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The Swing Life was not very swinging…

Swinging is a hot topic in my house lately with our upcoming vacation planned, so it is no surprise that some of our porn choices lately center around that topic. It was my turn to choose a movie so I picked The Swing Life by New Sensations directed by Jackie St. James. I usually enjoy New Sensations and Jackie St. James. They appeal to the softer side of me. The more romantic side. They are usually a bit more low-key (as Dr. R would say – MF and boring). I don’t always want that, but sometimes it is nice. This movie really didn’t do it for me though. At all.

There were two basic scenarios. One where two sets of neighbors and friends decided to swap wives. The husband of one couple being much more timid so his wife watched as well. The second scenario was two sets of friends. One set were swingers. The others were not at first. Eventually they decided they wanted to try it out with their friends. Seems reasonable. Could be hot. Well, this was less than a week ago and I can’t tell you much about any of the scenes. They were all SO LONG (why is that the case in American porn?!?!) and rather dull.

The first scenario was alright. It starred Michael Vegas and Keira Nichole. It was just long and expected. She tried to convey a bit of trepidation (“I always thought marriage was One Man and One Woman…”) but fell short. I was ready to move onto the next scene within 5 minutes. It was the expected “Girl goes down on guy. Guy goes down on girl. Guy fucks girl. Position change. From behind. Reverse cowgirl. Guy cums on girl’s face. AND….scene.” Just nothing to spark interest. The actors did a fine job. Just a boring sequence. No surprises.

The next scene was a bit better. Michael Vegas’ wife (played by Jodi Taylor) came over to have her turn with Keira Nichole’s husband, Chad White, while Keira watched. Jodi had some interesting dialogue (“Oh, your husband is fucking me so well…”) which could have been hot but was a bit excessive. Keira masturbated in the corner but looked a bit bored.

I did appreciate the natural boobs though. Always a pleasant surprise.

The next few scenes starred Cherie DeVille, Brittany Amber, Ryan McLane, and Richie Calhoun. More of the same. MF, same progression. I usually like Richie Calhoun but even he seemed bored shooting this. He was the experienced swinger husband but honestly just looked like he was going through the motions. Very disappointing. And Brittany Amber squeaks too much. No woman sounds like that during sex. Ever. Mice don’t sound like that during sex. We skipped the scene after about 2 minutes because neither of us could listen to it. Sorry, Brittany.

I am sure we will seek out more swing themed movies and hopefully find a gem. This one was not it. It may have been the last nail in the New Sensations coffin for Dr. R. Sadly, I may have to watch Lost and Found alone next time.

Yep. Those are real.


You know of my love of lingerie. Pretty things make me feel pretty. Sexy things make my mind wander. A strand of pearls encircling my labia? Well….

Dr. R gave me these on Saturday. They were waiting for me after a bath (wait until you hear that story…). I pulled them out of their perfect, scented box and stared. I have seen pearl thongs. I assumed they were a cheap, plastic strand of beads and mostly a gimmick. Not these. These are the double strand original pearl thong from Bracli and they are real pearls sewn onto exquisite Spanish lace. They are very well constructed. The lace is soft and the pearl strand secure in the front and the back.

I pulled them up my thighs expecting to feel silly. Uncomfortable even considering there were going to be things shoved into my bits. But I didn’t feel silly. They were beautiful and the V shape of the lace actually flatters. The pearls sit nicely and were only a little snug. That is to be expected though when you are 6′ tall. I am longer than most. The double strand has a small loop of pearls wrapped around it. It slides up and down so you can adjust it’s placement. The website shows this little bundle nuzzled up against the model’s clit. That way is nice. It does give a lot of stimulation, but given the aforementioned tightness, it was a lot at first. I opted instead to move the circle down past my vagina and run the double strand up around my labia. Yes. That was awesome. As I walked I could feel The pearls rub together gently and it was crazy good. Not too much. Just enough to get me going. Although mine didn’t stay on that long, you can keep them on during sex for added stimulation. It is like the ball bearings on the bottom of some vibrators. I can’t wait to try that. I feel like that is the point of a double strand. You can’t do that with a single strand and, in my humble opinion, it is SO worth the price of admission.

They look very sexy

Review: Tantus Ripple Small Plug

DSC_0180 (2)Full disclosure, butt plugs scared me for a long time. They always seemed so….big. The idea of “training my ass” sounded like some creepy torture regime. Obviously I have grown to see the error of my ways, but in the beginning any plugs were met with wide-eyed trepidation. Something I was never going to be able to handle. After a class on giving great head at my favorite local sex shop (Hi Frisky Business!), my friends and I were staring at the wall of anal toys. I am sure we looked like a bunch of na├»ve deer in headlights. I gravitated towards this purple toy. It was not intimidating. It looked easy to clean, very smooth, and small enough to not freak me out. I grabbed the toy that night in hopes of surprising Dr. R. I think I did.

The Tantus Ripple Small is awesome. Just as I had hoped, the tip is small-smaller than my finger. It is very easy to start with either as your first excursion into anal play or your warm up toy for the night. It is more pleasant than a finger because there is no nail or uneven edge to irritate, only nice smooth silicone. It graduates larger, bit by bit, but the largest ripple is still an appropriate size for a beginner. I am usually a fan of anal beads because the spacing allows your muscles relax between beads. This toy doesn’t come in quite as far as beads but the smooth gradation means it is still very comfortable.

This plug can be inserted and left there during other play or you can pull it in and out. Doing that slowly is particularly awesome. I feel like the texture is lost with serious thrusting. My only gripe is a bittersweet one. The toy is relatively soft. That is part of the reason it is so wonderful and comfortable to use, but it also allows it to bend over onto itself as you try to insert it. It is not a huge deal and easily overcome, but it is worth noting. If you are tight and wanting more thrusting, you will have to grasp it in the middle of the toy. This is nothing unusual as you have to do the same with anal beads, but the base of this toy just begs to be grabbed and thrusted. oh well. It is harness compatible though!

I’m glad I ventured into the world of plugs that night. Now I need to get the Ripple Large…

Review : Maia D3 Silicone Suction Cup Dildo

I am a sucker for ridges. Bumps, undulations, texture. They make me quiver like a harlequin romance novel. When Dr. R saw the Maia D3, he thought for sure it would be the ultimate toy for me. 7″ long, 1.75″ in diameter and BUMPY. The head is curved to stimulate the G-spot. Yippee! It is made of firm silicone. I was really excited to try this one. All signs pointed to the best toy ever for me.

But, sadly, it isn’t.

The ridges are quite pronounced. As I slid my hand over the hills and valleys, I was expecting them to do amazing things to the walls of my vagina. But in use, I barely feel them. I don’t know if it is because the dildo is so smooth or the ridges are too big or I thrust too fast. The feeling of the texture is totally lost. It just feels like a solid shaft. The head is a bit pronounced and the silicone firm enough I was expecting to get great G-spot stimulation. Again, I don’t. It just isn’t curved far enough. Not bulbous enough. Don’t get me wrong. This toy is fine. Ignoring the ridges, the size is good for me. It’s not too big or too small. It is waterproof, silicone, a pretty blue color. I have used it in play with a vibrator and it was…fine. That sums it up. All the things that I thought would make this toy amazing just fall short and over all it lands in the “fine” category. Maybe my expectations were too high for the greatest dildo ever created.