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Review: Doxy Die Cast Wand Massager

Oh Doxy, how I love/hate thee…There is so much to love here and so much frustration. For those of you who have never heard of Doxy, they are a company out of the UK that has made a rival to the legendary Magic Wand (among other fun toys I’ll review later!). Now, I do not own a Magic Wand (I know, right?!) so this will not be a comparison of the two. I will say though that if you like power, the Doxy spins at up to 9.000 RPM against the Magic Wands 5,000 RPM and 6,000 RPM settings. This wand has some SERIOUS power. Sheet grabbing, scream inducing power. Involuntary crying, pass out, fall in love power. Mmmmmmm……anyhoo….

This power comes to you in the form of glorious, rumbly vibrations. I need rumbly vibrations. Buzzy just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. My orgasms are mostly internal and clit stimulus needs to reach the deeper layers to get me off. The vibrations from the Doxy are deliciously rumbly. The Die Cast model in particular has a double weighted head to help with the “thuddiness” at higher settings. This wand is the first toy I have owned that can reliably give me multiple orgasms. Usually, I get too tickly or my nerve endings feel too overstimulated. I have to stop. Not here. I can get off on the first setting and keep moving it upwards to keep going. And this power is the only thing I have found to match the intensity of the Eleven. Those two together cause me to gush. Somehow, the Eleven is easier to handle when using the Doxy. The vibrations help me relax and the intensity is spread all over. It is awe inspiring.

The vibrations do get buzzier the higher settings you go though. This wand goes up 8 speeds. I am sure there are people out there who can roll with the top setting, but I have only used up to level three. Don’t let that fool you, I like a powerful vibrator. I need it to overwhelm me sometimes. But on the third setting, this thing gets going so strongly that the silicone head actually starts to rotate, taking my labia with it. It sounds like an airplane taking off. It has me swollen and red in 30 seconds. There is no lack of power at level 3. I seriously don’t think I could keep it on my clit at level 8! Gives me something to work up to though. It is good to have goals.

The spin on higher levels is one of my major complaints. With a vibrator, I need to find the right spot. Directed. Downward. Hitting just where I need it to push my gspot orgasm over the edge. It is hard to keep the wand in the right spot if it is literally taking my bits and swirling them around away from where I put it! I’m constantly readjusting and losing my “spot”. This isn’t an issue on the lower settings, but if I’m at level three, I’m desperate to cum again. That means I’ve already had at least one orgasm but I’m not done. Picture me bleary eyed, getting fucked, solely focused on that release, then the wand moves all my bits to the left. Not cool, Doxy. Not cool. I can smash the head into my clit and work with it though. On the flip side, the vibrations are certainly strong enough to penetrate my clothing if I want a quick orgasm on the go. The rotation isn’t an issue then. It also may not both you if you have smaller labia. It could give an added friction sensation. Bonus!

My wand is the die-cast model which is made of cast aluminum and titanium with a silicone head. It is of the less en-vogue plug in variety, but this sort of power could not come from a battery powered toy. The toy is hefty and comes in at around 13 inches long. Wand vibrators aren’t known for their demure stature. If you have ever used a wand, you know the limitations in positioning. Not the end of the world, but if you like missionary, this is hard to squeeze between you. It isn’t terribly heavy though and I haven’t had an issue with extended use. My only complaint on the size/shape is that I wish it had a curve closer to the head. The vibrations do carry some down the handle (though not terribly given how powerful it is) and once my hands are all slippery I find it hard to hold onto the top of the handle where I prefer. My hand slips down towards the buttons and I can’t get the leverage or control I want. I end up having to hold the handle right at the neck of the head. Again, workable but not ideal and a bit clumsy.

The buttons are large, easily accessible, and simple. Just what I’m looking for in a vibrator. The last thing I want to be doing is fumbling mid sex. And there are few things more frustrating than going to turn it up one notch to send yourself over the edge and accidentally pushing the wrong button and totally derailing yourself. There are three buttons: On/Off, up, and down. The wand defaults to a steady vibration but also has a pulse mode that is easily accessed by holding down the power button. Simple. Easy to maneuver without looking.

