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It had been awhile since our last good session. Life gets in the way sometimes. Tonight we’d been out with friends, had a few drinks, and were seriously missing each other. He put on a movie and we started talking about fantasies, other people, whether watching would be enough or if we’d have to participate. We both decided we’d have to participate. I couldn’t be a bystander. He turned me sideways on the couch and started rubbing my thighs. Higher and higher. I was so happy to let him. He motioned to a bottle and joked that he was going to fuck me with it.
“No, that’s not enough”
Little did I know that would set the theme for the rest of the evening.
Usually he starts with my nipples. Teasing them mercilessly until I can feel my cunt twitch. Not tonight. At those words, he went straight to my clit. Using his thumb in circles while he teased me with his other fingers. One in. Two in. Three in. Four in. He pulled away and grabbed the coconut oil. He held it to my clit and let it melt. I could feel it drip down me, wrapping around each side and meeting again at my ass. So slick and shiny. He loves to watch lube cover me. I was absolutely his. He grabbed my second largest dildo and pushed it inside me. It was big and full. Rubbing that spot that’s so very tender inside me. The one I can’t get enough of. Meanwhile his mouth finally met my nipples and he was somehow rubbing my clit and teasing my ass while he worked that cock inside me. He’s a very talented man with his hands. His mouth travelled down between my thighs, stroking my now swollen clit, kissing it.
Then his finger entered my ass. Mouth on my nipple. Hand stroking my clit. Dildo fucking me. It was nearly too much to handle. Nearly. It was blissfully pushing my limits. Slowly. In and out. He pushed two fingers in. I could tell he was getting me ready for something. I asked for my smallest anal toy. I know it was a timid move but I was unsure what he was working up to! He obliged and I slid the toy in. It was not enough. It wasn’t even comparing to the dildo he was using.
There was that theme again.
He gave me the next size up. Still not good enough.
“Bigger. Please.”
At this point I was taking a bigger toy than I ever had anally. I was so full. His mouth was working my clit. Slowly so I wouldn’t come yet. He pulled the cock out of me and went back to the toy box. He grabbed a dildo I’d been afraid to use. It was huge. I shouldn’t have looked because I got seriously nervous. He pushed it up to my cunt. So slowly, he inserted the head, then the entire shaft. I was held open. Stuffed so very full. And I was in heaven.
“If only I had a cock in my mouth right now, every hole of mine would be stuffed.”
He faltered a bit at the comment. But it was true. Being pushed so far certainly sent me on a fast track to orgasm. I couldn’t stop. The cock was pounding me and I’d become so pink and tender. My greedy flesh was being satisfied. I came hard and long but he didn’t stop. I pulled out the anal toy and he buried his face in my thighs. Sucking on my clit and continuing to fuck me with that huge dildo. I came again. And again. I started to beg him to stop. I needed to come down but he wasn’t done yet.
“Put your arms up or I’ll pin them.”
Out came the dildo and in went his fingers. He curved them. Hard, reaching my g spot that was now basically a raw nerve. One flick of his tongue on my nipple and I was coming again.
“I’m going to pass out”
I lay there a panting, light headed mess. He slowly pulled out and sat on the couch. He put my head in his lap and allowed me to catch my breath and open my eyes again. Blurry eyes now fixated on the bulge I was laying on…

Have my career aspirations come true?

So, next Saturday, I’m having some women over to teach them about sex toys. The event came around as a way for some of my friends to explore this world with no pressure. I’m going to set out my collection, talk about uses, safety, great places to order, and answer questions. I cannot explain how excited I am about this for a few reasons. I’m thrilled that my friends will finally get their questions answered and feel comfortable enough with me to dip their toes in and overcome their apprehensions. The very fact that a woman in her thirties would be embarrassed to buy a vibrator makes me sad. Why does pleasure carry a stigma? What safer sex is there than sex with yourself? What is wrong with bringing toys into the bedroom to share with a partner? I can understand that it can be overwhelming to choose one, but why is it shameful? I’m so happy they will get to check it out and feel no judgement.

