Gotta put a towel down…

 photo image_zpsriqcknlc.jpegI normally use a toy several times before I write a review. So lets not call this a review. More of a “holy hell, I need to record this for posterity” post. A more thorough review to follow…

Dr. R gave me the Eleven just before leaving on a business trip. We had one more night to enjoy each other before what was to be nearly a month and a half of constant travel. I have to admit, when I opened the package and stared at its eleven inches of medical grade steel, I was a tad nervous. But I trusted Dr. R., so, downstairs we went. After watching porn and a bit of warm up with my Cush and his luscious mouth, he pulled out the new toy. I braced myself for the size of it, expecting it to stretch me wide, but the steel is so smooth is just glided right in. It was COLD. Almost too cold, but the shock internally was mitigated by his warm mouth externally. His tongue circled my clit. He sucked and grated his teeth on my labia. Then he took a few trepidcious thrusts to see how much of the toy I could handle. I instantly clenched around it. The head was so large against my g-spot, yet somehow pointed. It was giving my the best of both worlds, wide and direct stimulation. My eyes shot open and I just stared down at the top of his head. He continued to thrust, moving faster and harder. The pressure was so intense. It almost hurt but in a blindingly delicious way. He edged me closer and closer and then would pull back and rock the toy right and left. Just massaging my g-spot. Building up pressure again and again. Finally he grabbed my Mystic Wand and held it to my clit while he quickly switched to shallow, rough thrusts. I came so loud I nearly scared myself. I clamped down on the Eleven so hard I swear I bruised. He just kept going, moaning and smiling, clearly pleased with himself. More and more, faster and faster, until I came again (or maybe I hadn’t really stopped…) in quick succession.

Amazingly, I was not done. Usually after something like that I need a moment to find my life again, but this time he just returned to stroking my g-spot. Side to side. Back and forth. Close to the edge, and back down again. Over and over. I was ravenous. I was bleary eyed. I needed to cum again. He decided to move onto the Eroscillator and resumed the quick, intense thrusts. I only lasted about 45 seconds. I came with another wrecking orgasm. Breath caught in screams deep in my throat. And I felt myself soak the smooth metal, drenching it and everything around me.

I am not a squirter. It is just not a talent I normally possess. I do ejaculate, however. It is not a gushing puddle, but more of a clear change in substance, viscosity, opacity. But that night, I gushed. I could feel it pour around the Eleven. Dr. R commented about how amazing it was to watch the Eleven just be enveloped and coated in me, to see it run down the sides, to revel in the mess he’d made of me. And I still wanted more. If I felt like I would have been able to reciprocate after another orgasm like that, I would have kept going all night. But I am pretty sure I would have passed out and left my amazingly giving lover high and dry. And we just can’t have that. Not after what he had just done to me.

I can’t wait until he returns and we get to play again. I am anxious to see what else this thing can do!


Review: NJoy Fun Wand

funwndI wanted to love this toy. I really did. The Fun Wand was a high quality toy from a well respected company. NJoy is known for iconic toys like the Pure Wand and the Eleven. The shape was interesting. It is about 8″ long and easy to handle without having to reach awkwardly. It had a great curve for the G spot stimulation I like ending in a 1″ ball. It had beads on the other end that waved in teardrop shapes from .75″ to 1″. Everything pointed to this being an amazing, multiuse fun factory. Sadly, it just didn’t work out that way.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to love about this toy. This is my first stainless steel toy and I love the material. It is safe, easy to clean, durable, but the temperature is something I was surprised I liked so much. It is cold. But not like glass when you chill it. It warms quicker than that. I am not a huge fan of temperature play with my glass dildos. Actually, I am not fond of vaginal temp play in general. But using this toy anally made me realize I like a shot of cold at the start. Anal play, for me, is very much about the stretch, the tension. Using this toy feels really good when everything has gotten a bit too hot. It shocks my nerves just enough, but warms up fast enough that it doesn’t derail me. It is also super smooth and glides very easily. Great anally. Not great vaginally. I find myself really missing the luxurious drag of silicone my Comet Wand brings to the party.

