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Who’s ready for a moustache ride?!

If you’ve read my post on the Eroscillator 2, you’ll know it comes with multiple attachments. I had tried the marshmallow one (actually named the Ultra Soft Finger Tip) and the Grapes & Cockscomb. I sort of got stuck there because I really, really like that cockscomb. BUT, in the name of good research, I decided to push forward and try some more attachments. I pulled out a spoon and a brush.
I had my eye on the absolutely ridiculous looking French Legionnaire’s Moustache. It fit with the whole theme of this toy. Strange in appearance but quite intriguing. Ok. Hilarious in appearance. But after reading the description in the pamphlet that states it is the “ultimate and most sophisticated, next discovery in and outside your vagina,” I couldn’t wait to try. My vagina loves a bit of sophistication.

Not surprising, this silly looking brush attachment is AMAZING. It’s different from any other vibrator I’ve used! I mean AMAZING. Where most vibrator heads/attachments are relatively firm and smooth, this one is so soft to the touch, but the vibrations are still so strong. I was able to climax just with clitoral stimulation again. And, as an added bonus, it didn’t make me flinch away after I came. I could keep going. My nerve endings weren’t on edge and tickly!
moustache ride with sparklesThis attachment honestly approximates the feelings of oral sex. Crazy, but true. It’s that soft, but intense stimulation. I used it on my clit, down my labia, holding the tip down and letting the bristles flutter either side of me, all amazing. I even tried a bit of anal tease and it felt like a great rim job without the risk of E Coli. Spectacular. The stimulation was so smooth I even told Dr R that he could use it on me! I usually don’t like him to use vibrators because they can be so overpowering, but it think this one could be gentle enough to not wipe away other sensations. I’m super excited to try.

Now that I’ve waxed poetic about a Frenchman’s facial hair, let’s talk about The Golden Spoon. Again, it seemed like an odd shape for a vibrator. It is a cup-shaped head on one side and the other side is a flat plane with small bumps. According to the pamphlet (gotta read my directions…) the cup is meant to “receive and stimulate the clitoris.” Ok. Sounds straightforward enough. DSC_0171It was in positioning the head over my clit I noticed the small bump on the inside of the scoop. Hmmm. Interesting. This nodule holds the key. When placed over your clit, that bump sits RIGHT on the most intense spot. It seems to reach under the hood and hit straight on the nerves. It gives you the best of both worlds. The outside edge does a great job of giving you the deep, round pleasure while that tiny dot gives you pinpoint intensity. Crazy good.
The flat side didn’t do too much for me, personally. Good vibrations. Good to get things warmed up, but not really going to get me off. I tried using it vaginally, but it didn’t do much for me. I’m not really a fan of internal vibes anyway but thought I’d try the new sensations this toy provides. Nope, still not really a fan. They have an attachment specifically designed for internal stimulation. I’ll update you when I try that one!

This toy still surprises the hell out of me each time I use it. It’s quickly rising to the top of my favorites list!

The art of lingerie

Dr. R and I watch a lot of French porn. That is partly because the women tend to have real breasts and the men aren’t oily beau hunks. It is also partly because we don’t speak the language and so plot becomes less important! One thing I absolutely love about French women in these movies is their style and dedication to lingerie. It’s beautiful. Always a matching lace set. Bra, panties, garters, thigh highs, and beautiful shoes. Not 6″ stripper shoes. It It is feminine, lady-like, and hot as hell.

Dr. R just bought me my first set of French lingerie. I’m a very happy woman.

A few years ago I decided that I was a grown up and would buy some matching sets from Victoria’s Secret. I’d make an effort to coordinate and put thought into what I had on underneath my clothes. I dressed professionally at my job but I didn’t go too crazy. I couldn’t wear garters to work. I stuck with the bra and panties. You know, it made me feel beautiful. No one could see it, but that extra bit of time I spent felt good. I felt put together, as hilarious as that sounds. Obviously, it was also nice once the clothes came off to know I was wearing something lovely beneath. I’ve always loved lingerie. I own lots of corsets, merrywidows, babydolls- special occasion lingerie- but that is different. That doesn’t stay on long. Daily, beautiful lingerie is a constant reminder throughout the day. I love that. What woman can’t use that little boost?

The set he got me is from a shop in San Fransico – Aricie. It is a Lise Charmel set and it is exquisite. It makes me feel beautiful just looking at it. image

I encourage every woman to get a few matching sets. They don’t have to be French. Most of mine are inexpensive sets from a Target or You’ll be surprised by how much that little touch will boost your confidence. French women are really onto something.

