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Review: WeVibe’s Tango

DSC_0228Ah, the Tango. Every single blogger has reviewed this toy. Every single one has owned this icon. There is good reason for it’s abundance. It is the bullet vibe to end all bullet vibes.

When I think “bullet vibe”, my mind goes to a cheap, looks like a giant pill type toy that tortures my clit with surface vibrations to weak to work and buzzes my hand to numbness in 20 seconds. I have never quite understood their purpose, where they would excel. They are not great on their own when I could get something with a handle for better hold and positioning. They are not great in toys because their vibrations never seem strong enough to carry through and be effective. They don’t stay put on their own. They just seemed like poorly designed throw away toys. The Tango is not this type of toy. Toss out all your preconceived notions about bullet vibes. This is not a bullet vibe. Sure, it may fit into that demographic, but it is in its own category.

I originally bought the Tango explicitly to use in my new Fuze dildo in my harness. The Fuze took a vibe and I figured if I was going to buy a bullet vibe (note my aforementioned distain…) I figured I should invest in a good one. The Tango had a cult following and was made by WeVibe so I took the chance. It fit into my new toy and I figured that would be the extent of my usage. For the record, it is great in my Fuze. The vibrations carry beautifully through the silicone and do wonderful things when I wear my harness. It really increases the pleasure of strap on play for me.

Those vibrations are what make the Tango so different. Most bullet vibes I have tried are akin to the cheap Pocket Rocket I bought at a Spencer’s in high school. Buzzy. Surface. Almost irritating after a bit. Certainly will numb your bits. Either that or they aren’t strong enough at all. Barely enough to get you going. The perfect amount to frustrate you. Again, not the Tango. The vibrations are deep. Most describe them as rumbly. I am not sure I would say they are rumbly, but they do resonate deep into my pelvis. It seems to stimulate not just the external tissue but the erectile tissue under the surface as well. It almost elicits two sensations that way. The deeper “rumbly” one and the external buzz. Yummy stuff for sure. It was amazingly mind blowing with my Comet wand. Internal, external, subcutaneous. All sorts of delicious feelings and a hell of an orgasm.

DSC_0233The Tango is one of the few non-silicone toys I own. It is made of a body safe ABS plastic. It is still phthalate and latex free. It is a hard plastic though as opposed to a soft silicone. I believe the material and shape of the toy play a huge roll in its power. The vibrations carry very easily through firm plastic. No power is lost traveling through silicone. You get it on full throttle. And the shape is not only cute (I feel like a lipstick shaped vibe can only be described as “cute”) it is absolutely functional. You can use the full length of the toy for very broad stimulation, the flat side of the tip for more directed sensation, or the very tip for pinpoint accuracy. I like a toy with options. It is slim and easy to handle and maneuver.

Another thing that surprised me about this toy is that my hand doesn’t go numb holding it. I really thought it would! Especially with the strength of the toy. But I guess that is just another sign of the quality of the vibrations. They aren’t so buzzy that your nerves shut down. I can hold it during sex and not finding it distracting!

The Tango is waterproof (hello hot tub party…) and rechargeable. It charges with a magnetic USB charger. I have found it holds a charge for the advertised 2 hour window. I have not run it completely out of power yet so I am not sure how long it would go. I do appreciate the low power warning light though! As a woman haunted by batteries dying at the most inopportune time, I like that I know the end is near. Plug in or deal with the frustration. It is a great feature. It has 8 vibration modes/patterns so you won’t get bored, although I am pretty classic. I like it steady. But even there they have me covered with 4 levels of intensity. DSC_0236

Obviously I realized I was very wrong to judge all bullet style vibes the same. The Tango is a very welcome addition to my kit. It is so portable it may just live in my purse. You never know when I may stumble upon a party…

Review: Mood Naughty 2 Butt Plugs


I have Doc Johnson’s Mood Naughty 2 Butt Plug in two sizes. The smaller is the 3.5″; the larger is 4.5″. It also comes in an even smaller 3″ size. They are solid silicone – this is crucial for anal toys and cleanliness. They currently come in two colors – blue and black.

