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Review: Joque Harness by SpareParts

IMG_8200I have found harness heaven. I have tried a few others before – a very basic one, a boy short style one, a laced up corset one – but none felt like me. The Joque Harness by SpareParts is sexy. It is feminine but strong and so well fitted I can focus on the action. It allows me to feel…powerful. It is great not only in the overall look, but in its capabilities. Gone are the days of me feeling clunky and awkward due to shifting straps or drooping dildos. This harness even has ways to pleasure me while I use it. Such a giver.

I am a thruster. I need the hip movement to get off. So strap on sex is super hot for me IF I am comfortable and get my rhythm down. My previous harnesses made this a challenge. My basic one just shifted all over the place. The ring was not stable enough to stay put and I would find it slowly creeping down between my legs. Not great for positioning or leverage. So then I would have to stop and readjust. Something is lost in the sexy exchange if I have to stop to play with my own cock over and over. The boyshort style helped that but wasn’t the sexiest thing ever. Far more utilitarian and limiting in many ways. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles like the Joque. When I decided to take the plunge and order this one, I had high hopes and it didn’t disappoint.

There are a few main features that make me fall in love with this harness. First is the fit. It is a jock strap style harness with a wide waistband and two leg bands. It is open in the back allowing for penetration from behind. This is something the boyshorts were certainly lacking. There are lots of jock type harnesses out there, but I love the way this one secures. It closes by two wide Velcro strips and then further tightens by two elastic straps on the sides of the waistband. These two are key to its stability. It is amazingly secure and the waistband is thick enough to support the weight of any of my dildos. And, as you know, I have some large dildos…It does not shift. It does not droop. I can fit the leg straps as needed and never change those. It is easy to slip on, pull tight, and be ready. The O ring is flexible but not huge. TRex won’t fit, but most of my other toys do. It says it can accommodate a 2″ diameter dildo and I can use my Maverick with it. It also comes in two sizes which just furthers the great fit.

image_zpshq9d9awzI mentioned options to please me while I use it. There are two pockets for mini vibes – one above the toy and one below, so you can customize where you want the vibrations. I have used my Tango with good results. It seems the vibrations travel down the toy a bit, but honestly Dr. R isn’t a big fan of vibration so I haven’t focused on that much. I wouldn’t say they carry a ton though because even my Tango didn’t bother him. The cloth portion of the harness is overlapped, creating a pocket and a full opening behind the O ring. This overlapping fabric means I can secure a dildo with a flared base for internal stimulation! By tucking the base of a toy into the folds of the cloth, it stays put. The dildo won’t be thrusting as I thrust but it can add to the sensation by keeping me full. It is amazing. I have not seen this with other harnesses. Because of this split, I can switch out toys while still wearing it relatively easily. Less interruption to the action. The O ring is very accessible.

The Joque is even machine washable!! So it is easy to keep clean and sanitized. I line dry it to keep the elastic in better shape but that is it for care. Very convenient. It is made of a poly spandex blend and is really comfortable to wear. The elastic doesn’t chafe at all on my legs or waist. It is breathable and soft. The plastic buckles are smooth and don’t scratch.

This harness is just sexy. And mine is PURPLE!! I am not usually a super girly girl, but I love a purple harness. I feel feminine and powerful. It fits well, is flattering, very well made and stays where I put it. It can handle my larger toys and all the vigorous thrusting Dr. R can take. Now that I found it, I may never take it off.

Review: Liberator Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo

image_zpsagqzrz2q (3)Any fan of the missionary position – as I unabashedly am – is familiar with the old “shove a pillow under your butt to raise your hips” trick. It allows for deeper penetration as well as a better angle of entry. It helps tilt your hips just so. The Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo by Liberator is the luxury version of that trick and much, much more. You have a veritable playground of positioning possibilities!

