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Gotta put a towel down…

 photo image_zpsriqcknlc.jpegI normally use a toy several times before I write a review. So lets not call this a review. More of a “holy hell, I need to record this for posterity” post. A more thorough review to follow…

Dr. R gave me the Eleven just before leaving on a business trip. We had one more night to enjoy each other before what was to be nearly a month and a half of constant travel. I have to admit, when I opened the package and stared at its eleven inches of medical grade steel, I was a tad nervous. But I trusted Dr. R., so, downstairs we went. After watching porn and a bit of warm up with my Cush and his luscious mouth, he pulled out the new toy. I braced myself for the size of it, expecting it to stretch me wide, but the steel is so smooth is just glided right in. It was COLD. Almost too cold, but the shock internally was mitigated by his warm mouth externally. His tongue circled my clit. He sucked and grated his teeth on my labia. Then he took a few trepidcious thrusts to see how much of the toy I could handle. I instantly clenched around it. The head was so large against my g-spot, yet somehow pointed. It was giving my the best of both worlds, wide and direct stimulation. My eyes shot open and I just stared down at the top of his head. He continued to thrust, moving faster and harder. The pressure was so intense. It almost hurt but in a blindingly delicious way. He edged me closer and closer and then would pull back and rock the toy right and left. Just massaging my g-spot. Building up pressure again and again. Finally he grabbed my Mystic Wand and held it to my clit while he quickly switched to shallow, rough thrusts. I came so loud I nearly scared myself. I clamped down on the Eleven so hard I swear I bruised. He just kept going, moaning and smiling, clearly pleased with himself. More and more, faster and faster, until I came again (or maybe I hadn’t really stopped…) in quick succession.

Amazingly, I was not done. Usually after something like that I need a moment to find my life again, but this time he just returned to stroking my g-spot. Side to side. Back and forth. Close to the edge, and back down again. Over and over. I was ravenous. I was bleary eyed. I needed to cum again. He decided to move onto the Eroscillator and resumed the quick, intense thrusts. I only lasted about 45 seconds. I came with another wrecking orgasm. Breath caught in screams deep in my throat. And I felt myself soak the smooth metal, drenching it and everything around me.

I am not a squirter. It is just not a talent I normally possess. I do ejaculate, however. It is not a gushing puddle, but more of a clear change in substance, viscosity, opacity. But that night, I gushed. I could feel it pour around the Eleven. Dr. R commented about how amazing it was to watch the Eleven just be enveloped and coated in me, to see it run down the sides, to revel in the mess he’d made of me. And I still wanted more. If I felt like I would have been able to reciprocate after another orgasm like that, I would have kept going all night. But I am pretty sure I would have passed out and left my amazingly giving lover high and dry. And we just can’t have that. Not after what he had just done to me.

I can’t wait until he returns and we get to play again. I am anxious to see what else this thing can do!

