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Review: Vixen’s Randy in Vixskin

image_zpsi07y7vw5I had owned Randy for a FULL WEEK before we got to try him out. That is a long time for me. Usually, I am so excited to get a new toy, I basically skip down the driveway to meet the delivery truck. I was that excited about this toy as well, but…life. Upcoming vacation, parents flying in, life. So, in the carry on it went along with two huge bags of toys to be experimented with on vacation. Not a bad setting for Randy’s maiden voyage!

As you may know, I am not a stranger to larger toys. I would not say I am a size queen by any stretch of the imagination, but, unless they have a tight g-spot curve, I like them thick. This dildo is stout. At just under 2.25″ wide, it is only a smidge smaller than my largest dildo, TRex. Dr. R bought this in response to my experience with TRex. If you read my review of that toy, you will see that I had a hard time orgasming around it. It is so big and so firm – which is great for getting me there!- that when I came I had no room to actually flex. It is hard to describe, but I couldn’t get that good, deep, hard clench. Randy is made of Vixen’s delicious Vixskin. It is a dual density toy just like my current favorite, Maverick. This means that it is firm on the inside but covered in a softer silicone, making it lifelike, soft, and silky. Was this the solution? A softer exterior I could come around? Overall, yes. I won’t say I get the strongest orgasm still, but it is better. There is enough give that I am not left writhing in frustration. I call that a win.

Another issue I had with TRex was the length and coronal ridge. The insertable lengths are nearly the same for both toys, but Randy seems shorter. It could be the softer material. It could be that you have to hold Randy at the base and so you are not inserting all 6″, whereas you can hold TRex way down at the flared base and shove all that length up there. I am not sure, but Randy does not hit my cervix uncomfortably. There is no hard ridge to catch on my pubic bone either (although that ridge does great things for my g-spot. Are you seeing my love/hate relationship with that toy?). It just fills me up nicely with no uncomfortable edges.

I am falling in love with the Vixskin line in general. The material is just so…luscious. It warms to body temp quickly and feels silky smooth with just enough friction. It is incredibly lifelike! And the dual density really does give you the best of both worlds. It is not a gimmick. I love my Cush O2 from Tantus as well for the same reason, but the Vixskin line just seems to be a bit softer. Randy also comes in standard silicone (as opposed to Vixskin) if you prefer the smoother silicone exterior. Either choice is the highest quality platinum silicone. Cleans up easily and can be boiled for sterilization. 100% body safe and can be used with a harness for extra fun. All good things.

I am impressed with Randy (and Dr. R’s unwavering dedication to finding toys that work for me.). It does give me the fullest penetration I am looking for right now and allows me room to grab hold. If you like girth, give him a shot. You will not be disappointed!