Dr. R purchased this set for my amazing surprise evening (read all about that here) last year. It has taken me so long to review it because I wanted to be sure we used it in several different positions as to get a thorough review. Both pieces are made of a firm foam with a removable and washable cover that zips off and on quite easily. The covers are made of a microfiber that is soft on the skin but allows traction so the pieces don’t just slide off of one another when you stack them. My set is black and is still so after several washings. Both pieces also come with removable, adjustable length cuffs allowing you to use the set for positioning and bondage play. They are incredibly versatile as you can clip the cuffs on and off and move them to any of the four “corners” as needed. The included blindfold is my favorite I have ever found. It is soft and comfortable and has the all important piece over the nose. The piece of foam that actually blocks the downward view of the wearer. No light is getting in this thing. It is amazing. image_zpsdarkb5wt.image_zps6freswbhThere are two sizes – a 10″ and 12″ – allowing you to find one that fits your form. We have the “regular” 12″ set. wedgeramp

The first night we used the set we had the wedge placed at the base of the ramp creating a downward sloping cradle. I was lying on my back with my hips higher than my head. We used the wrist and ankle cuffs as well. On this maiden voyage, I felt that having my hips above my head was hindering blood flow and making it harder to orgasm. We ended up turning me around in a more reclined position. Oh yes. That was what I needed. I am not going to lie, I am a big one for comfort. Maybe a tad lazy. With the Wedge holding my hips up and the Ramp supporting my back, I could concentrate on the sensations. It was phenomenal. He was able to penetrate me at the right angle and get crazy deep.

Since that first night, I realized something about my body positioning during sex. I realized that when I masturbate, I shift my hips very high up. Nearly off the ground in a yoga “bridge” position. I almost never do this when I am with Dr. R. I have no idea why I didn’t notice this before in our nearly 20 years together, but hey, I am always learning. When I masturbate, I am much more g-spot focused. So I have been trying to bring this into our joint sex but my legs get awfully tired because it takes me longer to orgasm when we are together. Not to mention the fact that the sensation and following orgasm are so much stronger when he gives them to me. I almost always have a hard time keeping the muscle tension/relaxation balance I need. In comes the Liberator set. That first position we tried is actually now my favorite. I just needed to turn my hips further skyward and holy hell. G-spot nirvana. I also love it because I feel like I am on display for him. He has an unadulterated view and access. The exhibitionist in me is vibrating just at the thought.

Without even changing the position of the Ramp and Wedge, it is perfect for rear entry – either for me or him. I find that I have to be warmed up quite a bit to take him bent over the ramp. Since my hips are being held up, I can’t change my position to accommodate the depth of him so he sometimes bumps my cervix. But if I am very aroused, I really like this position too. I should add that I am six feet tall. I am bent over the larger end of the Ramp but it is still low enough that I am properly bent in half. Not just on my hands and knees. If you are shorter than me, it may not be as deep an entry angle for you. The Wedge offers a nice place to rest your head and, since it flattens it out a bit, keeps all the blood from running to your head. I can also trap my Mystic Wand under my belly to hit my clit while he fucks me and I don’t even have to use my hands! Woohoo!

We have used this configuration for pegging as well. It seems to be just as comfortable for him. He is a bit taller than I am though so I have to be on one knee with my other leg over him to get the height right. But I am able to put more weight onto his back because I know he is supported under his hips. So I just shift my weight over him a bit more instead of fully on my knees. It actually makes it easier to reach around and grab his cock that way too so it is a win/win.

Admittedly, our favorite way to use the set is fairly simple. The options are extensive though. They have an entire guide online! The pieces are supportive, well made, and comfortable. They are easy to move and lightweight if you need to store them in a closet, but ours stay out in our playroom. They get used too often to mess with storage!