The power alone has me looking past the size/shape limitations and grabbing this toy first. Even if it twirls my labia. If you love the Magic Wand but find yourself wishing it had just a bit more UMPH, try the Doxy. It will certainly deliver. Over and over and over…..

Review: Joque Harness by SpareParts

IMG_8200I have found harness heaven. I have tried a few others before – a very basic one, a boy short style one, a laced up corset one – but none felt like me. The Joque Harness by SpareParts is sexy. It is feminine but strong and so well fitted I can focus on the action. It allows me to feel…powerful. It is great not only in the overall look, but in its capabilities. Gone are the days of me feeling clunky and awkward due to shifting straps or drooping dildos. This harness even has ways to pleasure me while I use it. Such a giver.

I am a thruster. I need the hip movement to get off. So strap on sex is super hot for me IF I am comfortable and get my rhythm down. My previous harnesses made this a challenge. My basic one just shifted all over the place. The ring was not stable enough to stay put and I would find it slowly creeping down between my legs. Not great for positioning or leverage. So then I would have to stop and readjust. Something is lost in the sexy exchange if I have to stop to play with my own cock over and over. The boyshort style helped that but wasn’t the sexiest thing ever. Far more utilitarian and limiting in many ways. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles like the Joque. When I decided to take the plunge and order this one, I had high hopes and it didn’t disappoint.

There are a few main features that make me fall in love with this harness. First is the fit. It is a jock strap style harness with a wide waistband and two leg bands. It is open in the back allowing for penetration from behind. This is something the boyshorts were certainly lacking. There are lots of jock type harnesses out there, but I love the way this one secures. It closes by two wide Velcro strips and then further tightens by two elastic straps on the sides of the waistband. These two are key to its stability. It is amazingly secure and the waistband is thick enough to support the weight of any of my dildos. And, as you know, I have some large dildos…It does not shift. It does not droop. I can fit the leg straps as needed and never change those. It is easy to slip on, pull tight, and be ready. The O ring is flexible but not huge. TRex won’t fit, but most of my other toys do. It says it can accommodate a 2″ diameter dildo and I can use my Maverick with it. It also comes in two sizes which just furthers the great fit.

image_zpshq9d9awzI mentioned options to please me while I use it. There are two pockets for mini vibes – one above the toy and one below, so you can customize where you want the vibrations. I have used my Tango with good results. It seems the vibrations travel down the toy a bit, but honestly Dr. R isn’t a big fan of vibration so I haven’t focused on that much. I wouldn’t say they carry a ton though because even my Tango didn’t bother him. The cloth portion of the harness is overlapped, creating a pocket and a full opening behind the O ring. This overlapping fabric means I can secure a dildo with a flared base for internal stimulation! By tucking the base of a toy into the folds of the cloth, it stays put. The dildo won’t be thrusting as I thrust but it can add to the sensation by keeping me full. It is amazing. I have not seen this with other harnesses. Because of this split, I can switch out toys while still wearing it relatively easily. Less interruption to the action. The O ring is very accessible.

The Joque is even machine washable!! So it is easy to keep clean and sanitized. I line dry it to keep the elastic in better shape but that is it for care. Very convenient. It is made of a poly spandex blend and is really comfortable to wear. The elastic doesn’t chafe at all on my legs or waist. It is breathable and soft. The plastic buckles are smooth and don’t scratch.

This harness is just sexy. And mine is PURPLE!! I am not usually a super girly girl, but I love a purple harness. I feel feminine and powerful. It fits well, is flattering, very well made and stays where I put it. It can handle my larger toys and all the vigorous thrusting Dr. R can take. Now that I found it, I may never take it off.

Review: The Njoy Eleven

spinal-tap-3If I had to sum up the Njoy 11 in one word, it would be INTENSE. The length, the weight, the circumference of the bulbous head, and the unyielding firmness of the steel all add up to an incredibly intense experience. One I LOVE and Dr. R cannot get enough of. This toy came to me shrouded in a reputation and promises, and it did not disappoint. If you read my last post, you know it reduced me to a quivering puddle.

