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Review: Coco Licious Booty Beads

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Don’t judge this toy by it’s cheesy name or terrible packaging. Strip away those things from the Booty Beads and it’s a great anal toy. It meets all the safety criteria -made of matte black silicone so it can be sanitized and has a ring at the base to prevent it from getting lost internally. It is a great size for beginners or those, like me, who just can’t handle larger anal toys.

If you are an anal novice, I recommend beads in general. These are really great because of the size. The smallest ball is no bigger than a gobstopper but goes up to about the size of a bouncy ball. You can take as much as you are able and stop when you need to. It’s large enough to have fun and short enough to make it easy to maneuver. You aren’t having to use two hands to attempt to push the beads through like with longer strands. You can use the toy one handed and still concentrate efforts elsewhere.

Both Dr. R and I have played with these beads. The are well received on both accounts. I haven’t mastered the “pull them out right as you are coming for more intense orgasms” trick but the ring base would certainly aid in that. Even without the trick, the ring makes it easy to hold onto with slippery fingers.

It is a spectacular, non intimidating, inexpensive way to try a little anal play. It stays in my kit at all times!

Review: TRex by Tantus

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This is the toy in my “Stuffed” post. When Dr. R brought it out, I asked if it was for him because there was no fucking way that thing was going inside me. I’m no stranger to thick dildos but Tantus’s TRex is intimidatingly large. Or so I thought. The toy’s insertable length is about 6″, but the circumference of the shaft is a full 7″. And at the head, at the right angle, the rim adds another quarter of an inch. As always from Tantus, it is made of silicone and is body safe and easy to clean.

I have used this toy twice now and it’s less foreboding. The first time was in my previous post. We warmed up quite a bit but I was still surprised at how easily I could handle the toy. I have had two kids but I don’t think I’ve hit “hot dog down a hallway” status. It was very pleasantly full. My only gripe was that when I came it seemed there wasn’t enough room for my muscles to contract as hard as they wanted. It was as if the toy was actually inhibiting my orgasm. The second time we used it, I was having a hard time reaching orgasm and this really sent me over the edge. It was just the thing I needed and hit the spot that couldn’t seem to be reached. My orgasm was awesome. Use a lot of lube and some smaller toys to get ready for it. Don’t head for it first unless you are used to fat toys.

I don’t think it will be used for anything other than vaginal penetration at my house but it would be a safe anal toy if you can handle that. It’s not an every time toy for me for sure but it is awesome to have in my arsenal. Sometimes you need that extra girth to drive you over the edge. I no longer think Dr. R is crazy for ordering it. Who knows what limits he’ll test next?

Saddest day

I just broke my favorite glass dildo. 🙁 and I’ve had it so long I don’t know what it’s called or if it is still made!! If anyone knows of a glass dildo that’s a plug on one end and a spiral like a unicorn horn on the other, please let me know! It will be sadly missed.

I can barely pronounce it but I want to scream its name. Review:The Eroscillator 2

I felt the need to stop everything else I was doing on this busy day to review this toy. It’s that good.

Dr. R gave me a vibrator for Mother’s Day. As I’ve said before, vibrators have not been able to get me off since the birth of my first child. They certainly enhance the experience, but whereas prekids I needed the clitoral stimulation, post kids I need penetration. Or at least I did until now. He did a lot of research and found the Erosillator for me. He presented me with this box and my first thought was, “Why did he give me a sonic toothbrush?” Its a horribly ugly toy. The color is a strange bronze. It’s big. It’s name is clumsy on the tongue. It plugs in. I found it an odd choice. I found myself staring at an ugly toothbrush with a marshmallow on it…

So, I gave it a try.

Holy crap. I had no problem cumming in a matter of minutes…with no penetration. That hasn’t happened in 4 years. Like, not even close. I laid there stunned. I seriously wasn’t sure how to handle it. This toy really surprised me.
What sets this toy apart is the way it vibrates. According to the brochure, instead of pounding my clit with what looks like hammer (I’m assuming it’s a wand vibrator) it massages my clit like a “loving finger.” And ya know, it totally does. It feels different than any other vibrator I’ve tried. It is STRONG. The number 1 setting is stronger than the second setting on my Mystic Wand, and it goes up to three! And the vibrations run deep. It’s not just surface. It vibrates my clit, labia, and the tissue beneath. It doesn’t fry my nerve endings either. I could touch myself and not flich away. And it’s quiet. I can barely hear it out of the sheets.
It comes with several attachment for both internal and external stimulation. One is even called the “Legionaire’s Mustashe.” I’m not sure how I feel about masterbating with a mustache, but I have it on good accord that they are awesome. I have tried two of them so far -the white, marshmallow looking one and one called the grapes and cockscomb. The grapes didn’t do much but the cockscomb (which looked weird and I didn’t think I’d like) had me cumming in 45 seconds. Fastest orgasm I’ve ever had, I think.

