So much love…

When I started writing this over a year ago, I did it as an outlet for my crazy thoughts and entertainment for my friends. But as time has passed, this blog has led me to cross paths with so many fun, amazing, interesting people! It has opened my world to new experiences and connected me with friends across the country. I have added links to a few blogs I enjoy reading in my sidebar. Please send them some love too!

Beyond Our Bedroom is a great read from a sweet couple new to the lifestyle (just like Dr R and I). Check them out for some sexy stories and candid moments!

Elust is a digest stock full of fun erotic writing (fiction and non), photos, and various writings on all manner of sexy topics.

Sex and Psychology is run by Dr. Justin Lemiller. It appeals to the psychology student in me. Lot’s of great info and fun studies.

Girly Juice has toy reviews and personal stories. I like her candid openness and journey.

There are so many great people out there telling their stories and sharing thoughts. I’ll continue to update the list because there are just too many to add at once!

Thank you all so much for reading!!


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