First, the technical stuff. The nJoy 11 gets its name from the 11″ of medical grade stainless steel from which it is crafted. It is nearly a foot of smooth, polished metal. It weighs in at 2.75 pounds. It doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but that 2.75 lbs starts to get heavy! People who can wield this toy for quite some time will start to develop serious forearm muscles (which happens to be quite a sexy feature in my opinion. It is a win/win). It has a slight “s” curve to it but it is not a severe hook. At either end there is a bulb (one smaller and the other gloriously larger) with a slightly pointed tip. Almost like the bud of a flower getting ready to open. This tip is key and I will go into that in a minute. It also has grooves on the smaller end that act as a handle or finger grips to assist in maneuvering. I am fairly certain you would not want to let this toy slip. It could do some serious damage. On the surface, not a complicated toy, but there are so many features that make this warclub different than anything else in my toy box. eleven

This bulb shape that I mentioned, elicits the perfect blend of wide gspot stimulation and pointed sensation. It is almost like using two toys at once. The ball at the end of the 11 is BIG. There is no way you could miss your gspot because the head of this toy will fill you. It puts pressure all around me, giving me an amazing stretching sensation as well. The “s” curve tilts that point just so that it rubs along the front wall of me adding that pointed pressure just where I need it. The shaft also thins down which gives the added bonus of concentrating all the sensation at my gspot. I get very little stimulation externally or at my opening. It is all inside. The smaller end can also be used. We played around a bit with it to see if I could use it similarly to my Comet Wand or to see if the finger holds added anything additional to the experience. For me, the curve wasn’t enough and the shaft too thin to really benefit from the texture on the handle. I have not tried it anally (it is a tad big for me) but you could use it that way as well. Many options with a two sided toy!
The steel brings temperature to the party. I am not a huge fan of temperature play, mostly because I don’t like the cold. And the 11 is COLD at first. It is like putting a frozen spoon on puffy eyes. I want that tissue swollen. I don’t want that to go away! But I could see use if you are edging a bit or really enjoy the sensation. On the other end of the spectrum, you can heat the 11. It gets VERY HOT so be careful. Dr. R ran it under hot water for just a few seconds and I really enjoyed that. It was warm enough I could feel it all the way inside me and it remained that way for awhile. The steel warms to body temperature quickly too, so even if you aren’t engaging in some temperature play, it feels amazingly warm after just a few minutes.

I know I have spoken before about the weight of Njoy toys, but the 11 takes the cake. There is an added sensation when you are getting fucked by something as heavy as this. It has its own pull, its own drag. There is a fullness you just don’t get with lighter toys. You are being filled with something of substance and you know it. It makes sure you know it.

I honestly don’t have any negatives to add about the 11. This toy is amazing if you like larger, gspot heavy, or metal toys. It is well made, quality, body safe, and easy to clean. What is not to love?

It is all at once overwhelming and the drive to orgasm with this thing is more like being thrown around an F1 track. You know a skilled driver is in control, but it certainly isn’t you and it is terrifyingly exhilarating. You are going to cum and you are going to cum HARD. You just need to hold on for the ride, try not to pass out, and wait for the champagne to pop!

Review: NJoy Fun Wand

funwndI wanted to love this toy. I really did. The Fun Wand was a high quality toy from a well respected company. NJoy is known for iconic toys like the Pure Wand and the Eleven. The shape was interesting. It is about 8″ long and easy to handle without having to reach awkwardly. It had a great curve for the G spot stimulation I like ending in a 1″ ball. It had beads on the other end that waved in teardrop shapes from .75″ to 1″. Everything pointed to this being an amazing, multiuse fun factory. Sadly, it just didn’t work out that way.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to love about this toy. This is my first stainless steel toy and I love the material. It is safe, easy to clean, durable, but the temperature is something I was surprised I liked so much. It is cold. But not like glass when you chill it. It warms quicker than that. I am not a huge fan of temperature play with my glass dildos. Actually, I am not fond of vaginal temp play in general. But using this toy anally made me realize I like a shot of cold at the start. Anal play, for me, is very much about the stretch, the tension. Using this toy feels really good when everything has gotten a bit too hot. It shocks my nerves just enough, but warms up fast enough that it doesn’t derail me. It is also super smooth and glides very easily. Great anally. Not great vaginally. I find myself really missing the luxurious drag of silicone my Comet Wand brings to the party.

