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Fantasies by New Sensations Tales from the Edge

1758477hDr. R and I had all but given up on New Sensations lately. The scenes were cheesy and expected. They seemed to be forcibly romantic and almost exclusively MF pairings. I still enjoy them on certain nights (they tend to have decent looking men…) but they bore the hell out of him. But he found Fantasies a few weeks ago and decided to get it because it had interesting pairings and a few of my favorite actors – Xander Corvus and Richie Calhoun. So, we gave it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised.

Fantasies is part of their Tales from the Edge series. This makes me laugh because their “Edge” is basically standard porn. There is nothing in this that I would call kink or even edgy. A blindfold. A third (or fourth) person. More MFM interaction. I am not sure what is super scandalous about this movie but I was happy to see somethings mixing up their normal pairing. I was at least interested to see what the next scene held.

The first scene was great. It is a group of college graduates playing poker and celebrating that their college careers had come to an end. There are three male friends and one female (you see where this is going) who appears to have been the girlfriend of an old fourth male friend. She starts talking about how she has no crazy college stories and strip poker ensues….It stars Carter Cruise, Michael Vegas, Richie Calhoun, and Xander Corvus. I have waxed poetic about Xander before (he actually has two scenes in this movie), but I really like him. He doesn’t stand out in this scene but he is his typical, adorable self. If you watch any of his movies, he is actually amusing to watch, natural, and really takes care of the women he is working with. He holds his own here. I also have come to really enjoy Richie Calhoun. Also amusing and natural to watch. At first glance, he isn’t super attractive but he has a certain sex appeal. I don’t watch much BDSM porn, but I have seen him in a dominant role. It is natural for him. He captures my attention for sure. Even in this scene, with two other men, you can tell he is in charge of the situation. Michael Vegas and Carter Cruise were good as well. I have to give her respect for a double vaginal penetration involving Xander and Michael. Holy hell.

The second scene didn’t hold my attention as well, but it wasn’t bad. The overview is that Toni Ribas and Richie Calhoun are picked up by a stranger, Sara Luvv, and brought to her hotel room for some anonymous sex. Richie Calhoun tapes Toni and Sara while they fuck. Even in this scene, I found Richie’s voyeurism, facial expressions, ect., more engaging than the couple having sex. I guess he is just my thing. The scene was long, not particularly memorable. Eh.

The third scene stars Xander Corvus again (and Ryan Mclane and Chanel Preston). Woohoo. This fantasy was pretty cool. Basically, Ryan Mclane Houdini-ed his wife. He blindfolded her, started rubbing her back, talking about their fantasy of having another man join them, and he switches places with Xander. Now Xander is rubbing her back, unbeknownst to Chanel, and proceeds to go down on her as Ryan describes their “fantasy.” She comes and they take off her blindfold. She freaks out (understandably so, technically she’s been violated by a man she doesn’t know!) but they talk and decide to take it further. It was also a pretty long scene, and I missed the end of it…..but I am sure it was good.

The last scene is just a MF pairing but does toss in the interracial quotient (oooo…edgy). Starring Stallion and Katrina Jade. The box says “Passions ignite when Katrina invites a colleague over to hammer out a contract drawn up by her husband – a contract that involves her having sex with another man… Him.” Sounds hot. I was a bit preoccupied by the time this scene came on so I don’t have much to say about it in particular. I’m not sorry.

Overall, this movie still suffers from the plight of the drawn out sex scenes. It is a real problem in American porn. Two of these scenes come in at over 50 minutes! Now, I have sex for that long, but watching it for that long is a completely different thing. Any tension, surprise, intrigue that was ignited at the start of the scene starts to wane after that long. The super close shot of a cock thrusting in and out gets old after a bit. They have to keep mixing it up to keep my interest for an hour. Even with sexy men. Maybe I am high maintenance. BUT, it did surprise me, which is something porn hasn’t done lately. It could have been my low expectations, but this movie made me smile. It is a great movie for couples, and totally accessible for couples just venturing into porn. The men are sexy (no oily beau hunks here); the women are surprisingly attractive. The scenes are creative and well executed for porn acting. Well done New Sensations. Maybe I’ll check out more of your Edge.