I am also excited because in a different life, I wanted to teach Human Sexuality. I have a degree in Psychology and intended on graduate school to become a professor. But i loved this boy…the rest is history. I never thought I’d be teaching about sex toys, but, in a way, I’m getting to do what I set out to. I’m not studying pair bonding or human attachment. I’m not teaching about attraction or sexual behavior. But I am getting a chance to help show some women tools for sexual health. I am helping them become more comfortable with themselves and hopefully their partners. I am helping reinforce a sex positive mindset which is certainly a passion of mine and part of what I set out to do professionally.

I really hope they leave feeling better informed and better equipped. I am not an expert. I’m not even that experienced, but I have knowledge to share and hopefully they will share too. It should be a great night. I’ll keep you posted…

Review: Vibratex Mystic Wand

 photo image.jpg2_zpsaslnusch.jpg
I bought my first vibrator at 16 from a Spencer’s store at the mall. It was a $5 pocket rocket. It was loud, buzzy, and cheap. I also still have it. Pre-kids, it worked for me. I’ve tried bullets, vibrating cock rings, internal vibes, but I kept coming back to that one. Sadly, it hasn’t done the job in 4 years now so I’ve gone looking again! The famous Magic Wand always seemed so HUGE and cumbersome, although it comes highly recommended by friends and reviewers. Dr. R found the Mystic Wand by Vibratex and got me one in my giant box of toys! It’s a wand vibrator as well but it is much smaller. It comes in at about 7 inches. It’s much bigger than my pocket rocket but a very workable size. Enough to hold onto, but by no means cumbersome. Here’s the low down:
What I liked:
-It’s quiet. You can’t hear it behind a closed door which is key when you have little ears or roommates in the house.
-the vibrations are rumbly, not buzzy. I don’t feel numb after like my clit has been vibrated to death.
-many speeds/options. I normally don’t go for the crazy patterns on a vibrator, but this has one or two I like!
-soft, silicone head
-water resistant, easy to clean
-easily accessible buttons to change settings midsession. Nothing more frustrating than fumbling with a toy mid-masterbation!
What I didn’t like:
-not super strong. Although the vibrations are rumbly, they aren’t super powerful. I still can’t get off with it alone
-wand head doesn’t allow for pinpoint stimulation. This is obviously not a function if this toy, but all wand vibrators in general.
-mine is not rechargeable. They do make a rechargeable version though!
It is a vast improvement over my $5 pocket rocket! I will always have a soft spot for it, but my clit thanks me for the upgrade. My orgasms are much better with this one. It may even entice me to try the Magic Wand…

Surprised by The Swinger 6

We are working our way through my latest selections. This past Sunday we watched Sweet Sinner’s The Swinger 6. We have never watched anything from Sweet Sinner so I didn’t know what to expect. Their tagline speaks of couples and real orgasms which is awesome, but Dr. R isn’t usually a fan of “couple-centric” porn. So it could go either way. It could be a lot of the same scenarios and too much “romance” for our tastes. Or it could be great. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! The basic premise is that James Deen is a young lawyer who works too late trying to make partner. He and his wife are swingers and get the idea to seduce a partner and his wife as a “way in.” It sounds horribly cheesy, and it is no cinematic genius, but the “plot” wasn’t pushed too hard.
I have several movies with James Deen, and he’s always… good. In this movie he made me a convert. He starred in this and was in two scenes. I found myself drawn to things that I normally would have scoffed at. I mean, he grunts and almost growls. It was a serious turn on!! Most guys can’t pull that off. He was hot! I’ve heard he’s a fabulous Dominant but I don’t have any of his BDSM work. I can buy it now. He controlled the scene but was engaged with his partner. And he made these women cum. And cum. And cum. It wasn’t just sticking tab A into slot B OVER AND OVER. He didn’t ignore the clit. He knew when to speed it up. He was great! The scenes were a bit long (I find that the case in most American porn though), and the other scenes weren’t much to comment about. It will stay on our hard drive though. James Deen’s scenes make it worth it!