The shape of the toy is fantastic. The ‘S’ curve makes it easy to handle. The curve does hit my G spot right where it should. The beads are a perfect size, not too big, not too small. They pull in enough between them and the stainless is obviously firm enough to make insertion simple. But my major complaint is that the head of the toy isn’t big enough for me. I like wide G spot stimulation. Something that makes me feel full but also puts a lot of pressure right where I want it. This is a much more pin pointed toy. If you like a more localized G spot hit, this may be perfect for you. I need the roundness. It ends up being just enough to hint at arousal and makes me grab for another toy to get things going. Trying to get off on this alone leaves me frustrated. The beaded side of the toy does very little for me vaginally. It is just too small, and the smallest ball just exacerbates the aforementioned pointed stimulation issue.

The other thing I appreciate about this toy is the weight. I love a heavy toy. I love the weight of it internally. The pull. It adds another sensation that just speaks to me. But I found out the hard way that the weight of this toy combined with the ‘S’ shape can be a bit of an issue. When this toy is covered in coconut oil, it is very slippery. When it is inserted anally and then slips out of your hand, the heavier end spins around to the ground, turning the beads upside down. It is painful (to me anyway) to have a metal rod pointed to the ground stuck inside your ass. Anatomically, that is curving in the wrong direction. It was surprising in the wrong way. We had to stop anal play that night. We were more careful moving forward, but it could easily happen. The smooth texture and heft that I like so much can work against me.

This way Dr. R’s first NJoy purchase for us and we will certainly buy another. All of the things I like about this toy can be found in other toys in their line. I think I just need a bigger toy like the Pure Wand or the Eleven. Now I have another excuse to get one! Oh darn.

Review: Liberator Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo

image_zpsagqzrz2q (3)Any fan of the missionary position – as I unabashedly am – is familiar with the old “shove a pillow under your butt to raise your hips” trick. It allows for deeper penetration as well as a better angle of entry. It helps tilt your hips just so. The Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo by Liberator is the luxury version of that trick and much, much more. You have a veritable playground of positioning possibilities!

Dr. R purchased this set for my amazing surprise evening (read all about that here) last year. It has taken me so long to review it because I wanted to be sure we used it in several different positions as to get a thorough review. Both pieces are made of a firm foam with a removable and washable cover that zips off and on quite easily. The covers are made of a microfiber that is soft on the skin but allows traction so the pieces don’t just slide off of one another when you stack them. My set is black and is still so after several washings. Both pieces also come with removable, adjustable length cuffs allowing you to use the set for positioning and bondage play. They are incredibly versatile as you can clip the cuffs on and off and move them to any of the four “corners” as needed. The included blindfold is my favorite I have ever found. It is soft and comfortable and has the all important piece over the nose. The piece of foam that actually blocks the downward view of the wearer. No light is getting in this thing. It is amazing. image_zpsdarkb5wt.image_zps6freswbhThere are two sizes – a 10″ and 12″ – allowing you to find one that fits your form. We have the “regular” 12″ set. wedgeramp

The first night we used the set we had the wedge placed at the base of the ramp creating a downward sloping cradle. I was lying on my back with my hips higher than my head. We used the wrist and ankle cuffs as well. On this maiden voyage, I felt that having my hips above my head was hindering blood flow and making it harder to orgasm. We ended up turning me around in a more reclined position. Oh yes. That was what I needed. I am not going to lie, I am a big one for comfort. Maybe a tad lazy. With the Wedge holding my hips up and the Ramp supporting my back, I could concentrate on the sensations. It was phenomenal. He was able to penetrate me at the right angle and get crazy deep.

Since that first night, I realized something about my body positioning during sex. I realized that when I masturbate, I shift my hips very high up. Nearly off the ground in a yoga “bridge” position. I almost never do this when I am with Dr. R. I have no idea why I didn’t notice this before in our nearly 20 years together, but hey, I am always learning. When I masturbate, I am much more g-spot focused. So I have been trying to bring this into our joint sex but my legs get awfully tired because it takes me longer to orgasm when we are together. Not to mention the fact that the sensation and following orgasm are so much stronger when he gives them to me. I almost always have a hard time keeping the muscle tension/relaxation balance I need. In comes the Liberator set. That first position we tried is actually now my favorite. I just needed to turn my hips further skyward and holy hell. G-spot nirvana. I also love it because I feel like I am on display for him. He has an unadulterated view and access. The exhibitionist in me is vibrating just at the thought.