If only he’d said yes…

We were already downstairs when we heard the car pull up. My husband took a seat in the back of the room. As they came down the stairs I could see the flush fill her cheeks.
I walked over to her, took her bag, and lead her into the room. Her husband followed behind, looking a bit cautious.
“It is going to be ok. I promise you will enjoy this. Both of you.”
I asked him to undress to his boxers and take a seat next to my husband. He obliged. There they were. Our audience. Already buzzing with anticipation.
I turned to her. She was fidgeting with her hair and trying to act natural. She wasn’t sure what tonight would bring, what I could show her.
“Lets get you settled now.”
I slid her shirt up over her head. Kissed her neck. I walked around her and kissed the nape, the shoulder, the hollow. Lovely thing. As my hand circled her, I undid the clasp on her bra. She wiggled and let it fall to the floor. She had amazing breasts. Full and large on her small frame. I couldn’t wait to see them with her arms above her head. I grabbed my cuffs and restrained her wrists. Her heart started pounding and a smile crossed her face.
“This is the part you were looking forward to?”
“Oh yes.”
With a laugh I let her know this was merely the set up. I loved that I was privileged to give this to her.
“Good. You are easy to please then.”
I hooked her cuffs to the ceiling. There she stood, arms over head, those gorgeous breasts exposed and lifted. I unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down over her hips. Her black lace boyshorts hugged her curves. I love black lace. I turned her to face the men.
“Look how beautiful your wife looks.”
The husbands just nodded. Visibly excited and shifting a bit in their seats. They mirrored each other with their broad shoulders and dark hair. I was glad they were enjoying the show so far.
I ran my hands down her sides as I stood behind her. I pulled her ass to my hips and trailed my hands down her thighs, pushing them open until her feet spread. I ran my fingertips under her breasts and her skin prickled. I bit her neck again and trailed kisses down her spine. I let my hands and lips wander along her breasts, her abdomen, the small of her back. I raked my nails up her spread thighs. I loved having access to all sides of her. I could tell she was enjoying herself by the shallow breaths and responsive skin even though she was quiet and still half dressed.
I motioned to her husband to come over to us.
“I’d like you to follow what I say. Can you do that?”
“I believe so.”
“Ok. Good. Kneel in front of her.”
As he dropped to his knees, so did I behind her. I grabbed her rosy ass with both hands and kissed the dimples in her back. I took those black lace panties in my teeth and tugged, pulling them down to the ground and slipping them off her feet. Now she was fully undressed and presented to her husband.
“Lick your wife. Do not touch her. Use only your mouth. Slowly.”
I spread her legs as wide as the suspension would allow. She was soaked and starting to squirm. Her husband bent down and trailed his tongue over her clit. She was grateful for stimulation finally. She groaned and leaned her hips into his face. I pulled her hips back into position.
“Try to stay still.”
He continued to work her clit. Passing his tongue over her labia. Dipping it in and out. Toying with her clit. She was swollen and wet and ready but it wasn’t time yet. I let him continue and walked over to my patiently awaiting husband. I kissed him and ran my fingers over the prominent ridge I could feel through his boxers. They were starting to get wet as his erection continued.
“Are you enjoying the show?”
“Of course.”
“Your turn is coming. What toys would you like to see her get fucked with?”
He grabbed my blue Cush and sent me on my work. Good choice. The Cush is big, but not too big. It would fill her nicely. Then he handed me a small black plug. I knew my guest had never experimented with anal play, so I raised my eyebrow in surprise.
“Trust me.” he said.
I took both toys back to my lovely plaything, grabbing my blindfold on the way. I covered her eyes. I wanted her to experience the sensations as they came, not as she expected them. I pulled out the coconut oil and lubed up the plug. As I ran several lubed fingers over her ass, she gasped. Her husband had to chase her with his mouth as she leaned back into me.
“Ah. Ah. Stay still.”
I watched her husband gingerly kiss and suck and my heart raced. She was pink and swollen and begging and I wasn’t far behind. My own lacy panties were soaked. My own clit throbbing. It was an amazing thrill showing her my world. A world of toys and tension and play.
I ran the plug between her cheeks and nudged it inside. Her back arched allowing me to slide it into her ass.
“Keep licking her. She will relax” I instructed.
She was mere breaths away from coming. The sensation of the plug filling her ass was foreign and overwhelming. So full, so OPEN. Now drips were trailing down the inside of her thighs. I didn’t need the lube for the Cush. I eased it into her cunt and she cried out. Slowly, I fucked her, matching her husband’s languid licks. She moaned and rocked on the toy. She was stuffed. Her limits stretched farther than they had been. She came with a rough shudder, and arched back, and a stifled yell. The flush filling her chest and every hair on her body stood on end.
I motioned for her husband to return to his seat. Reaching up, I unhooked the cuffs and removed the blindfold. I kissed her swollen mouth and removed the plug.
“How ya doing?”
She just kissed me back. I held her hand and took her to the men. We both fell to our knees in front of our husbands. I pulled back my husbands boxers and slid them down his hips. His cock was expectant. My guest did the same. God, it was an amazing sight. These two, sexy men, waiting for us. I licked his cock from the base to tip, tasting his salty expectations. She followed suit and soon we were both sucking and stroking and licking. I turned to kiss her and undid my bra. Bare breast brushing against each other. It is such as different feeling than a man. Something I never thought would be such a turn on, but here I was. Enwrapped.
We both turned to her husband. 4 hands, 2 mouths, 2 tongues. Wrapping around him. Taking turns running tasting him; kissing each other; tasting him in her mouth. My husband got out of his seat and came up behind me. His fingers found my cunt and finally gave me the stimulation I needed. I rocked back on his hand as fingers dipped in and out, circling my clit, filing me up. I was so close but didn’t want to come just yet. The tension was too delicious.
“I’ll be right back.”
I stood to leave and my lovely guest took both men into her hands. She traded them back and forth into her mouth. I knew they were in good hands for a second.
I grabbed my harness and Fuze. I put a vibrator into the toy. I was ready. I had never fucked a woman before. I was very much looking forward to the experience.
When I returned to them, my husbands adept hands had moved on to her clit. Her husband was kissing her breasts. I followed suit, taking her nipple into my mouth and drawing. My tongue teasing her. I turned her over, on her knees in front of her husband. She continued to go down on him and I turned on my vibrator. I slowly slid the toy into her. Fucking her softly and slowly as she sucked her husband’s cock. It was a luscious sight and was so appreciated by my husband, he came behind me and slid his cock into me. He fucked me and his thrusts translated into my thrusts into her. I was pressed between them. He held me into her, being sure the vibrator was driving me crazy. He pulled out and drove back in. He grabbed my hips and fucked. Hard, deep, rhythmic, penetrating movements. Within moments, she let out orgasmic moans muffled by the cock in her mouth. I was quick to follow, being fucked against a beautiful woman becoming too much for me to hold out. I screamed and my husband kissed me, sucking the breath right out of me. I pulled out of her and climbed on top of my husband. She stood and sat on her husband’s lap, riding him until he came. Breathless and stunned. I settled on my husband’s cock. Bouncing my ass on his dick. Drawing it back in quick strokes. He moaned and twitched and came inside me.
The four of us collapsed, sweaty, flushed, and content.
“So, what are you guys doing next weekend?”