On the surface, they don’t seem like much. They are a fairly simple design. No major curves or ripples. Just a bulb shape and a smaller ball at the bottom. But they are one of the few anal toys I actually enjoy thrusting. And the larger of the two is the largest toy I have used. So there must be something special about them! I think the smooth bulb (rather than a more pointed, cone shape) is easier to handle. It is smoother upon insertion and comfortable inside. I don’t accidentally jab myself with a point. Nor do I have trouble getting to the end of the cone and to a point my muscles can relax. It is a very gentle curve. And the smaller ball at the base is fun to play with. I pull that in and out and it is just enough to keep it interesting. Not so much that it takes concentration to relax. It is a great shape. I really enjoy that I have two sizes as well. I can warm up with the smaller and switch to the larger without changing the feeling. It just gets to be a fuller experience of the same shape. Very good stuff. DSC_0255

I do have one major complaint about these plugs though. The base can be painful! The edges curve upward just a bit and dig in. I am sized just so that the tip actually dips into the edge of my vagina and is incredibly uncomfortable. This fact is actually what led me to realize I liked to thrust this toy. I reached down to adjust and pull it farther away and VOILA! It can just be very uncomfortable to insert and leave there. And can rub against a dildo if you are going for a DP. The curved shape of the base does make it more of a handle though. A basic, round, flared base can get very slippery when covered in coconut oil, but this one does give you something to hold on to. It makes the thrusting easier.

Overall, this series of toys is great if you are into gentle thrusting. It is not going to give you major penetration, but a bit of play. And the range of sizes does allow for beginners to experienced anal players to give it a try.

Ah, Boudoir….

Today, one of my very dear friends did a boudoir photoshoot for me. It was incredible. It was not the first time I have had these done, but this experience far surpassed the session in a big studio. She came to my house with another friend (who was also having them done) and we just had fun. We put on some fancy lingerie and reveled in our femininity. I was in heaven. I love lingerie. I love exhibitionism. I love celebrating women. All good things.

I will never understand why I was born with such body confidence. Don’t get me wrong; we all have hang ups and things we would like to change. Overall though, I have always been happy with my shape. I have not always been this size, mind you. But even at over 200lbs, I felt good about my body. Even after having two kids, it looks different, but there are aspects that are still sexy. Maybe it is because I believe women are lovely a bit softer, so I give myself more leeway. Maybe it is because I feel the female form is inherently beautiful and I am proud to be of the fairer sex. For some reason, I have never cared if others agreed with me. If others found me sexy. I felt it. IMG_7024And that is a wonderful thing. It is something I strive to make all my female friends find. So many of them don’t feel beautiful. They don’t feel sexy. That is not part of their identity so it feels foreign on their lips. They pick and poke and scrutinize and judge themselves, completely ignoring the way their hips curve and the dip of their collarbone. The strong runners legs and the arms that have been carved from carrying children around all day. The nape of the neck. The sway of a spine. Beautiful.

These photos celebrate that. A wonderful photographer will find that angle, that light, that doesn’t highlight the lines on my stomach that tell the life stories of two small people I love so much. I accept them, but don’t necessarily want that in a sexy photo. Instead, she highlights my long legs, my strong shoulders, and my laugh. Every woman deserves that – to be reminded what is so captivating about their body. IMG_7100-1That is so very important and the reason I am such and advocate for boudoir. Ask anyone who knows me. I have asked them all when they have booked their session. The friend who did it with me also loved her shots. And for the record, she and I could not be shaped more differently. I am very tall and straight. She is short and curvaceous. It is just more proof of my point. You don’t need to look like a Victoria’s Secret model to do boudoir. There is more to highlight on the average woman. More character. More story to tell. IMG_7078-1

I am so grateful for my friend and that she wanted to do these. I have no idea what I will do with the images but it doesn’t matter. Even if they just go in a book in my nightstand, I can pull them out when I am not feeling quite as confident and remind myself that I am gorgeous. That I am a passionate, fiery woman. Bold, brazen, silly, and very sexy. That alone is well worth the price of admission. IMG_7460-1