Without even changing the position of the Ramp and Wedge, it is perfect for rear entry – either for me or him. I find that I have to be warmed up quite a bit to take him bent over the ramp. Since my hips are being held up, I can’t change my position to accommodate the depth of him so he sometimes bumps my cervix. But if I am very aroused, I really like this position too. I should add that I am six feet tall. I am bent over the larger end of the Ramp but it is still low enough that I am properly bent in half. Not just on my hands and knees. If you are shorter than me, it may not be as deep an entry angle for you. The Wedge offers a nice place to rest your head and, since it flattens it out a bit, keeps all the blood from running to your head. I can also trap my Mystic Wand under my belly to hit my clit while he fucks me and I don’t even have to use my hands! Woohoo!

We have used this configuration for pegging as well. It seems to be just as comfortable for him. He is a bit taller than I am though so I have to be on one knee with my other leg over him to get the height right. But I am able to put more weight onto his back because I know he is supported under his hips. So I just shift my weight over him a bit more instead of fully on my knees. It actually makes it easier to reach around and grab his cock that way too so it is a win/win.

Admittedly, our favorite way to use the set is fairly simple. The options are extensive though. They have an entire guide online! The pieces are supportive, well made, and comfortable. They are easy to move and lightweight if you need to store them in a closet, but ours stay out in our playroom. They get used too often to mess with storage!

Fantasies by New Sensations Tales from the Edge

1758477hDr. R and I had all but given up on New Sensations lately. The scenes were cheesy and expected. They seemed to be forcibly romantic and almost exclusively MF pairings. I still enjoy them on certain nights (they tend to have decent looking men…) but they bore the hell out of him. But he found Fantasies a few weeks ago and decided to get it because it had interesting pairings and a few of my favorite actors – Xander Corvus and Richie Calhoun. So, we gave it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised.

Fantasies is part of their Tales from the Edge series. This makes me laugh because their “Edge” is basically standard porn. There is nothing in this that I would call kink or even edgy. A blindfold. A third (or fourth) person. More MFM interaction. I am not sure what is super scandalous about this movie but I was happy to see somethings mixing up their normal pairing. I was at least interested to see what the next scene held.

The first scene was great. It is a group of college graduates playing poker and celebrating that their college careers had come to an end. There are three male friends and one female (you see where this is going) who appears to have been the girlfriend of an old fourth male friend. She starts talking about how she has no crazy college stories and strip poker ensues….It stars Carter Cruise, Michael Vegas, Richie Calhoun, and Xander Corvus. I have waxed poetic about Xander before (he actually has two scenes in this movie), but I really like him. He doesn’t stand out in this scene but he is his typical, adorable self. If you watch any of his movies, he is actually amusing to watch, natural, and really takes care of the women he is working with. He holds his own here. I also have come to really enjoy Richie Calhoun. Also amusing and natural to watch. At first glance, he isn’t super attractive but he has a certain sex appeal. I don’t watch much BDSM porn, but I have seen him in a dominant role. It is natural for him. He captures my attention for sure. Even in this scene, with two other men, you can tell he is in charge of the situation. Michael Vegas and Carter Cruise were good as well. I have to give her respect for a double vaginal penetration involving Xander and Michael. Holy hell.

The second scene didn’t hold my attention as well, but it wasn’t bad. The overview is that Toni Ribas and Richie Calhoun are picked up by a stranger, Sara Luvv, and brought to her hotel room for some anonymous sex. Richie Calhoun tapes Toni and Sara while they fuck. Even in this scene, I found Richie’s voyeurism, facial expressions, ect., more engaging than the couple having sex. I guess he is just my thing. The scene was long, not particularly memorable. Eh.

The third scene stars Xander Corvus again (and Ryan Mclane and Chanel Preston). Woohoo. This fantasy was pretty cool. Basically, Ryan Mclane Houdini-ed his wife. He blindfolded her, started rubbing her back, talking about their fantasy of having another man join them, and he switches places with Xander. Now Xander is rubbing her back, unbeknownst to Chanel, and proceeds to go down on her as Ryan describes their “fantasy.” She comes and they take off her blindfold. She freaks out (understandably so, technically she’s been violated by a man she doesn’t know!) but they talk and decide to take it further. It was also a pretty long scene, and I missed the end of it…..but I am sure it was good.