The orgasms are a bit spasm-y, but that is due to the strength of vibrations. I think the more I use it, the better I will get at lessening pressure and edging off when I get close. I feel like I have to learn a whole new way to masterbate but I’m totally ok with that. I’m excited to try all the attachments and the toothbrush-esque design actually make it very intercourse friendly. That will be fun. I highly recommend this if you find traditional vibrators don’t work for you or you are looking for something with more power. Hell, I recommend this to anyone…

Is it really cheating if your partner is present?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about monogamy, specifically how it plays into an open relationship. Is it still monogamy if your partner is aware and present for the activities? Does the shared experience prevent it from falling into a cheating category?

Let me be clear. I’m not convinced that monogamy is a necessity in a healthy, loving marriage. I think sex is such a grey matter that way. For me, sex is an activity. Like running. Or baking. It’s a hobby and an interest. Like tennis. Say you are on a doubles tennis team. You play every weekend with the same couple. One weekend, you decide to swap partners. It brings a new dynamic to the game, switches it up a bit, but everyone still gets to play. No one is out of the loop and no one is hurt. It’s just tennis. I often feel the same way about sex. It’s fun and I’m always up for a party. So why can’t we all have fun?

I agree that infidelity in the truest sense of the word is poison to a relationship, but it think it’s the lies, mistrust, and deceit that sting. It’s the falling for someone else part, not the sex part. Maybe I take a more casual approach to sex than others might. I’m not sure. I think we all reach a point in our lives when we feel secure enough to question monogamy. The topic comes up a lot on one of my favorite blogs Sex and Psychology, and although studies aren’t super common or particularly conclusive, they don’t really show that monogamy is critical to relationship health. Just some thoughts on a random Tuesday.

I won’t become a sister wife any time soon, but I’ll send you an invite to the Bacchus.

Masterbation is a whole other thing

May is International Masterbation Month and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. It came to our attention recently that I had never masterbated for Dr. R. Not ever in our very long relationship. We realized this a few weeks back when I DID masterbate for him and it ended in an argument and hurt feelings. Seriously!

I have been masterbating as long I as can remember. I have no idea when I started. It has been a part of my life forever. I never gave it much thought. But as I was attempting to do it for my husband, I suddenly learned many things about my own process. How very different it was from having a sexual encounter together. He wanted to help. To caress me. To suck my nipples. To tug at my thighs. Usually great things if we are having sex together. Not so when I’m flying solo. I found it horribly distracting! I couldn’t concentrate on what was happening below if he was licking my chest. I’d get the vibrator just so, and he’d pull my thigh and I’d lose it. I just couldn’t do it unless he just left me alone and watched. He was understandably hurt by my rejection. It got me thinking about why I couldn’t do it. What was so different about masterbating?

I realized my head is in a totally different space when I’m alone. It is 100% about the sensation. The race to orgasm. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Get to the climax. I don’t fantasize when I masterbate. I’ve rarely watched porn and it was always just before. Never during. I may read erotica, but, again, before. I am wholly focused on the orgasm. It is all business. With a partner it is more than that. His touch is different than my own. There is much more stimuli. It is more of a journey, not just a destination. Apparently I have a hard time combining the two.

I don’t know if any of you feel the same way. I don’t know if it’s odd or concerning that I’m so detached when I masterbate. I’m sure I have much to learn still about sharing that part of me with Dr. R. For now, we’ve agreed to keep them separate. No one needs hurt feelings over personal pleasure.

Now that’s what I call a party!

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I think the “Intro to Sex Toys” party was a success. It was intimate, fun, informative. Although the highlight for most was getting to test out the swing, I think all the women appreciated being able to actually touch the toys. You can’t always do that when shopping. They could see the size in real life. Feel the texture. We talked about safety and toxic toys. I even got some questions answered! Hopefully they walked away a bit less apprehensive about ordering toys and a bit more comfortable with themselves. Maybe I’ll do it again sometime for those who couldn’t attend. Or a Part Two…