The shape of the toy is fantastic. The ‘S’ curve makes it easy to handle. The curve does hit my G spot right where it should. The beads are a perfect size, not too big, not too small. They pull in enough between them and the stainless is obviously firm enough to make insertion simple. But my major complaint is that the head of the toy isn’t big enough for me. I like wide G spot stimulation. Something that makes me feel full but also puts a lot of pressure right where I want it. This is a much more pin pointed toy. If you like a more localized G spot hit, this may be perfect for you. I need the roundness. It ends up being just enough to hint at arousal and makes me grab for another toy to get things going. Trying to get off on this alone leaves me frustrated. The beaded side of the toy does very little for me vaginally. It is just too small, and the smallest ball just exacerbates the aforementioned pointed stimulation issue.

The other thing I appreciate about this toy is the weight. I love a heavy toy. I love the weight of it internally. The pull. It adds another sensation that just speaks to me. But I found out the hard way that the weight of this toy combined with the ‘S’ shape can be a bit of an issue. When this toy is covered in coconut oil, it is very slippery. When it is inserted anally and then slips out of your hand, the heavier end spins around to the ground, turning the beads upside down. It is painful (to me anyway) to have a metal rod pointed to the ground stuck inside your ass. Anatomically, that is curving in the wrong direction. It was surprising in the wrong way. We had to stop anal play that night. We were more careful moving forward, but it could easily happen. The smooth texture and heft that I like so much can work against me.

This way Dr. R’s first NJoy purchase for us and we will certainly buy another. All of the things I like about this toy can be found in other toys in their line. I think I just need a bigger toy like the Pure Wand or the Eleven. Now I have another excuse to get one! Oh darn.

So much love…

When I started writing this over a year ago, I did it as an outlet for my crazy thoughts and entertainment for my friends. But as time has passed, this blog has led me to cross paths with so many fun, amazing, interesting people! It has opened my world to new experiences and connected me with friends across the country. I have added links to a few blogs I enjoy reading in my sidebar. Please send them some love too!

Beyond Our Bedroom is a great read from a sweet couple new to the lifestyle (just like Dr R and I). Check them out for some sexy stories and candid moments!

Elust is a digest stock full of fun erotic writing (fiction and non), photos, and various writings on all manner of sexy topics.

Sex and Psychology is run by Dr. Justin Lemiller. It appeals to the psychology student in me. Lot’s of great info and fun studies.

Girly Juice has toy reviews and personal stories. I like her candid openness and journey.

There are so many great people out there telling their stories and sharing thoughts. I’ll continue to update the list because there are just too many to add at once!

Thank you all so much for reading!!


Review: Liberator Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo

image_zpsagqzrz2q (3)Any fan of the missionary position – as I unabashedly am – is familiar with the old “shove a pillow under your butt to raise your hips” trick. It allows for deeper penetration as well as a better angle of entry. It helps tilt your hips just so. The Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo by Liberator is the luxury version of that trick and much, much more. You have a veritable playground of positioning possibilities!

Dr. R purchased this set for my amazing surprise evening (read all about that here) last year. It has taken me so long to review it because I wanted to be sure we used it in several different positions as to get a thorough review. Both pieces are made of a firm foam with a removable and washable cover that zips off and on quite easily. The covers are made of a microfiber that is soft on the skin but allows traction so the pieces don’t just slide off of one another when you stack them. My set is black and is still so after several washings. Both pieces also come with removable, adjustable length cuffs allowing you to use the set for positioning and bondage play. They are incredibly versatile as you can clip the cuffs on and off and move them to any of the four “corners” as needed. The included blindfold is my favorite I have ever found. It is soft and comfortable and has the all important piece over the nose. The piece of foam that actually blocks the downward view of the wearer. No light is getting in this thing. It is amazing. image_zpsdarkb5wt.image_zps6freswbhThere are two sizes – a 10″ and 12″ – allowing you to find one that fits your form. We have the “regular” 12″ set. wedgeramp

