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Review: Doxy Die Cast Wand Massager

Oh Doxy, how I love/hate thee…There is so much to love here and so much frustration. For those of you who have never heard of Doxy, they are a company out of the UK that has made a rival to the legendary Magic Wand (among other fun toys I’ll review later!). Now, I do not own a Magic Wand (I know, right?!) so this will not be a comparison of the two. I will say though that if you like power, the Doxy spins at up to 9.000 RPM against the Magic Wands 5,000 RPM and 6,000 RPM settings. This wand has some SERIOUS power. Sheet grabbing, scream inducing power. Involuntary crying, pass out, fall in love power. Mmmmmmm……anyhoo….

This power comes to you in the form of glorious, rumbly vibrations. I need rumbly vibrations. Buzzy just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. My orgasms are mostly internal and clit stimulus needs to reach the deeper layers to get me off. The vibrations from the Doxy are deliciously rumbly. The Die Cast model in particular has a double weighted head to help with the “thuddiness” at higher settings. This wand is the first toy I have owned that can reliably give me multiple orgasms. Usually, I get too tickly or my nerve endings feel too overstimulated. I have to stop. Not here. I can get off on the first setting and keep moving it upwards to keep going. And this power is the only thing I have found to match the intensity of the Eleven. Those two together cause me to gush. Somehow, the Eleven is easier to handle when using the Doxy. The vibrations help me relax and the intensity is spread all over. It is awe inspiring.

The vibrations do get buzzier the higher settings you go though. This wand goes up 8 speeds. I am sure there are people out there who can roll with the top setting, but I have only used up to level three. Don’t let that fool you, I like a powerful vibrator. I need it to overwhelm me sometimes. But on the third setting, this thing gets going so strongly that the silicone head actually starts to rotate, taking my labia with it. It sounds like an airplane taking off. It has me swollen and red in 30 seconds. There is no lack of power at level 3. I seriously don’t think I could keep it on my clit at level 8! Gives me something to work up to though. It is good to have goals.

The spin on higher levels is one of my major complaints. With a vibrator, I need to find the right spot. Directed. Downward. Hitting just where I need it to push my gspot orgasm over the edge. It is hard to keep the wand in the right spot if it is literally taking my bits and swirling them around away from where I put it! I’m constantly readjusting and losing my “spot”. This isn’t an issue on the lower settings, but if I’m at level three, I’m desperate to cum again. That means I’ve already had at least one orgasm but I’m not done. Picture me bleary eyed, getting fucked, solely focused on that release, then the wand moves all my bits to the left. Not cool, Doxy. Not cool. I can smash the head into my clit and work with it though. On the flip side, the vibrations are certainly strong enough to penetrate my clothing if I want a quick orgasm on the go. The rotation isn’t an issue then. It also may not both you if you have smaller labia. It could give an added friction sensation. Bonus!

My wand is the die-cast model which is made of cast aluminum and titanium with a silicone head. It is of the less en-vogue plug in variety, but this sort of power could not come from a battery powered toy. The toy is hefty and comes in at around 13 inches long. Wand vibrators aren’t known for their demure stature. If you have ever used a wand, you know the limitations in positioning. Not the end of the world, but if you like missionary, this is hard to squeeze between you. It isn’t terribly heavy though and I haven’t had an issue with extended use. My only complaint on the size/shape is that I wish it had a curve closer to the head. The vibrations do carry some down the handle (though not terribly given how powerful it is) and once my hands are all slippery I find it hard to hold onto the top of the handle where I prefer. My hand slips down towards the buttons and I can’t get the leverage or control I want. I end up having to hold the handle right at the neck of the head. Again, workable but not ideal and a bit clumsy.

The buttons are large, easily accessible, and simple. Just what I’m looking for in a vibrator. The last thing I want to be doing is fumbling mid sex. And there are few things more frustrating than going to turn it up one notch to send yourself over the edge and accidentally pushing the wrong button and totally derailing yourself. There are three buttons: On/Off, up, and down. The wand defaults to a steady vibration but also has a pulse mode that is easily accessed by holding down the power button. Simple. Easy to maneuver without looking.

The power alone has me looking past the size/shape limitations and grabbing this toy first. Even if it twirls my labia. If you love the Magic Wand but find yourself wishing it had just a bit more UMPH, try the Doxy. It will certainly deliver. Over and over and over…..