Monthly Archives: February 2016

Hello there…

image_zpsuua0xbq6Life has seen to it that Dr. R and I haven’t had sex in a week. That is awhile for us, especially since we are preparing for a sexy vacation in Mexico. But, alas, no nookie for me lately. So, I was quite surprised last night when he pulled me in for a cuddle. Half asleep and barely conscious, I laid there, little spoon to his big, and felt the warmth of his body long mine. His arm was under my neck and his head was buried into my shoulder. I was relishing the heat and physical contact when I felt him reach down and pull out his dick. I sleep in panties so I felt the warm, soft skin along my bare ass. And he just started jerking himself off. There is something sexy about a man who takes charge of his own pleasure. I love to watch him masterbate. Unapologeticlly. He wrapped his arm across my chest and held me there. Whispering in my ear, “My cock is so hard right now” and telling me how good it felt. I love to have my neck kissed and his hot breath in my ear made my muscles clench. He couldn’t touch me and that made it all the hotter. I started to squirm in his arms. Trying to abate the growing tension that I knew I couldn’t release. His pace became faster, harder, more ardent. His grip on me tighter. He bit into my shoulder. My heart was racing at this point. I tried to reach behind me but couldn’t get my hand into position. I stroked his balls, desperate to touch him. He pause to reach for some coconut oil and let it melt down his cock. I traced the line down under his sack, pushing and teasing while he continued to pound. The oil had made him slick and the sound was visceral. I teased his ass, entered him, and felt him contract. The pressure was mounting and I was buzzing. He came and I just sat there. Surprised, still half asleep and amazed. I was incredibly turned on and he hadn’t even been able to touch me.
Instead of feeling used, I felt special that I was the object of his desire. I loved that sometimes pleasure and intimacy aren’t a mutual thing. Sometimes it is phenomenal to watch your partner be a sexual being apart. I love to see him go for what he wants. It reminded me that although we haven’t been able to have PIV sex lately, we can keep thing alive in other ways. And that absence does make the heart grow fonder sometimes. Or the loins grow wetter. Whichever is more applicable for the time. Let’s just say it primed me for when I finally get to have my go. My Love still surprises me. Sometimes he really does know what I need, even when I don’t.