The first night we used the set we had the wedge placed at the base of the ramp creating a downward sloping cradle. I was lying on my back with my hips higher than my head. We used the wrist and ankle cuffs as well. On this maiden voyage, I felt that having my hips above my head was hindering blood flow and making it harder to orgasm. We ended up turning me around in a more reclined position. Oh yes. That was what I needed. I am not going to lie, I am a big one for comfort. Maybe a tad lazy. With the Wedge holding my hips up and the Ramp supporting my back, I could concentrate on the sensations. It was phenomenal. He was able to penetrate me at the right angle and get crazy deep.

Since that first night, I realized something about my body positioning during sex. I realized that when I masturbate, I shift my hips very high up. Nearly off the ground in a yoga “bridge” position. I almost never do this when I am with Dr. R. I have no idea why I didn’t notice this before in our nearly 20 years together, but hey, I am always learning. When I masturbate, I am much more g-spot focused. So I have been trying to bring this into our joint sex but my legs get awfully tired because it takes me longer to orgasm when we are together. Not to mention the fact that the sensation and following orgasm are so much stronger when he gives them to me. I almost always have a hard time keeping the muscle tension/relaxation balance I need. In comes the Liberator set. That first position we tried is actually now my favorite. I just needed to turn my hips further skyward and holy hell. G-spot nirvana. I also love it because I feel like I am on display for him. He has an unadulterated view and access. The exhibitionist in me is vibrating just at the thought.

Without even changing the position of the Ramp and Wedge, it is perfect for rear entry – either for me or him. I find that I have to be warmed up quite a bit to take him bent over the ramp. Since my hips are being held up, I can’t change my position to accommodate the depth of him so he sometimes bumps my cervix. But if I am very aroused, I really like this position too. I should add that I am six feet tall. I am bent over the larger end of the Ramp but it is still low enough that I am properly bent in half. Not just on my hands and knees. If you are shorter than me, it may not be as deep an entry angle for you. The Wedge offers a nice place to rest your head and, since it flattens it out a bit, keeps all the blood from running to your head. I can also trap my Mystic Wand under my belly to hit my clit while he fucks me and I don’t even have to use my hands! Woohoo!

We have used this configuration for pegging as well. It seems to be just as comfortable for him. He is a bit taller than I am though so I have to be on one knee with my other leg over him to get the height right. But I am able to put more weight onto his back because I know he is supported under his hips. So I just shift my weight over him a bit more instead of fully on my knees. It actually makes it easier to reach around and grab his cock that way too so it is a win/win.

Admittedly, our favorite way to use the set is fairly simple. The options are extensive though. They have an entire guide online! The pieces are supportive, well made, and comfortable. They are easy to move and lightweight if you need to store them in a closet, but ours stay out in our playroom. They get used too often to mess with storage!

Straight Girl in a Swinger’s World

I have always considered myself painfully hetero.

I know this makes me an anomaly as a female. I am not here to make sweeping generalizations about anyone’s sexuality, but the vast majority of women I know are interested in some girl/girl action. Their threesome fantasies involve other women long before you throw in another man. Mine? Not so much. I am all about MFM encounters. I can’t say why. It could be that I like the attention. It could be that I like feeling in charge and other women intimidate me. It could be that I just like cock and am comfortable handling it. But, for whatever reason, I am a minority.

It is not that Dr. R and I aren’t open to couple play. It is preferred really, but I still feel like I need to connect with the wife first. In my tiny, toe dipped in experience in the swinging world at Desire, the females call the shots. They start all the encounters. This is so far out of my element. I have no idea how to approach women in sexual way. They are my friends. My confidents. My tribe. I am not sure how to open that archetype to include a sexual component. I have never met a woman and felt the attraction that I have with men. The sizzle of chemistry. YET, this is a side of my sexuality I am very curious about. I like kissing women. The few encounters I’ve had I have really enjoyed. Could it be that my own self view is holding me back? Or could it be that I am trying to fit into what I believe is a prototypical swinger?