Icicles 18

 photo image.jpg1_zpsx8wqhr45.jpg
In honor of the disappearance of all the ice and snow we had this winter, I pulled out a dildo I have had for a long time. I was never all that into my Icicles NO18, but I honestly didn’t use it alone. The first few times we used it, Dr. R was using it on me. I didn’t care for it, so it landed in the drawer and didn’t get much action. I have changed my mind!
Since having two kids, my g-spot has become my new friend. I don’t know if it was nerve damage from my epidural or birth in general, but there are times my clit just doesn’t cooperate. I really can’t get off with just an external vibrator anymore. I need the internal stimulation as well. SO…I have learned to adapt and really gotten better at finding my g-spot. This dildo’s curved shape and bulbous head do that very well, and the balls at the bottom make a nice handle. The small dots along the shaft give nice stimulation to the walls of my vagina as well. Not a huge bump, but a nice texture. I like glass dildos for g-spot stimulation. I need something seriously firm, and glass doesn’t budge. Using this and a vibrator gives me insanely intense orgasms. It is easy to clean and sanitize. Pipedream isn’t a company I would promote, but I bought this long before I knew better. If I were shopping now I’d look for a glass dildo with the same curve and bulb head. It’s a great toy and I’m happy I gave it another try!

Choosing movies is hard!

Dr. R has always chosen our porn. Like, for over a decade. He’s really good at it! Or, he spends too much time perusing Adult DVD Empire….Anyhoo, he usually finds our movies. He takes my tastes into consideration for sure – nothing too rough, no pain play, minimize the overly beefy oily beau hunk types – but he has built and curates our collection. We have watched everything from classics (Deep Throat anyone?) to comedies (Hercules was on constant rotation many years ago) to French movies we can’t understand (we have a lot of Marc Dorcel). I always took for granted all his hard work until last week when he told me I had to choose our next 5 movies. No problem, I thought. Easy peasy.

Not at all.

It doesn’t help that he continually scans the new releases for titles we might like. It certainly left slim pickings for me! And for the first time, I really had to think about what I wanted in a movie. He’s pretty much game for anything but I know he doesn’t like most porn geared for “couples” because he thinks they are dull. He would watch them for me though. I mean, the end result is a night of great sex, so he doesn’t complain much. So that left the world wide open…

I just went to the best seller list and looked around. Then I decided to search by male actors. Honestly, I am seriously tired of ugly guys in porn. Admittedly, not all female porn stars are attractive either (especially in the fake boob world of American porn stars) but there are far more beautiful women than sexy men. I’m far past the days when just the idea of porn could get me aroused. I need content, a connection, and, damn it, some good eye candy. Thankfully there has been a push lately for more attractive men. Someone has heard my pleas. So, first I search for James Deen. He’s not my favorite but the boy can fuck. And he genuinely seems to connect with his costars. It all seems very natural and everyone has a good time. I found a few in his list and realize that most also have a scene with Xander Corvus. He’s amazing. I have scenes with him that run the gauntlet from dominant to romance. Alway amazing. The flush on the women’s chests don’t lie. He makes women cum. The shoulder nibbles, the kisses, and he’s hot as hell. Even if his look is not your type, check him out. He’s great at what he does. Really, really great…

I managed to find 4 movies so far. New Sensations Restraint is up first. Light bondage, couple centric. It looks promising I’m looking forward to it!

The other titles I’ve chosen could REALLY go either way. They could be horrible. I’ll update as we watch them!
2 For You – this one may be a bit rough for me but has some attractive guys
The Swinger 6 – I don’t own any Sweet Sinner so we’ll see if I like it!
I Love My Hot Wife – Dr. R’s hoping for some hot DP, Devil’s 3 way action. Woohoo!