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Eloise by Bluebella

DSC_0225I instantly fell in love with this set from Bluebella and it was on clearance! Bonus! I love red and black combos and am a total sucker for a bow. The quarter bra looked revealing and sexy and the Brazilian briefs were adorable. It was different than anything else I owned. I placed my order and waited for it to arrive from the UK.
When I opened the package, I first noticed the quality. This is my first set from Bluebella so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The quality is great. The lace is soft and not scratchy. There are no seam pulls. The elastic is thick. The ribbon details don’t pucker. Very good, especially for the sale price. Then I put the set on…The briefs are exactly as I had hoped. The fit is amazing. They flatter by butt and the bow is a sexy detail. The sizing was spot on. No squiging out the top. The quarter bra turned my boobs into odd torpedos. Not good. Not good at all. This is by no fault of the bra itself, but in my own anatomy. Since having two kids, my boobs are, sadly, not as full as they once were. The quarter cup just smooshes them up and then the ribbon detail smooshes them down, resulting in strangely compressed nipples jutting out into the world. Not so good.DSC_0221
I considered returning the bra but then had a thought. I pulled the ribbon down and tacked it to the top of the cup. Voila! The ribbon contains my nipples and gives my boobs a nice rounded shape again! It is still super sexy because the ribbon is see though and gives a cute peek a boo effect. I am now in love with both items in the set and intend to wear them out next time Dr. R and I have a date night.
If you haven’t tried Bluebella, I recommend checking them out. They didn’t pay me to say that! I was impressed with the quality and creative pieces they offer. And if you catch something in their clearance section, they are an exceptional value.

Yep. Those are real.


You know of my love of lingerie. Pretty things make me feel pretty. Sexy things make my mind wander. A strand of pearls encircling my labia? Well….

Dr. R gave me these on Saturday. They were waiting for me after a bath (wait until you hear that story…). I pulled them out of their perfect, scented box and stared. I have seen pearl thongs. I assumed they were a cheap, plastic strand of beads and mostly a gimmick. Not these. These are the double strand original pearl thong from Bracli and they are real pearls sewn onto exquisite Spanish lace. They are very well constructed. The lace is soft and the pearl strand secure in the front and the back.

I pulled them up my thighs expecting to feel silly. Uncomfortable even considering there were going to be things shoved into my bits. But I didn’t feel silly. They were beautiful and the V shape of the lace actually flatters. The pearls sit nicely and were only a little snug. That is to be expected though when you are 6′ tall. I am longer than most. The double strand has a small loop of pearls wrapped around it. It slides up and down so you can adjust it’s placement. The website shows this little bundle nuzzled up against the model’s clit. That way is nice. It does give a lot of stimulation, but given the aforementioned tightness, it was a lot at first. I opted instead to move the circle down past my vagina and run the double strand up around my labia. Yes. That was awesome. As I walked I could feel The pearls rub together gently and it was crazy good. Not too much. Just enough to get me going. Although mine didn’t stay on that long, you can keep them on during sex for added stimulation. It is like the ball bearings on the bottom of some vibrators. I can’t wait to try that. I feel like that is the point of a double strand. You can’t do that with a single strand and, in my humble opinion, it is SO worth the price of admission.

They look very sexy

The art of lingerie

Dr. R and I watch a lot of French porn. That is partly because the women tend to have real breasts and the men aren’t oily beau hunks. It is also partly because we don’t speak the language and so plot becomes less important! One thing I absolutely love about French women in these movies is their style and dedication to lingerie. It’s beautiful. Always a matching lace set. Bra, panties, garters, thigh highs, and beautiful shoes. Not 6″ stripper shoes. It It is feminine, lady-like, and hot as hell.

Dr. R just bought me my first set of French lingerie. I’m a very happy woman.

A few years ago I decided that I was a grown up and would buy some matching sets from Victoria’s Secret. I’d make an effort to coordinate and put thought into what I had on underneath my clothes. I dressed professionally at my job but I didn’t go too crazy. I couldn’t wear garters to work. I stuck with the bra and panties. You know, it made me feel beautiful. No one could see it, but that extra bit of time I spent felt good. I felt put together, as hilarious as that sounds. Obviously, it was also nice once the clothes came off to know I was wearing something lovely beneath. I’ve always loved lingerie. I own lots of corsets, merrywidows, babydolls- special occasion lingerie- but that is different. That doesn’t stay on long. Daily, beautiful lingerie is a constant reminder throughout the day. I love that. What woman can’t use that little boost?

The set he got me is from a shop in San Fransico – Aricie. It is a Lise Charmel set and it is exquisite. It makes me feel beautiful just looking at it. image

I encourage every woman to get a few matching sets. They don’t have to be French. Most of mine are inexpensive sets from a Target or You’ll be surprised by how much that little touch will boost your confidence. French women are really onto something.