tension. Using this toy feels really good when everything has gotten a bit too hot. It shocks my nerves just enough, but warms up fast enough that it doesn’t derail me. It is also super smooth and glides very easily. Great anally. Not great vaginally. I find myself really missing the luxurious drag of silicone my Comet Wand brings to the party.



The shape of the toy is fantastic. The ‘S’ curve makes it easy to handle. The curve does hit my G spot right where it should. The beads are a perfect size, not too big, not too small. They pull in enough between them and the stainless is obviously firm enough to make insertion simple. But my major complaint is that the head of the toy isn’t big enough for me. I like wide G spot stimulation. Something that makes me feel full but also puts a lot of pressure right where I want it. This is a much more pin pointed toy. If you like a more localized G spot hit, this may be perfect for you. I need the roundness. It ends up being just enough to hint at arousal and makes me grab for another toy to get things going. Trying to get off on this alone leaves me frustrated. The beaded side of the toy does very little for me vaginally. It is just too small, and the smallest ball just exacerbates the aforementioned pointed stimulation issue.

The other thing I appreciate about this toy is the weight. I love a heavy toy. I love the weight of it internally. The pull. It adds another sensation that just speaks to me. But I found out the hard way that the weight of this toy combined with the ‘S’ shape can be a bit of an issue. When this toy is covered in coconut oil, it is very slippery. When it is inserted anally and then slips out of your hand, the heavier end spins around to the ground, turning the beads upside down. It is painful (to me anyway) to have a metal rod pointed to the ground stuck inside your ass. Anatomically, that is curving in the wrong direction. It was surprising in the wrong way. We had to stop anal play that night. We were more careful moving forward, but it could easily happen. The smooth texture and heft that I like so much can work against me.

This way Dr. R’s first NJoy purchase for us and we will certainly buy another. All of the things I like about this toy can be found in other toys in their line. I think I just need a bigger toy like the Pure Wand or the Eleven. Now I have another excuse to get one! Oh darn.

Review: Mood Naughty 2 Butt Plugs


I have Doc Johnson’s Mood Naughty 2 Butt Plug in two sizes. The smaller is the 3.5″; the larger is 4.5″. It also comes in an even smaller 3″ size. They are solid silicone – this is crucial for anal toys and cleanliness. They currently come in two colors – blue and black.

On the surface, they don’t seem like much. They are a fairly simple design. No major curves or ripples. Just a bulb shape and a smaller ball at the bottom. But they are one of the few anal toys I actually enjoy thrusting. And the larger of the two is the largest toy I have used. So there must be something special about them! I think the smooth bulb (rather than a more pointed, cone shape) is easier to handle. It is smoother upon insertion and comfortable inside. I don’t accidentally jab myself with a point. Nor do I have trouble getting to the end of the cone and to a point my muscles can relax. It is a very gentle curve. And the smaller ball at the base is fun to play with. I pull that in and out and it is just enough to keep it interesting. Not so much that it takes concentration to relax. It is a great shape. I really enjoy that I have two sizes as well. I can warm up with the smaller and switch to the larger without changing the feeling. It just gets to be a fuller experience of the same shape. Very good stuff. DSC_0255

I do have one major complaint about these plugs though. The base can be painful! The edges curve upward just a bit and dig in. I am sized just so that the tip actually dips into the edge of my vagina and is incredibly uncomfortable. This fact is actually what led me to realize I liked to thrust this toy. I reached down to adjust and pull it farther away and VOILA! It can just be very uncomfortable to insert and leave there. And can rub against a dildo if you are going for a DP. The curved shape of the base does make it more of a handle though. A basic, round, flared base can get very slippery when covered in coconut oil, but this one does give you something to hold on to. It makes the thrusting easier.

Overall, this series of toys is great if you are into gentle thrusting. It is not going to give you major penetration, but a bit of play. And the range of sizes does allow for beginners to experienced anal players to give it a try.

Review: Tantus Ripple Small Plug

DSC_0180 (2)Full disclosure, butt plugs scared me for a long time. They always seemed so….big. The idea of “training my ass” sounded like some creepy torture regime. Obviously I have grown to see the error of my ways, but in the beginning any plugs were met with wide-eyed trepidation. Something I was never going to be able to handle. After a class on giving great head at my favorite local sex shop (Hi Frisky Business!), my friends and I were staring at the wall of anal toys. I am sure we looked like a bunch of na├»ve deer in headlights. I gravitated towards this purple toy. It was not intimidating. It looked easy to clean, very smooth, and small enough to not freak me out. I grabbed the toy that night in hopes of surprising Dr. R. I think I did.

The Tantus Ripple Small is awesome. Just as I had hoped, the tip is small-smaller than my finger. It is very easy to start with either as your first excursion into anal play or your warm up toy for the night. It is more pleasant than a finger because there is no nail or uneven edge to irritate, only nice smooth silicone. It graduates larger, bit by bit, but the largest ripple is still an appropriate size for a beginner. I am usually a fan of anal beads because the spacing allows your muscles relax between beads. This toy doesn’t come in quite as far as beads but the smooth gradation means it is still very comfortable.

This plug can be inserted and left there during other play or you can pull it in and out. Doing that slowly is particularly awesome. I feel like the texture is lost with serious thrusting. My only gripe is a bittersweet one. The toy is relatively soft. That is part of the reason it is so wonderful and comfortable to use, but it also allows it to bend over onto itself as you try to insert it. It is not a huge deal and easily overcome, but it is worth noting. If you are tight and wanting more thrusting, you will have to grasp it in the middle of the toy. This is nothing unusual as you have to do the same with anal beads, but the base of this toy just begs to be grabbed and thrusted. oh well. It is harness compatible though!

I’m glad I ventured into the world of plugs that night. Now I need to get the Ripple Large…

Review: Coco Licious Booty Beads

 photo image.jpg5_zpsxw5mgmsi.jpg

Don’t judge this toy by it’s cheesy name or terrible packaging. Strip away those things from the Booty Beads and it’s a great anal toy. It meets all the safety criteria -made of matte black silicone so it can be sanitized and has a ring at the base to prevent it from getting lost internally. It is a great size for beginners or those, like me, who just can’t handle larger anal toys.

If you are an anal novice, I recommend beads in general. These are really great because of the size. The smallest ball is no bigger than a gobstopper but goes up to about the size of a bouncy ball. You can take as much as you are able and stop when you need to. It’s large enough to have fun and short enough to make it easy to maneuver. You aren’t having to use two hands to attempt to push the beads through like with longer strands. You can use the toy one handed and still concentrate efforts elsewhere.

Both Dr. R and I have played with these beads. The are well received on both accounts. I haven’t mastered the “pull them out right as you are coming for more intense orgasms” trick but the ring base would certainly aid in that. Even without the trick, the ring makes it easy to hold onto with slippery fingers.

It is a spectacular, non intimidating, inexpensive way to try a little anal play. It stays in my kit at all times!