No playroom? No problem.

 photo DSC_0113_zpskr02wech.jpg
I’ve been talking to several of my friends about bondage lately, specifically my bed restraint system. So many of them have been curious about trying some restraints but weren’t sure where to start. Handcuffs? Too rough. Furry handcuffs? Too cheesy. Fabric cuffs or silk ties? No headboard. It’s trickier than it would seem I guess. What’s a girl to do?! Not one of them knew about a restraint system like the Sex and Mischief Bed Bondage Restraint System by Sportsheets. I couldn’t believe it! Dr. R and I have had this system for several years and it is awesome. In a nutshell, it is 4 cuffs on straps that run under your mattress. No head or footboard needed!
The four nylon straps attach to a central nylon strap that runs under your mattress. They are fully adjustable so it doesn’t matter if you are 6′ tall and sprawl out on a king sized bed or cram into an intimate twin. At the end of the straps is just a D ring. The cuffs are super soft fabric with Velcro closures. No metal handcuffs to remind you of the time you were arrested for public intox at 19.
Ours stays on our bed, primarily (it did make an appearance at the toy party though. It comes out for special occasions). We have a bedframe that does have a headboard but no footboard. The straps just slip down between my box springs and the wooden bedframe when not in use. They just hide under the bed and not even the prying eyes of two kids have noticed them. They are always at the ready whenever the mood strikes! They certainly don’t have to stay there though. My cuffs are removable and could be clipped together or to anything with a loop really. It looks like the newer version doesn’t have clips though. That could be a good thing since the clips always seemed cheap and I could see them breaking onE day. The whole set can wrap around a couch or chair. If tightened all they way, it can even work as a hogtie. Get creative! This set has options!
The fabric and Velcro straps are not strong enough to really RESTRAIN someone, so if you like something a bit more restrictive these might not be a great choice for you. But for someone looking for an inexpensive, easy, comfortable option, these are awesome.
 photo DSC_0119_zpsyty6ofdn.jpg

I must have been very good this year…

Santa brought me a sex swing! I was quite excited to find that package under the tree. My husband got us the Fetish Fantasy Series Spinning Fantasy Swing. I had not previously done any research on sex swings so the choice was entirely Dr. R’s. I looked it over; it seemed well made. It has thick nylon straps and plastic adjusters. The pads are lined and very soft. So far so good. He proceeded to hang a large eye hook from a ceiling joist in our basement. I took one look at that tiny hook and got nervous. Seriously? I am a 6ft tall woman. I am no petite flower. That tiny hook is supposed to hold me?! Dr. R assured me that with the swing’s spring and that hook, I would be fine. The joist holds up the house, after all. I tested it out and after a bit of adjusting and a lot of laughing, I felt comfortable. I was more than comfortable, I was super excited to try this new toy out! I love sex toys and this one was also reminiscent of a playground! IT SPINS!

So the night came to try it out. We put on a movie (Dr. R is quite the porn curator. I believe that night it was a Pornochic…) and got comfortable. After quite a lot of foreplay it was time to get into the swing. This was different than just “testing it out.” I was naked and highly aroused. I was a bit woozy. He helped me into the swing and my first thought was “Holy hell, I am spread wide open.” I was laying on my back with my feet in the stirrups. It is an amazingly vulnerable feeling. It really increased the tension as he just stood there, looking at me, appreciating his new view. I relaxed a bit. I now understood why swings are also used as a bondage implement – you really are at the mercy of your lover. And I wasn’t even restrained! The power was definitely in his hands though. I was loving it. He was able to do as he pleased. He blindfolded me at first, and, honestly, I felt weightless. This is a feeling I will have to get used to. I was not spinning but I felt like I was. I was totally disoriented. It is a fun sensation to play with but for the first encounter it was a bit much. I took the blindfold off after a few minutes. I like to watch anyway. The swing has the added bonus of tilting my hips downward just enough that when he entered he was DEEP. Wonderfully so. And it required very little effort. I’ve always had the fantasy of passionate sex against a wall, my man holding me up….but again, I am not small of stature. My husband is taller than me, but not by much. The swing allowed for that feeling! He could wrap his arms around my hips and thrust as deep as he could. It was amazing. Neither of us lasted longer than five minutes with the swing. And after he helped me down, we were still ready for round two.

Overall, I highly recommend the swing – it is fun even if you don’t need a positioner or aren’t into BDSM play. It is adds a different element to the experience and keeps things interesting! I was comfortable the entire time. More than comfortable. Exposed. Enveloped. Flushed. Mmmmmm……

Now we just need to figure out how to explain the eye hook in our living room….