The last scene is just a MF pairing but does toss in the interracial quotient (oooo…edgy). Starring Stallion and Katrina Jade. The box says “Passions ignite when Katrina invites a colleague over to hammer out a contract drawn up by her husband – a contract that involves her having sex with another man… Him.” Sounds hot. I was a bit preoccupied by the time this scene came on so I don’t have much to say about it in particular. I’m not sorry.

Overall, this movie still suffers from the plight of the drawn out sex scenes. It is a real problem in American porn. Two of these scenes come in at over 50 minutes! Now, I have sex for that long, but watching it for that long is a completely different thing. Any tension, surprise, intrigue that was ignited at the start of the scene starts to wane after that long. The super close shot of a cock thrusting in and out gets old after a bit. They have to keep mixing it up to keep my interest for an hour. Even with sexy men. Maybe I am high maintenance. BUT, it did surprise me, which is something porn hasn’t done lately. It could have been my low expectations, but this movie made me smile. It is a great movie for couples, and totally accessible for couples just venturing into porn. The men are sexy (no oily beau hunks here); the women are surprisingly attractive. The scenes are creative and well executed for porn acting. Well done New Sensations. Maybe I’ll check out more of your Edge.

Review: Vixskin Maverick by Vixen

MaverickThe clouds have parted. I have seen the light. I have been wrong for years. About everything. This dildo, Vixskin’s Maverick by Vixen, is the exact toy I would have shied away from in a former life. I thought realistic dildos just seemed so…disembodied. I thought I preferred a more abstract cock. Something that looked like a TOY, not a poor dick with no sexy man attached. I also didn’t believe that expensive dildos could really be THAT different for the money (I did learn that awhile back, but my frugality still casts a cynical eye.) But, I was so very, very wrong. In the past year I have acquired several flesh toned, more authentic dildos (like the Captain). None of them compare to the Maverick. This toy is awesome. I have so many praises to sing that I am having a hard time organizing my thoughts. I will do my best.

Ok, shape. Maverick is a big toy. It is just slightly smaller than my TRex at 2″ wide. It is 7″ long. The shaft is thick all the way down with a pronounced coronal ridge and skin folds at the head. It curves oh so gracefully upward so that ridge hits my gspot in the very best way. The width is enough to fill me but the squishy outer layer makes it very comfortable. Because it is so full, that coronal ridge also stimulates my gspot. It is just all sensation. All around. 7 inches is a good length for me as well. It is long enough to play around with depth but not so long that I get cervical hits if we get too excited. That is a bit of a buzzkill when that happens. It also has a flared base, making it both anal safe and harness compatible. Although I am nowhere near ready to try a toy this size anally.

Texture. This is where the Vixskin line really has me. Vixskin are dual density like my Cush. That means that there is a firmer silicone “core” and a softer outer layer. They are engineered to resemble real skin. It sounds freaky (see disembodied comment above) but it works so well. The core is firm, but does have a bit of flex. It gives a bit on its own but won’t bend in half. The outer layer is very soft, both to the touch and in terms of density. It is squishy and velvety. It has a touch of drag which I love. A bit of friction is a good thing. And is warms to body temperature very quickly. When inserted, it feels amazingly life like. I told Dr. R it still lacks that electric, human quotient. But other than having a pulse, they nailed it. And unlike my TRex, I have not experienced the frustration upon orgasm with this toy. The soft layer gives me something to grab onto! It is just a warm, soft, filling cock…

As far as the safety specs, Vixen makes 100% premium silicone dildos so they are easy to clean and sterilize. Soap and water, boil, dishwasher. It is body safe, phthalate free.

I realized that some luxury toys are absolutely worth the money. There is a lot that goes into the design beyond “shaped like a penis” and engineering that goes into the material. It is well worth the investment for a quality, safe toy. I have also come to terms with the realistic dildo. It is meant to look and feel like a penis. That is not a bad thing. And as for the lack of man attached, I never thought about Dr. R! He is “attached”. Sexy man box ticked.