If only he’d said yes…

We were already downstairs when we heard the car pull up. My husband took a seat in the back of the room. As they came down the stairs I could see the flush fill her cheeks.
I walked over to her, took her bag, and lead her into the room. Her husband followed behind, looking a bit cautious.
“It is going to be ok. I promise you will enjoy this. Both of you.”
I asked him to undress to his boxers and take a seat next to my husband. He obliged. There they were. Our audience. Already buzzing with anticipation.
I turned to her. She was fidgeting with her hair and trying to act natural. She wasn’t sure what tonight would bring, what I could show her.
“Lets get you settled now.”
I slid her shirt up over her head. Kissed her neck. I walked around her and kissed the nape, the shoulder, the hollow. Lovely thing. As my hand circled her, I undid the clasp on her bra. She wiggled and let it fall to the floor. She had amazing breasts. Full and large on her small frame. I couldn’t wait to see them with her arms above her head. I grabbed my cuffs and restrained her wrists. Her heart started pounding and a smile crossed her face.
“This is the part you were looking forward to?”
“Oh yes.”
With a laugh I let her know this was merely the set up. I loved that I was privileged to give this to her.
“Good. You are easy to please then.”
I hooked her cuffs to the ceiling. There she stood, arms over head, those gorgeous breasts exposed and lifted. I unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down over her hips. Her black lace boyshorts hugged her curves. I love black lace. I turned her to face the men.
“Look how beautiful your wife looks.”
The husbands just nodded. Visibly excited and shifting a bit in their seats. They mirrored each other with their broad shoulders and dark hair. I was glad they were enjoying the show so far.
I ran my hands down her sides as I stood behind her. I pulled her ass to my hips and trailed my hands down her thighs, pushing them open until her feet spread. I ran my fingertips under her breasts and her skin prickled. I bit her neck again and trailed kisses down her spine. I let my hands and lips wander along her breasts, her abdomen, the small of her back. I raked my nails up her spread thighs. I loved having access to all sides of her. I could tell she was enjoying herself by the shallow breaths and responsive skin even though she was quiet and still half dressed.
I motioned to her husband to come over to us.
“I’d like you to follow what I say. Can you do that?”
“I believe so.”
“Ok. Good. Kneel in front of her.”
As he dropped to his knees, so did I behind her. I grabbed her rosy ass with both hands and kissed the dimples in her back. I took those black lace panties in my teeth and tugged, pulling them down to the ground and slipping them off her feet. Now she was fully undressed and presented to her husband.
“Lick your wife. Do not touch her. Use only your mouth. Slowly.”
I spread her legs as wide as the suspension would allow. She was soaked and starting to squirm. Her husband bent down and trailed his tongue over her clit. She was grateful for stimulation finally. She groaned and leaned her hips into his face. I pulled her hips back into position.
“Try to stay still.”
He continued to work her clit. Passing his tongue over her labia. Dipping it in and out. Toying with her clit. She was swollen and wet and ready but it wasn’t time yet. I let him continue and walked over to my patiently awaiting husband. I kissed him and ran my fingers over the prominent ridge I could feel through his boxers. They were starting to get wet as his erection continued.
“Are you enjoying the show?”
“Of course.”
“Your turn is coming. What toys would you like to see her get fucked with?”
He grabbed my blue Cush and sent me on my work. Good choice. The Cush is big, but not too big. It would fill her nicely. Then he handed me a small black plug. I knew my guest had never experimented with anal play, so I raised my eyebrow in surprise.
“Trust me.” he said.
I took both toys back to my lovely plaything, grabbing my blindfold on the way. I covered her eyes. I wanted her to experience the sensations as they came, not as she expected them. I pulled out the coconut oil and lubed up the plug. As I ran several lubed fingers over her ass, she gasped. Her husband had to chase her with his mouth as she leaned back into me.
“Ah. Ah. Stay still.”
I watched her husband gingerly kiss and suck and my heart raced. She was pink and swollen and begging and I wasn’t far behind. My own lacy panties were soaked. My own clit throbbing. It was an amazing thrill showing her my world. A world of toys and tension and play.
I ran the plug between her cheeks and nudged it inside. Her back arched allowing me to slide it into her ass.
“Keep licking her. She will relax” I instructed.
She was mere breaths away from coming. The sensation of the plug filling her ass was foreign and overwhelming. So full, so OPEN. Now drips were trailing down the inside of her thighs. I didn’t need the lube for the Cush. I eased it into her cunt and she cried out. Slowly, I fucked her, matching her husband’s languid licks. She moaned and rocked on the toy. She was stuffed. Her limits stretched farther than they had been. She came with a rough shudder, and arched back, and a stifled yell. The flush filling her chest and every hair on her body stood on end.
I motioned for her husband to return to his seat. Reaching up, I unhooked the cuffs and removed the blindfold. I kissed her swollen mouth and removed the plug.
“How ya doing?”
She just kissed me back. I held her hand and took her to the men. We both fell to our knees in front of our husbands. I pulled back my husbands boxers and slid them down his hips. His cock was expectant. My guest did the same. God, it was an amazing sight. These two, sexy men, waiting for us. I licked his cock from the base to tip, tasting his salty expectations. She followed suit and soon we were both sucking and stroking and licking. I turned to kiss her and undid my bra. Bare breast brushing against each other. It is such as different feeling than a man. Something I never thought would be such a turn on, but here I was. Enwrapped.
We both turned to her husband. 4 hands, 2 mouths, 2 tongues. Wrapping around him. Taking turns running tasting him; kissing each other; tasting him in her mouth. My husband got out of his seat and came up behind me. His fingers found my cunt and finally gave me the stimulation I needed. I rocked back on his hand as fingers dipped in and out, circling my clit, filing me up. I was so close but didn’t want to come just yet. The tension was too delicious.
“I’ll be right back.”
I stood to leave and my lovely guest took both men into her hands. She traded them back and forth into her mouth. I knew they were in good hands for a second.
I grabbed my harness and Fuze. I put a vibrator into the toy. I was ready. I had never fucked a woman before. I was very much looking forward to the experience.
When I returned to them, my husbands adept hands had moved on to her clit. Her husband was kissing her breasts. I followed suit, taking her nipple into my mouth and drawing. My tongue teasing her. I turned her over, on her knees in front of her husband. She continued to go down on him and I turned on my vibrator. I slowly slid the toy into her. Fucking her softly and slowly as she sucked her husband’s cock. It was a luscious sight and was so appreciated by my husband, he came behind me and slid his cock into me. He fucked me and his thrusts translated into my thrusts into her. I was pressed between them. He held me into her, being sure the vibrator was driving me crazy. He pulled out and drove back in. He grabbed my hips and fucked. Hard, deep, rhythmic, penetrating movements. Within moments, she let out orgasmic moans muffled by the cock in her mouth. I was quick to follow, being fucked against a beautiful woman becoming too much for me to hold out. I screamed and my husband kissed me, sucking the breath right out of me. I pulled out of her and climbed on top of my husband. She stood and sat on her husband’s lap, riding him until he came. Breathless and stunned. I settled on my husband’s cock. Bouncing my ass on his dick. Drawing it back in quick strokes. He moaned and twitched and came inside me.
The four of us collapsed, sweaty, flushed, and content.
“So, what are you guys doing next weekend?”