I am honestly not sure! I have never been one to do something just because the cool kids were doing it. I tend to follow my own drum. But there is a nagging feeling of “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”, and a feeling that it is more my ingrained identity than my actual preference. Like I have told myself my whole life that I don’t like fish, and suddenly at 35 I try fish, like it, and wonder if it was just the chef or that my tastes have changed. Should I try more fish? But then I may hate it and have to send it back embarrassed. But think of what I am missing if I do like fish and never order it again. This is a strange analogy for the fairer sex, but you follow. It is a ton of overthinking on my part…

Or is it that I feel like my chances of finding a MFM encounter are decreased because I don’t want to play with the wife? That I feel it is an expectation and I’m not sure how to handle it? I know that is a mark of inexperience though. A sign that I need to be more comfortable expressing my desires from the get-go. But how does one approach another woman and request to play with her husband? There has to be a female rapport. It is all so foreign to me. It is a lot of pressure orchestrating this for someone who has never even dated!

I have just come realize there that I have no idea how to navigate women or the couple dynamic. I am fumbling and naïve. Sexual attraction makes me feel powerful and, in this new world of swinging and playing with women, I am not confident enough to feel powerful. I think more nights at Desire, more practice, is necessary. I feel like I missed several opportunities this trip because I didn’t know what to do when approached by the wife. The sad part is that these were amazing women! Beautiful, funny, smart women. Sandra and Crystal, I hope you know who you are. And in hindsight I wish I had relaxed and held on for the ride myself. I would have loved to play with these women but just got in my own way. Next time I will try not to make the same mistake. I will try to stay open and cast aside whatever preconceived notions I have about my own sexuality or limitations.

I mean, how else am I supposed to learn? I need to test the waters and find my flow…

To my Unicorn

I really hope you didn’t notice. That my fumbling round like an inexperienced teenager at after prom wasn’t so obvious. Groping at parts that, although I own, I have never touched on another person. That the night and the water did enough to cover my inexperience.

You see. You were my first.

Yup. It is true. I have kissed other women before. Touched a breast here or there, but that had been it. I consider myself in the minority. While the vast majority of women are further in the grey area of the sexual spectrum, I swing very far into the heterosexual side. Don’t misunderstand. I love women. I am a painter and nude females are my preferred subject. I think we are beautiful. They just don’t usually turn me on. Not the way just looking at a man does. Girl/girl was never my top fantasy, especially if MFM was an option. Maybe it is because I find women intimidating. Maybe I just like cock.

But you shocked the hell out of me. I had no preconceived notion of how the night would go. I was totally caught off guard and I think that is what excited me the most. I didn’t have time to get into my own head. To analyze what I thought about it. All I knew was that you felt amazing. That I’ll never look at tequila the same again. And that I will remember the look in your eyes for a very long time. How small and delicate your fingers were. How soft your kisses were. And how you controlled the action. Here I am, a 6′ tall, generally dominant, seriously hetero female being controlled by a tiny 5’4″ unicorn. Again, I stayed out of my own way and just enjoyed the night with you. Dr. R and I followed your lead. You told me I was beautiful and I believed you.

I just wanted to say, “Thanks.” You opened my eyes and helped me let go a bit more. Isn’t that what that place is all about? Next time I will be a bit more experienced and hopefully graduate to college level fumbling. I may still let you lead though.

Until next time….


