Review: TRex by Tantus

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This is the toy in my “Stuffed” post. When Dr. R brought it out, I asked if it was for him because there was no fucking way that thing was going inside me. I’m no stranger to thick dildos but Tantus’s TRex is intimidatingly large. Or so I thought. The toy’s insertable length is about 6″, but the circumference of the shaft is a full 7″. And at the head, at the right angle, the rim adds another quarter of an inch. As always from Tantus, it is made of silicone and is body safe and easy to clean.

I have used this toy twice now and it’s less foreboding. The first time was in my previous post. We warmed up quite a bit but I was still surprised at how easily I could handle the toy. I have had two kids but I don’t think I’ve hit “hot dog down a hallway” status. It was very pleasantly full. My only gripe was that when I came it seemed there wasn’t enough room for my muscles to contract as hard as they wanted. It was as if the toy was actually inhibiting my orgasm. The second time we used it, I was having a hard time reaching orgasm and this really sent me over the edge. It was just the thing I needed and hit the spot that couldn’t seem to be reached. My orgasm was awesome. Use a lot of lube and some smaller toys to get ready for it. Don’t head for it first unless you are used to fat toys.

I don’t think it will be used for anything other than vaginal penetration at my house but it would be a safe anal toy if you can handle that. It’s not an every time toy for me for sure but it is awesome to have in my arsenal. Sometimes you need that extra girth to drive you over the edge. I no longer think Dr. R is crazy for ordering it. Who knows what limits he’ll test next?

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