The Swing Life was not very swinging…

Swinging is a hot topic in my house lately with our upcoming vacation planned, so it is no surprise that some of our porn choices lately center around that topic. It was my turn to choose a movie so I picked The Swing Life by New Sensations directed by Jackie St. James. I usually enjoy New Sensations and Jackie St. James. They appeal to the softer side of me. The more romantic side. They are usually a bit more low-key (as Dr. R would say – MF and boring). I don’t always want that, but sometimes it is nice. This movie really didn’t do it for me though. At all.

There were two basic scenarios. One where two sets of neighbors and friends decided to swap wives. The husband of one couple being much more timid so his wife watched as well. The second scenario was two sets of friends. One set were swingers. The others were not at first. Eventually they decided they wanted to try it out with their friends. Seems reasonable. Could be hot. Well, this was less than a week ago and I can’t tell you much about any of the scenes. They were all SO LONG (why is that the case in American porn?!?!) and rather dull.

The first scenario was alright. It starred Michael Vegas and Keira Nichole. It was just long and expected. She tried to convey a bit of trepidation (“I always thought marriage was One Man and One Woman…”) but fell short. I was ready to move onto the next scene within 5 minutes. It was the expected “Girl goes down on guy. Guy goes down on girl. Guy fucks girl. Position change. From behind. Reverse cowgirl. Guy cums on girl’s face. AND….scene.” Just nothing to spark interest. The actors did a fine job. Just a boring sequence. No surprises.

The next scene was a bit better. Michael Vegas’ wife (played by Jodi Taylor) came over to have her turn with Keira Nichole’s husband, Chad White, while Keira watched. Jodi had some interesting dialogue (“Oh, your husband is fucking me so well…”) which could have been hot but was a bit excessive. Keira masturbated in the corner but looked a bit bored.

I did appreciate the natural boobs though. Always a pleasant surprise.

The next few scenes starred Cherie DeVille, Brittany Amber, Ryan McLane, and Richie Calhoun. More of the same. MF, same progression. I usually like Richie Calhoun but even he seemed bored shooting this. He was the experienced swinger husband but honestly just looked like he was going through the motions. Very disappointing. And Brittany Amber squeaks too much. No woman sounds like that during sex. Ever. Mice don’t sound like that during sex. We skipped the scene after about 2 minutes because neither of us could listen to it. Sorry, Brittany.

I am sure we will seek out more swing themed movies and hopefully find a gem. This one was not it. It may have been the last nail in the New Sensations coffin for Dr. R. Sadly, I may have to watch Lost and Found alone next time.

Surprised by The Swinger 6

We are working our way through my latest selections. This past Sunday we watched Sweet Sinner’s The Swinger 6. We have never watched anything from Sweet Sinner so I didn’t know what to expect. Their tagline speaks of couples and real orgasms which is awesome, but Dr. R isn’t usually a fan of “couple-centric” porn. So it could go either way. It could be a lot of the same scenarios and too much “romance” for our tastes. Or it could be great. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! The basic premise is that James Deen is a young lawyer who works too late trying to make partner. He and his wife are swingers and get the idea to seduce a partner and his wife as a “way in.” It sounds horribly cheesy, and it is no cinematic genius, but the “plot” wasn’t pushed too hard.
I have several movies with James Deen, and he’s always… good. In this movie he made me a convert. He starred in this and was in two scenes. I found myself drawn to things that I normally would have scoffed at. I mean, he grunts and almost growls. It was a serious turn on!! Most guys can’t pull that off. He was hot! I’ve heard he’s a fabulous Dominant but I don’t have any of his BDSM work. I can buy it now. He controlled the scene but was engaged with his partner. And he made these women cum. And cum. And cum. It wasn’t just sticking tab A into slot B OVER AND OVER. He didn’t ignore the clit. He knew when to speed it up. He was great! The scenes were a bit long (I find that the case in most American porn though), and the other scenes weren’t much to comment about. It will stay on our hard drive though. James Deen’s scenes make it worth it!