Hello there…

image_zpsuua0xbq6Life has seen to it that Dr. R and I haven’t had sex in a week. That is awhile for us, especially since we are preparing for a sexy vacation in Mexico. But, alas, no nookie for me lately. So, I was quite surprised last night when he pulled me in for a cuddle. Half asleep and barely conscious, I laid there, little spoon to his big, and felt the warmth of his body long mine. His arm was under my neck and his head was buried into my shoulder. I was relishing the heat and physical contact when I felt him reach down and pull out his dick. I sleep in panties so I felt the warm, soft skin along my bare ass. And he just started jerking himself off. There is something sexy about a man who takes charge of his own pleasure. I love to watch him masterbate. Unapologeticlly. He wrapped his arm across my chest and held me there. Whispering in my ear, “My cock is so hard right now” and telling me how good it felt. I love to have my neck kissed and his hot breath in my ear made my muscles clench. He couldn’t touch me and that made it all the hotter. I started to squirm in his arms. Trying to abate the growing tension that I knew I couldn’t release. His pace became faster, harder, more ardent. His grip on me tighter. He bit into my shoulder. My heart was racing at this point. I tried to reach behind me but couldn’t get my hand into position. I stroked his balls, desperate to touch him. He pause to reach for some coconut oil and let it melt down his cock. I traced the line down under his sack, pushing and teasing while he continued to pound. The oil had made him slick and the sound was visceral. I teased his ass, entered him, and felt him contract. The pressure was mounting and I was buzzing. He came and I just sat there. Surprised, still half asleep and amazed. I was incredibly turned on and he hadn’t even been able to touch me.
Instead of feeling used, I felt special that I was the object of his desire. I loved that sometimes pleasure and intimacy aren’t a mutual thing. Sometimes it is phenomenal to watch your partner be a sexual being apart. I love to see him go for what he wants. It reminded me that although we haven’t been able to have PIV sex lately, we can keep thing alive in other ways. And that absence does make the heart grow fonder sometimes. Or the loins grow wetter. Whichever is more applicable for the time. Let’s just say it primed me for when I finally get to have my go. My Love still surprises me. Sometimes he really does know what I need, even when I don’t.

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Review: Vixen’s Randy in Vixskin

image_zpsi07y7vw5I had owned Randy for a FULL WEEK before we got to try him out. That is a long time for me. Usually, I am so excited to get a new toy, I basically skip down the driveway to meet the delivery truck. I was that excited about this toy as well, but…life. Upcoming vacation, parents flying in, life. So, in the carry on it went along with two huge bags of toys to be experimented with on vacation. Not a bad setting for Randy’s maiden voyage!

As you may know, I am not a stranger to larger toys. I would not say I am a size queen by any stretch of the imagination, but, unless they have a tight g-spot curve, I like them thick. This dildo is stout. At just under 2.25″ wide, it is only a smidge smaller than my largest dildo, TRex. Dr. R bought this in response to my experience with TRex. If you read my review of that toy, you will see that I had a hard time orgasming around it. It is so big and so firm – which is great for getting me there!- that when I came I had no room to actually flex. It is hard to describe, but I couldn’t get that good, deep, hard clench. Randy is made of Vixen’s delicious Vixskin. It is a dual density toy just like my current favorite, Maverick. This means that it is firm on the inside but covered in a softer silicone, making it lifelike, soft, and silky. Was this the solution? A softer exterior I could come around? Overall, yes. I won’t say I get the strongest orgasm still, but it is better. There is enough give that I am not left writhing in frustration. I call that a win.

Another issue I had with TRex was the length and coronal ridge. The insertable lengths are nearly the same for both toys, but Randy seems shorter. It could be the softer material. It could be that you have to hold Randy at the base and so you are not inserting all 6″, whereas you can hold TRex way down at the flared base and shove all that length up there. I am not sure, but Randy does not hit my cervix uncomfortably. There is no hard ridge to catch on my pubic bone either (although that ridge does great things for my g-spot. Are you seeing my love/hate relationship with that toy?). It just fills me up nicely with no uncomfortable edges.