I’m a Lucky Girl

 photo image_zpsnjwjh65w.jpg
As I drove home from my massage, I wondered what other surprises were in store. He had planned the whole day but I knew he was really just leading up to tonight. I could walk in to my husband hanging out downstairs, business as usual. Somehow, I doubted that though. I could also walk in to 5 men waiting for me in my living room. Dr. R can be unpredictable and amazing like that. I parked my car, steadied myself, and walked inside. He came walking through the kitchen to greet me at the door.
He pulled my dress up over my head and lead me to our bedroom. There I found a bath drawn, candles everywhere, and a bottle of my favorite Pinot Grigio. Serious romance.
“These are for you to put on after your bath.”
He motioned to a box and my red heels. Wide eyed, I opened the box. Inside was a beautiful double strand pearl thong. There was the husband I knew. I felt incredible just holding them. To go along with the shoes and thong, he had purchased black thigh highs with a sexy red Cuban heel and my black bra. Good taste, Dr. R.
I sunk into the bubbles and grabbed my wine. Seriously, how did I get so lucky? My husband is amazing, thoughtful, and generous. I needed this and he just knew. What was waiting for me downstairs? He hadn’t mentioned any new toys. There was still the possibility of the aforementioned 5 gentlemen….

I climbed out of the tub and got dressed. I felt sexier than I thought I would in a string of pearls! The stockings and the heels made the outfit. I refilled my wine and went downstairs. He met me at the bottom of the stairs and gazed appreciatively. He liked his handiwork. We walked into the theatre and I took in the set up. He had purchased the Liberator Wedge and Ramp. This is going to be fun! I still thought I was just in for a bit of position play. I had no concept of what he had in mind. We settled in and watched a movie. Then he ushered me to the floor and put me on the wedge. I was laying on my back with my head lower than my hips. He blindfolded me and restrained my wrists and ankles. That alone was disorienting. I was lying there, ass up, spread out, sightless. He disappeared for a moment and left me there to really take in my situation. I started to wonder if he was coming back for me or if this is where the 5 guys were coming in. Would I suddenly feel 10 hands on me?

No, something more incredible and personal and wholly my husband. He returned with headphones. He did not just plug in Pandora and call it quits for the sensory deprivation. No. He mixed his own composition. He took bits of Tool and Nine Inch Nails and classical piano and hunted down the Love Theme from the movie Focus. He spent time blending and sampling and creating this piece of music that would be the backdrop for the night. Incredible. With the earbuds in, I could not hear anything he was doing. I was blind, deaf, and incapacitated. His. Fully.

He stared with the flogger. Letting it fall across my bare chest and abdomen. Whipping it quickly across my thighs. Dragging it along my hipbones. He alternated with a feather and the contrast of thick leather and soft feather was awesome. My skin was tingly. Because I couldn’t see or hear him, I had no idea where the flogger would fall, which direction it was coming from, if it was going to strike again. He kissed down my thighs and tugged at my nipples. He ran his tongue around each as he grabbed my breasts. Harsh and soft at the same time. He made his way down my body to run his tongue around my clit instead. The wedge and restraints means I was held open and elevated. My cunt presented to him. He walked around to my head and placed his cock in my mouth. I sucked him upside down. I love sucking his dick, and doing it this way allowed me to take more of him. I couldn’t use my hands. He fucked my mouth slowly as he ran his hands over my breasts.