Review: WeVibe’s Tango

DSC_0228Ah, the Tango. Every single blogger has reviewed this toy. Every single one has owned this icon. There is good reason for it’s abundance. It is the bullet vibe to end all bullet vibes.

When I think “bullet vibe”, my mind goes to a cheap, looks like a giant pill type toy that tortures my clit with surface vibrations to weak to work and buzzes my hand to numbness in 20 seconds. I have never quite understood their purpose, where they would excel. They are not great on their own when I could get something with a handle for better hold and positioning. They are not great in toys because their vibrations never seem strong enough to carry through and be effective. They don’t stay put on their own. They just seemed like poorly designed throw away toys. The Tango is not this type of toy. Toss out all your preconceived notions about bullet vibes. This is not a bullet vibe. Sure, it may fit into that demographic, but it is in its own category.

I originally bought the Tango explicitly to use in my new Fuze dildo in my harness. The Fuze took a vibe and I figured if I was going to buy a bullet vibe (note my aforementioned distain…) I figured I should invest in a good one. The Tango had a cult following and was made by WeVibe so I took the chance. It fit into my new toy and I figured that would be the extent of my usage. For the record, it is great in my Fuze. The vibrations carry beautifully through the silicone and do wonderful things when I wear my harness. It really increases the pleasure of strap on play for me.

Those vibrations are what make the Tango so different. Most bullet vibes I have tried are akin to the cheap Pocket Rocket I bought at a Spencer’s in high school. Buzzy. Surface. Almost irritating after a bit. Certainly will numb your bits. Either that or they aren’t strong enough at all. Barely enough to get you going. The perfect amount to frustrate you. Again, not the Tango. The vibrations are deep. Most describe them as rumbly. I am not sure I would say they are rumbly, but they do resonate deep into my pelvis. It seems to stimulate not just the external tissue but the erectile tissue under the surface as well. It almost elicits two sensations that way. The deeper “rumbly” one and the external buzz. Yummy stuff for sure. It was amazingly mind blowing with my Comet wand. Internal, external, subcutaneous. All sorts of delicious feelings and a hell of an orgasm.

DSC_0233The Tango is one of the few non-silicone toys I own. It is made of a body safe ABS plastic. It is still phthalate and latex free. It is a hard plastic though as opposed to a soft silicone. I believe the material and shape of the toy play a huge roll in its power. The vibrations carry very easily through firm plastic. No power is lost traveling through silicone. You get it on full throttle. And the shape is not only cute (I feel like a lipstick shaped vibe can only be described as “cute”) it is absolutely functional. You can use the full length of the toy for very broad stimulation, the flat side of the tip for more directed sensation, or the very tip for pinpoint accuracy. I like a toy with options. It is slim and easy to handle and maneuver.

Another thing that surprised me about this toy is that my hand doesn’t go numb holding it. I really thought it would! Especially with the strength of the toy. But I guess that is just another sign of the quality of the vibrations. They aren’t so buzzy that your nerves shut down. I can hold it during sex and not finding it distracting!

The Tango is waterproof (hello hot tub party…) and rechargeable. It charges with a magnetic USB charger. I have found it holds a charge for the advertised 2 hour window. I have not run it completely out of power yet so I am not sure how long it would go. I do appreciate the low power warning light though! As a woman haunted by batteries dying at the most inopportune time, I like that I know the end is near. Plug in or deal with the frustration. It is a great feature. It has 8 vibration modes/patterns so you won’t get bored, although I am pretty classic. I like it steady. But even there they have me covered with 4 levels of intensity. DSC_0236

Obviously I realized I was very wrong to judge all bullet style vibes the same. The Tango is a very welcome addition to my kit. It is so portable it may just live in my purse. You never know when I may stumble upon a party…

Review: Mood Naughty 2 Butt Plugs


I have Doc Johnson’s Mood Naughty 2 Butt Plug in two sizes. The smaller is the 3.5″; the larger is 4.5″. It also comes in an even smaller 3″ size. They are solid silicone – this is crucial for anal toys and cleanliness. They currently come in two colors – blue and black.