I am falling in love with the Vixskin line in general. The material is just so…luscious. It warms to body temp quickly and feels silky smooth with just enough friction. It is incredibly lifelike! And the dual density really does give you the best of both worlds. It is not a gimmick. I love my Cush O2 from Tantus as well for the same reason, but the Vixskin line just seems to be a bit softer. Randy also comes in standard silicone (as opposed to Vixskin) if you prefer the smoother silicone exterior. Either choice is the highest quality platinum silicone. Cleans up easily and can be boiled for sterilization. 100% body safe and can be used with a harness for extra fun. All good things.

I am impressed with Randy (and Dr. R’s unwavering dedication to finding toys that work for me.). It does give me the fullest penetration I am looking for right now and allows me room to grab hold. If you like girth, give him a shot. You will not be disappointed!

If only he’d said yes…

We were already downstairs when we heard the car pull up. My husband took a seat in the back of the room. As they came down the stairs I could see the flush fill her cheeks.
I walked over to her, took her bag, and lead her into the room. Her husband followed behind, looking a bit cautious.
“It is going to be ok. I promise you will enjoy this. Both of you.”
I asked him to undress to his boxers and take a seat next to my husband. He obliged. There they were. Our audience. Already buzzing with anticipation.
I turned to her. She was fidgeting with her hair and trying to act natural. She wasn’t sure what tonight would bring, what I could show her.
“Lets get you settled now.”
I slid her shirt up over her head. Kissed her neck. I walked around her and kissed the nape, the shoulder, the hollow. Lovely thing. As my hand circled her, I undid the clasp on her bra. She wiggled and let it fall to the floor. She had amazing breasts. Full and large on her small frame. I couldn’t wait to see them with her arms above her head. I grabbed my cuffs and restrained her wrists. Her heart started pounding and a smile crossed her face.
“This is the part you were looking forward to?”
“Oh yes.”
With a laugh I let her know this was merely the set up. I loved that I was privileged to give this to her.
“Good. You are easy to please then.”
I hooked her cuffs to the ceiling. There she stood, arms over head, those gorgeous breasts exposed and lifted. I unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down over her hips. Her black lace boyshorts hugged her curves. I love black lace. I turned her to face the men.
“Look how beautiful your wife looks.”
The husbands just nodded. Visibly excited and shifting a bit in their seats. They mirrored each other with their broad shoulders and dark hair. I was glad they were enjoying the show so far.
I ran my hands down her sides as I stood behind her. I pulled her ass to my hips and trailed my hands down her thighs, pushing them open until her feet spread. I ran my fingertips under her breasts and her skin prickled. I bit her neck again and trailed kisses down her spine. I let my hands and lips wander along her breasts, her abdomen, the small of her back. I raked my nails up her spread thighs. I loved having access to all sides of her. I could tell she was enjoying herself by the shallow breaths and responsive skin even though she was quiet and still half dressed.
I motioned to her husband to come over to us.
“I’d like you to follow what I say. Can you do that?”
“I believe so.”
“Ok. Good. Kneel in front of her.”
As he dropped to his knees, so did I behind her. I grabbed her rosy ass with both hands and kissed the dimples in her back. I took those black lace panties in my teeth and tugged, pulling them down to the ground and slipping them off her feet. Now she was fully undressed and presented to her husband.
“Lick your wife. Do not touch her. Use only your mouth. Slowly.”
I spread her legs as wide as the suspension would allow. She was soaked and starting to squirm. Her husband bent down and trailed his tongue over her clit. She was grateful for stimulation finally. She groaned and leaned her hips into his face. I pulled her hips back into position.
“Try to stay still.”
He continued to work her clit. Passing his tongue over her labia. Dipping it in and out. Toying with her clit. She was swollen and wet and ready but it wasn’t time yet. I let him continue and walked over to my patiently awaiting husband. I kissed him and ran my fingers over the prominent ridge I could feel through his boxers. They were starting to get wet as his erection continued.
“Are you enjoying the show?”
“Of course.”
“Your turn is coming. What toys would you like to see her get fucked with?”
