Review: Vibratex Mystic Wand

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I bought my first vibrator at 16 from a Spencer’s store at the mall. It was a $5 pocket rocket. It was loud, buzzy, and cheap. I also still have it. Pre-kids, it worked for me. I’ve tried bullets, vibrating cock rings, internal vibes, but I kept coming back to that one. Sadly, it hasn’t done the job in 4 years now so I’ve gone looking again! The famous Magic Wand always seemed so HUGE and cumbersome, although it comes highly recommended by friends and reviewers. Dr. R found the Mystic Wand by Vibratex and got me one in my giant box of toys! It’s a wand vibrator as well but it is much smaller. It comes in at about 7 inches. It’s much bigger than my pocket rocket but a very workable size. Enough to hold onto, but by no means cumbersome. Here’s the low down:
What I liked:
-It’s quiet. You can’t hear it behind a closed door which is key when you have little ears or roommates in the house.
-the vibrations are rumbly, not buzzy. I don’t feel numb after like my clit has been vibrated to death.
-many speeds/options. I normally don’t go for the crazy patterns on a vibrator, but this has one or two I like!
-soft, silicone head
-water resistant, easy to clean
-easily accessible buttons to change settings midsession. Nothing more frustrating than fumbling with a toy mid-masterbation!
What I didn’t like:
-not super strong. Although the vibrations are rumbly, they aren’t super powerful. I still can’t get off with it alone
-wand head doesn’t allow for pinpoint stimulation. This is obviously not a function if this toy, but all wand vibrators in general.
-mine is not rechargeable. They do make a rechargeable version though!
It is a vast improvement over my $5 pocket rocket! I will always have a soft spot for it, but my clit thanks me for the upgrade. My orgasms are much better with this one. It may even entice me to try the Magic Wand…

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