On the surface, they don’t seem like much. They are a fairly simple design. No major curves or ripples. Just a bulb shape and a smaller ball at the bottom. But they are one of the few anal toys I actually enjoy thrusting. And the larger of the two is the largest toy I have used. So there must be something special about them! I think the smooth bulb (rather than a more pointed, cone shape) is easier to handle. It is smoother upon insertion and comfortable inside. I don’t accidentally jab myself with a point. Nor do I have trouble getting to the end of the cone and to a point my muscles can relax. It is a very gentle curve. And the smaller ball at the base is fun to play with. I pull that in and out and it is just enough to keep it interesting. Not so much that it takes concentration to relax. It is a great shape. I really enjoy that I have two sizes as well. I can warm up with the smaller and switch to the larger without changing the feeling. It just gets to be a fuller experience of the same shape. Very good stuff. DSC_0255

I do have one major complaint about these plugs though. The base can be painful! The edges curve upward just a bit and dig in. I am sized just so that the tip actually dips into the edge of my vagina and is incredibly uncomfortable. This fact is actually what led me to realize I liked to thrust this toy. I reached down to adjust and pull it farther away and VOILA! It can just be very uncomfortable to insert and leave there. And can rub against a dildo if you are going for a DP. The curved shape of the base does make it more of a handle though. A basic, round, flared base can get very slippery when covered in coconut oil, but this one does give you something to hold on to. It makes the thrusting easier.

Overall, this series of toys is great if you are into gentle thrusting. It is not going to give you major penetration, but a bit of play. And the range of sizes does allow for beginners to experienced anal players to give it a try.

Review: Fuze Velvet Silicone Dildo

imageOn a recent shopping trip, I decided to get something for Dr. R so I grabbed this Fuze Velvet Silicone Dildo. I own a harness. We have played with pegging, but this was the first dildo I purchased specifically for strap on use. I was looking for something larger than the small, smooth peg that came with my harness, but nothing too large for beginner play. At just an inch wide, this toy seemed to fit the bill. I was drawn to the ridges on the base and that I could add a bullet vibe for me. I picked up a Tango while I was there, you know, because I needed a good bullet vibe if I was buying a toy made for one. More on that later. I also liked the angle of the shaft and that the base was oblong and not round. It seemed like it would sit up in the harness better than others I had tried.

After using this several times, I have to say I am a fan. It is 100% silicone, phthalate free, easy to clean and boilable. All good things when discussing anal toys. It is velvety silicone which I find to cause less friction and require less lube than the smooth silicone. And it feels nice. The shaft has some give but is certainly firm enough to stand up to insertion and thrusting. The head and shaft are slim and smooth enough that it is not overwhelming. The 5.5″ insertable length is perfect. It is long enough he gets the stimulation he wants, and I am not worried it is going to fall out mid-thrust. The bumps and grooves are all very gradual and nonirritating. My assumptions regarding the way it would sit in the harness were spot on. Because of the elongated base, it does not droop. I don’t feel like I have to readjust the harness every few minutes. That is big for someone new to thrusting! It is not a motion I can say I used to make very often, but I’m getting better!

imageThe features of this toy that were added for the wearer’s pleasure also make a huge difference for me. The ridges on the base are nice. I won’t say they give me a lot of stimulation, but they do help the toy stay in place. My harness is a very inexpensive (and cheap) harness and there is fabric between the toy and my body. I can imagine that these ridges could work wonders if the harness you are using is open behind the ring. I think I need an upgrade….The ability to add a bullet vibe really bumps this up for me. I enjoy the pressure of thrusting but I would not be able to get off on that alone. The vibe really increases my enjoyment of strap on play.image

The vibe can cause problems though. The Tango fits perfectly diameter wise, which is good because I need a strong vibe to start. Add some silicone between me and the vibrations and I need a really strong buzz. A cheap bullet wouldn’t have worked for me at all. BUT, the Tango is long and slips out when in use. If you get any lube down there, it will fall out between the motion and the vibrations. And you are going to get lube down there. I have no idea how you wouldn’t, especially with any anal play! That can be a bit distracting and you have to pause to reinsert it or continue without it while it flops around buzzing on the floor. Not ideal. Maybe I can figure out a way to support it from the bottom so it doesn’t fall out…duct tape?

As for the opinion from the one actually receiving the toy? He seems to like it very, very much.