He grabbed my blue Cush and sent me on my work. Good choice. The Cush is big, but not too big. It would fill her nicely. Then he handed me a small black plug. I knew my guest had never experimented with anal play, so I raised my eyebrow in surprise.
“Trust me.” he said.
I took both toys back to my lovely plaything, grabbing my blindfold on the way. I covered her eyes. I wanted her to experience the sensations as they came, not as she expected them. I pulled out the coconut oil and lubed up the plug. As I ran several lubed fingers over her ass, she gasped. Her husband had to chase her with his mouth as she leaned back into me.
“Ah. Ah. Stay still.”
I watched her husband gingerly kiss and suck and my heart raced. She was pink and swollen and begging and I wasn’t far behind. My own lacy panties were soaked. My own clit throbbing. It was an amazing thrill showing her my world. A world of toys and tension and play.
I ran the plug between her cheeks and nudged it inside. Her back arched allowing me to slide it into her ass.
“Keep licking her. She will relax” I instructed.
She was mere breaths away from coming. The sensation of the plug filling her ass was foreign and overwhelming. So full, so OPEN. Now drips were trailing down the inside of her thighs. I didn’t need the lube for the Cush. I eased it into her cunt and she cried out. Slowly, I fucked her, matching her husband’s languid licks. She moaned and rocked on the toy. She was stuffed. Her limits stretched farther than they had been. She came with a rough shudder, and arched back, and a stifled yell. The flush filling her chest and every hair on her body stood on end.
I motioned for her husband to return to his seat. Reaching up, I unhooked the cuffs and removed the blindfold. I kissed her swollen mouth and removed the plug.
“How ya doing?”
She just kissed me back. I held her hand and took her to the men. We both fell to our knees in front of our husbands. I pulled back my husbands boxers and slid them down his hips. His cock was expectant. My guest did the same. God, it was an amazing sight. These two, sexy men, waiting for us. I licked his cock from the base to tip, tasting his salty expectations. She followed suit and soon we were both sucking and stroking and licking. I turned to kiss her and undid my bra. Bare breast brushing against each other. It is such as different feeling than a man. Something I never thought would be such a turn on, but here I was. Enwrapped.
We both turned to her husband. 4 hands, 2 mouths, 2 tongues. Wrapping around him. Taking turns running tasting him; kissing each other; tasting him in her mouth. My husband got out of his seat and came up behind me. His fingers found my cunt and finally gave me the stimulation I needed. I rocked back on his hand as fingers dipped in and out, circling my clit, filing me up. I was so close but didn’t want to come just yet. The tension was too delicious.
“I’ll be right back.”
I stood to leave and my lovely guest took both men into her hands. She traded them back and forth into her mouth. I knew they were in good hands for a second.
I grabbed my harness and Fuze. I put a vibrator into the toy. I was ready. I had never fucked a woman before. I was very much looking forward to the experience.
When I returned to them, my husbands adept hands had moved on to her clit. Her husband was kissing her breasts. I followed suit, taking her nipple into my mouth and drawing. My tongue teasing her. I turned her over, on her knees in front of her husband. She continued to go down on him and I turned on my vibrator. I slowly slid the toy into her. Fucking her softly and slowly as she sucked her husband’s cock. It was a luscious sight and was so appreciated by my husband, he came behind me and slid his cock into me. He fucked me and his thrusts translated into my thrusts into her. I was pressed between them. He held me into her, being sure the vibrator was driving me crazy. He pulled out and drove back in. He grabbed my hips and fucked. Hard, deep, rhythmic, penetrating movements. Within moments, she let out orgasmic moans muffled by the cock in her mouth. I was quick to follow, being fucked against a beautiful woman becoming too much for me to hold out. I screamed and my husband kissed me, sucking the breath right out of me. I pulled out of her and climbed on top of my husband. She stood and sat on her husband’s lap, riding him until he came. Breathless and stunned. I settled on my husband’s cock. Bouncing my ass on his dick. Drawing it back in quick strokes. He moaned and twitched and came inside me.
The four of us collapsed, sweaty, flushed, and content.
“So, what are you guys doing next weekend?”