Then he started in with the toys. He had chilled my glass dildo (My Icicles 18) and ran it down my labia. Cooling the heated skin and shocking the nerves. His warm mouth was an amazing contrast to that icy glass. More duality and mixed senses. Then he grabbed the Captain. He continued to go down on me while he thrusted that dildo hard. His tongue circling my clit as his free fingers started to tease my ass. Next was the plug. Then a bigger plug. He just kept building and thrusting, speed and intensity. I still could not see or hear anything other than the music in my ears. I was all touch.

When he felt like he’d teased me enough, he took out my earbuds, undid my restraints, and swung me around. I was now in a reclining position and he was at my feet. He continued to go down on me, using his hands and slathering me with coconut oil. I knew he wanted to fuck me in the ass. I was nearly begging him to. He kept the Captain going at a relentless pace and entered my ass. I do love a good DP. I was full and pushed to my limits. He handed me my Eroscillator. As soon as that toy hit my clit, I was over the edge. I was screaming and writhing. He could barely hold on to me. The entire night was in the climax and it wasn’t over yet. I was teary eyed and nearly hyperventilating. He held onto me and gave me a moment to calm down. When started to see straight again, I grabbed him.

I certainly hadn’t had enough. I shoved his cock in my mouth. I was too far gone for subtleties. The slow burn of a tense build up was not within my capabilities at this point. I sucked him ferociously. I grabbed him at the base of his dick, cupping my fingers around his balls, and took every inch of him. My hand was pounding up and down his cock. My mouth was enveloping him. My lips and tongue were numb and swollen. I threw him onto the couch and straddled him. I fucked him hard. Shoving my breasts in his mouth. Grabbing the back of the couch, leaning back, and ramming him into my gspot. I was racing to my next orgasm and he had no choice but to go with me. I rocked on his cock and just shattered. Grabbing his shoulders and falling forward. Gasping and dizzy. He turned me around and over the wedge, ass up, and fucked me from behind. I was thankful for the support because I was not sure I would be able to hold myself up. My hand found my clit and circled furiously. His hands on my hips and pulling me into him was all I could handle. I came again, grabbing the restraints as I arched my back. I could tell he was holding out for me. As soon as I came, his breath changed. He moaned and thrusted faster. Moments later he pulled out of me and came all over my ass before falling to the side.

We were a sweaty, panting, happy heap.


It had been awhile since our last good session. Life gets in the way sometimes. Tonight we’d been out with friends, had a few drinks, and were seriously missing each other. He put on a movie and we started talking about fantasies, other people, whether watching would be enough or if we’d have to participate. We both decided we’d have to participate. I couldn’t be a bystander. He turned me sideways on the couch and started rubbing my thighs. Higher and higher. I was so happy to let him. He motioned to a bottle and joked that he was going to fuck me with it.
“No, that’s not enough”
Little did I know that would set the theme for the rest of the evening.
Usually he starts with my nipples. Teasing them mercilessly until I can feel my cunt twitch. Not tonight. At those words, he went straight to my clit. Using his thumb in circles while he teased me with his other fingers. One in. Two in. Three in. Four in. He pulled away and grabbed the coconut oil. He held it to my clit and let it melt. I could feel it drip down me, wrapping around each side and meeting again at my ass. So slick and shiny. He loves to watch lube cover me. I was absolutely his. He grabbed my second largest dildo and pushed it inside me. It was big and full. Rubbing that spot that’s so very tender inside me. The one I can’t get enough of. Meanwhile his mouth finally met my nipples and he was somehow rubbing my clit and teasing my ass while he worked that cock inside me. He’s a very talented man with his hands. His mouth travelled down between my thighs, stroking my now swollen clit, kissing it.
Then his finger entered my ass. Mouth on my nipple. Hand stroking my clit. Dildo fucking me. It was nearly too much to handle. Nearly. It was blissfully pushing my limits. Slowly. In and out. He pushed two fingers in. I could tell he was getting me ready for something. I asked for my smallest anal toy. I know it was a timid move but I was unsure what he was working up to! He obliged and I slid the toy in. It was not enough. It wasn’t even comparing to the dildo he was using.
There was that theme again.
He gave me the next size up. Still not good enough.
“Bigger. Please.”
At this point I was taking a bigger toy than I ever had anally. I was so full. His mouth was working my clit. Slowly so I wouldn’t come yet. He pulled the cock out of me and went back to the toy box. He grabbed a dildo I’d been afraid to use. It was huge. I shouldn’t have looked because I got seriously nervous. He pushed it up to my cunt. So slowly, he inserted the head, then the entire shaft. I was held open. Stuffed so very full. And I was in heaven.
“If only I had a cock in my mouth right now, every hole of mine would be stuffed.”
He faltered a bit at the comment. But it was true. Being pushed so far certainly sent me on a fast track to orgasm. I couldn’t stop. The cock was pounding me and I’d become so pink and tender. My greedy flesh was being satisfied. I came hard and long but he didn’t stop. I pulled out the anal toy and he buried his face in my thighs. Sucking on my clit and continuing to fuck me with that huge dildo. I came again. And again. I started to beg him to stop. I needed to come down but he wasn’t done yet.
“Put your arms up or I’ll pin them.”
Out came the dildo and in went his fingers. He curved them. Hard, reaching my g spot that was now basically a raw nerve. One flick of his tongue on my nipple and I was coming again.
“I’m going to pass out”
I lay there a panting, light headed mess. He slowly pulled out and sat on the couch. He put my head in his lap and allowed me to catch my breath and open my eyes again. Blurry eyes now fixated on the bulge I was laying on…