No playroom? No problem.

 photo DSC_0113_zpskr02wech.jpg
I’ve been talking to several of my friends about bondage lately, specifically my bed restraint system. So many of them have been curious about trying some restraints but weren’t sure where to start. Handcuffs? Too rough. Furry handcuffs? Too cheesy. Fabric cuffs or silk ties? No headboard. It’s trickier than it would seem I guess. What’s a girl to do?! Not one of them knew about a restraint system like the Sex and Mischief Bed Bondage Restraint System by Sportsheets. I couldn’t believe it! Dr. R and I have had this system for several years and it is awesome. In a nutshell, it is 4 cuffs on straps that run under your mattress. No head or footboard needed!
The four nylon straps attach to a central nylon strap that runs under your mattress. They are fully adjustable so it doesn’t matter if you are 6′ tall and sprawl out on a king sized bed or cram into an intimate twin. At the end of the straps is just a D ring. The cuffs are super soft fabric with Velcro closures. No metal handcuffs to remind you of the time you were arrested for public intox at 19.
Ours stays on our bed, primarily (it did make an appearance at the toy party though. It comes out for special occasions). We have a bedframe that does have a headboard but no footboard. The straps just slip down between my box springs and the wooden bedframe when not in use. They just hide under the bed and not even the prying eyes of two kids have noticed them. They are always at the ready whenever the mood strikes! They certainly don’t have to stay there though. My cuffs are removable and could be clipped together or to anything with a loop really. It looks like the newer version doesn’t have clips though. That could be a good thing since the clips always seemed cheap and I could see them breaking onE day. The whole set can wrap around a couch or chair. If tightened all they way, it can even work as a hogtie. Get creative! This set has options!
The fabric and Velcro straps are not strong enough to really RESTRAIN someone, so if you like something a bit more restrictive these might not be a great choice for you. But for someone looking for an inexpensive, easy, comfortable option, these are awesome.
 photo DSC_0119_zpsyty6ofdn.jpg

Review: Colours Pleasure Silicone Dildo

 photo 0d07e117-6f31-4196-8a09-b1adcc450cbd_zpsdjj0qvc2.jpg

This dildo was bought as a replacement for my first dildo, affectionately name Renaldo, once I learned the dangers of certain materials. Renaldo is a cyber skin material and Dr. R was replacing all of those for me. Nice guy. The Colours Pleasure dildo didn’t quite fit the bill. This guy is small. I know I just did a review on TRex so I know you are thinking, “sure. Small.” But it really is. It is 4.5″ around (1.5″ diameter), and the insertable length is about 5.5″. We’ve tried it several times but it just isn’t enough for me. Maybe I am becoming a size queen. It just doesn’t fill me and it’s not long enough to get me off. Honestly, it’s the size of an average penis, but dildos need to be more than that. They don’t have a person attached. They don’t provide that delicious weight on your hips, the heat, the smell….I digress.

It is not without redeemable qualities though! The silicone is great. It’s a pretty firm toy so you can get some good gspot stimulation if it’s angled right. It also has a suction cup base so you can use it hands free. The silicone and base also makes it safe for anal sex. It’s not too big to be intimidating. It fits great in a harness. That’s really what it’s used for in my house. So although it did not fill the void left by Renaldo, it’s not getting lonely in my kit. We will get plenty of use out of it. Maybe it needs a name too…

That shy boy may surprise you

At 16, I found myself at a local show at the Old Lock and Dam, a brick and cinder block building full of sweaty teenagers listening to a local band. A tall, dark-haired boy walked into the room and I knew I needed to connect with him. It was the third time I’d seen him, and I decided he was going to be mine. At the time, I was pursuing 5 guys. Some were just hook ups, some lost loves, some way too old to be interested in a 16 year old. But I was pursuing them. I was always comfortable with my rather healthy sex drive. I liked to seek something out and obtain it. I had an inner confidence and sex got me the attention to reinforce it. This boy was going to be no different. As the night went on, we did connect and found ourselves chatting in a corner. It was rather benign flirting. I was teasing him about the torn collar of his Weezer tshirt when this shy, quiet guy ripped off the collar, placed it around my neck, and lifted my head to him with one finger. I could feel his breath on my face and my heartbeat in my ears.

What that boy taught me, I wouldn’t understand for another 18 years.

I went weak. I was wet. I was overcome. Right there, I had gone from the pursuer to the trophy. I wasn’t even prey. I was already his.

It is still that way today. Somehow, with Dr. R, I am submissive. I am his. Always his. Yet, there is a part of me, as an individual, that feels like the dominant one. In my work life, I am always the boss. I have been since I was 18. I like that. I like to feel in control of my environment and my emotional state. But more than all of that, sexually, I like the hunt. In all of my fantasies, I run the show. Hell, even in a gangbang scenario, I’m the boss. It’s all on my terms. Even better if the guys I’m with are a bit nervous. I’ll admit I’d like a bit of awe. I like to be a teacher. I like them to feel lucky to get to fuck me. I like to push people beyond what they thought they could handle.

So, how am I so different with my husband? I do not want him to be in awe of me. I want him to take me any way he wants. I want to be in his control. It’s much more of a turn on when he’s assertive. It really is the strangest thing. Maybe that’s why we work. Maybe he balances me. I am amazed that my body knew that 18 years ago. I knew immediately. I wholeheartedly believe in chemistry. We were a match. I fought the feeling for YEARS. I refused to give up control and I think I wasted a lot of years of great sex! I couldn’t follow my libido and succumb.

I don’t think I could be submissive for anyone else. It feels too vulnerable. The predatory impulse is still alive and well in me. I am fairly confident that if he and I ever parted, I would go on some massive dick hunt. But for now, I give everything to him. I still have that Weezer shirt and the collar he tore off. We’ve graduated to better toys but that will always be a defining moment in my sexual journey and our relationship. I’ve stopped questioning it and trust him. And he never disappoints. I’m a lucky girl like that.