Vitruvian Man

“Well, hello there.”
He looked at me wide eyed. I came downstairs wearing my new black lace, peek-a-boo bra and panty set, black thigh highs, a black cardigan, and a masquerade mask. I carried in my arms my toy box, spreader bar, cuffs, and my black leather flogger.
I moved over to him without saying more than that and lead him to the back of the room. I put my things down and slowly lift his shirt over his head.
“Stay there.”
I stepped back and removed my sweater, letting it pool on the floor at my feet. Grabbing the sash, I walk back to him and blindfold him.
“Put your arms above your head”
I cuffed his right wrist, threaded the clasp through the chain in the ceiling, and cuffed his left.
“Mmmmmm. Now you are all mine.”
I could feel him instantly get hard. He liked being in my hands and I was going to enjoy every second of this. I ran my finders down his chest, along his ribs; kissed his neck and down his stomach. His boxer briefs came down in one smooth slide. The spreader bar went on next. Once he was totally naked, I stepped back to admire him. There he stood. Spread eagle. My very own Vitruvian Man. The longer I looked, the taughter he became. He liked being watched and the tension was palpatable.
“I have fantasized about you several times like this. Having this access to you. Are you comfortable?”
I walked around him, lightly running my fingers over his flushed skin. Exploring the way his hips curved, his round ass, and that blessed V. Mine. All mine. His skin prickled. His breath quickened. His cock stiffened and showed its appreciation. I bent down and licked the clear drip off the head of his dick. I love that about my husband. When he is aroused, it’s almost like he’s begging to come. He gets slick and ready nearly as quickly as I do. But there was still more…
I bent down and grabbed the flogger. I started with some quick, soft passes over his groin. Just to awaken the nerves. More passes over his ribs, the crease of his ass, his upper thighs. I can hear his heart pounding. I see his muscles twitch and relax as the leather meets his skin. I circled him. Over and over. Admiring that beautiful form. I hate to use the word, but his cock was throbbing. So very hard and tight and dripping. And I hadn’t even touched him yet.
“Wait here”
As if he had much choice.
I bent down to open my toy box. Let’s push his limits tonight. Grabbing my small plug, I returned to him. It’s a bumpy plug, smaller at the tip, getting wider toward the base. I ran it down his back, over his hips, and down his ass. His breath caught. I pulled away, giving him a minute to process what was about to happen. He could hear me squeezed some lube on the toy, ensuring it was nice and slippery. His chest flushed and his breathing grew shallow. I ran my wet fingers between his cheeks, found that opening and pushed inside.
He audibly gasped as the sensation of my entry filled him.
“Are you good?”
I took the toy and fed the first ball in. He eagerly bent forward a bit, willing me to continue. Two, three, four. Soon he’d taken the whole toy.
“Good boy.”
Jesus, he was so lovely. Standing there. So pink and radiating heat. Nearly panting. His body begging to be touched. The lovely precum from his cock now coming in a steady drips. I tapped the base of the plug a few times and ran my fingers around his hip bone. I followed with my tongue. I kissed and nibbled and sucked along his pubic bone. Finally, I took him in my hands. He breathed out and threw his head back. I ran my tongue around his balls and up the length of him. So salty and wet. So deliciously eager. I couldn’t wait any longer. I plunged him into my mouth. Sucking and twisting my tongue around him.
“Oh god”
I don’t pull away. I keep sucking and licking. Faster and stronger. On my knees. Legs spread. Soaked and dripping. Suddenly I’m the one begging. Desperate for his release.
“Oh god. You are going to make me cum.”
I like to watch. I pull away and he cums all over my chest. Panting, heaving, blurry.
I reach up and undo his cuffs. I release his ankles and kiss his mouth. He falls to his knees on the floor with me.
“Happy Valentine’s Day. That was only round one…”